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    Post Something about root

    Sorry for the slightly off topic but can anyone who has tripped knox on their tab s7+ confirm if widevine has been affected? Any lowering of resolution in paid streaming apps like netflix, youtube tv or prime video? Jonesing to root my tablet but not sure I want to risk losing widevine L1.
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    Post Features lost when Rooting?

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I have rooted my samsung devices in the past as well but I believe the last one I did was my note 4 as well but I don't remember widevine being a thing back then or at least I didn't care. Of all the features I am concerned about that. Don't really care about the other...
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    Thread Features lost when Rooting?

    I asked in one of the root threads and didn't get a reply. From looking through the existing threads I understand that you lose samsung pay and the hidden folder feature. I can live with those but is there any other features lost when unlocking the bootloader? 1.) Once knox is tripped will...
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    Post How to root Galaxy Tab S7(+). (GUIDE)

    Is there any downgrade in widevine when rooting? Or any other issues with video resolution due to rooting?
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    Post TWRP Coral [Official]

    Didn't help me. Did it fix your issue? If someone can tell me what I am doing wrong great but I have had my phones rooted for damn near a decade and thus is the most recent set of steps I use. Installed the latest canary magisk manager. From there wen tto install magisk by patching the...
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    Post TWRP Coral [Official]

    Excellent, thanks for posting it. I'll try it in a bit here. It's just slightly smaller than the one I created myself so hopefully that is enough of a difference to fix it haha. Either way appreciate the support!
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    Post TWRP Coral [Official]

    I tried the beta out a while back and to downgrade to 10 I did have to wipe. Tried it first without wiping and it wouldn't boot. Not sure if it is the same for the final release but since you are having problems I think it might be the case.
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    Post TWRP Coral [Official]

    Never mind, I see others asked as well haha. Well I would like that file too if you can upload it to google drive or elsewhere and share the link .
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    Post US Pre-Order Waiting Room

    Mine still says September 21st for the tablet and 28th for the keyboard cover. I preordered a few hours after ti went live on September 2nd.
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    Post TWRP Coral [Official]

    In the exact same position as you. I have tried just about everything but can't get root on my pixel 4 xl. I did the ota to 11. I thought it would just download it so I would have time to magisk patch before it rebooted and keep root but it just did it on its own when I woke up. I have tried...
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    which is? As stated I am not using twrp. I didn't see the version on magisk there but the magisk manager was the latest canary and it was indeed showing 20425.
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I haven't used twrp in a while due to compatibility issues, I just boot the modified boot img that is patched from magisk manager. Then I usually patch it directly from magisk manager on the next boot. That said in this case I tried flashing it in fastboot as well as...
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    I have a pixel 4xl that was on 10 rooted with magisk. I did the ota upgrade to 11 and then after switching to magisk canary e66b0bf3(298) which seems to be the latest canary I could find I am unable to boot my magisk_patched boot image. It tries, get's to the google logo and then goes back to...
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    Post Help! What wireless earbuds should I buy for this phone?

    Well that's a bummer, I use the 65t's and I just ordered the international mate 20x. Did you have the jabra app installed? Not really sure if it helps with the connection process or not. Also, were these the chinese variant or the international variant you tried them on?
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    Post does M Pen use Wacom technology?

    I don't know for sure but I think they are using wacom based on a report from wacom on earlier mpens. Since Microsoft uses ntrig it most likely will not work but maybe they are using a different tech in the newer pens. Also, I saw another article on their website from 2017 that they are/were...
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    Post Case with Uncovered Buttons?

    Thanks a lot, that is exactly what I am looking for. Only thing I hate about the spigen is the top and bottom being uncovered and this looks to be a similar style case. Link from Amazon for anyone interested:
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    Thread Case with Uncovered Buttons?

    I have the spigen slim case that has the top and bottoms exposed along with the power and volume buttons exposed. The problem is I have dropped my phone a few times and scuffed the metal. I would like more of TPU or really anything with a bit more protections but with the power and volume...
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    Post List of working Blackberry APKs

    Anyone figure out a way to install the blackberry recents? I played around with it in person and it seems much better than the Google one. Actually uses all of the screen real estate instead of showing your background on the sides. Reminds me more of mission control on osx or gnome.
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1_r24][Official][Nightlies]Exodus Android for OnePlus 2

    Thanks for the great rom Raja. So I guess I might be in the minority here but I found that I really like the exodus aosp keyboard. Seemed like the keys were a bit larger than the google keyboard? Also, seemed a bit more responsive than the google one on the one plus 2. Had to switch back to...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1_r24][Official][Nightlies]Exodus Android for OnePlus 2

    Anyone have a mirror for the latest nightly? The exodus server seems to be under heavy load
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 7.3 | ICS | High Quality & Performance | Legendary

    It might be a good idea to add this to the OP. I spent a lot of time searching for the 3.32.401.5 firmware which I guess either doesn't exist or just nothing has changed. As always thanks for the roms mike and making crackflashers everywhere very happy.
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    Post [Fixes][03Apr] ICS Problem Fixes / Mods

    Awesome, thanks! So this was a different lib then the one provided in the main sense removing pack? ---------- Post added at 02:43 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:40 AM ---------- I had to resort to this as well but the market ics keyboards seem to be pretty laggy compared to the one...
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    Post [Fixes][03Apr] ICS Problem Fixes / Mods

    Searched the thread and couldn't find the answer. I am trying to add the stock keyboard from this pack without installing the whole zip. I like most of the AOSP ICS bits but have noticed some bugs that I would like to avoid if possible (no exchange calendar using stock htc mail). When I copy the...
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    Post [Fixes][03Apr] ICS Problem Fixes / Mods

    Right place but you need to swipe to the left to reveal the all apps button on the top row.
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    Post [UPDATE] CWM - Stock + Root US / WW (11/11/11)

    everything works great except my bluetooth radio won't turn on and when I am docked I get no sound. I haven't tried a full wipe which would be the next step. I had to run a great deal of updates to get to this version so maybe that has something to do with it as well.
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    Post [UPDATE] CWM - Stock + Root - US Updated 8/20/2012

    upgraded using this zip and everything seems to be fine however my tablet downloaded an ota update from asus. I would assume this would remove my root and recovery. I have a us transformer. Anyone else have this happen?
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    Post HTC Hard Shell Case (OEM)

    well damn... yeah the main reason I wanted to go with this case over the otterbox was due to the rubberish outside. It looked very reminiscent of my seido case for my nexus one. I fear the clear case will be slick like the otterbox. If this is an official htc case why can't I find it on their...
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    Post HTC Hard Shell Case (OEM)

    anyone able to find the black ones in stock? I can't find them anywhere
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    Post [ROM][BBQ] CyanogenMod-6.1 for Nexus One :: V6.1.1 (12/15/2010)

    I had this same problem. Tried different radios to no avail. Switched back to geo411's rom and the problem is resolved. That said I think I might try out some nighties
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    Post [ROM]Super D 1.11 "Rehab is for Quitters" (4/28)

    Yeah I lost my work mail as well... also I have been losing signal quite a bit since going to 1.10.3 but that could be hardware related.
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    Hello Driskol, Just wanted to say thanks for your suggestion in the mac spoofing thread. I used...

    Hello Driskol, Just wanted to say thanks for your suggestion in the mac spoofing thread. I used the ifconfig from a g1 debian build and was able to spoof my address. Don't know why this solutions isn't out there more but who knows. Now my work wifi can suck it ;)
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    Thread Rooted Mac Spoofing... Not possible?

    I've looked all around (including searching) and besides a few posts with one or two replies i haven't found much. One post I found on XDA mentioned that "ifconfig" on android is different than standard Linux and to list the adapters you use "netcfg" but that command didn't have the ability to...
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    Post [ROM] Eclair_2.1-v1.5 G1/MT3G 32B Camera Working!!!

    Does 1.3 include a soft keyboard or do I have to install the htc one? Also, does this rom include the navigation screen that has the 5 icons: view maps, navigation, voice search, contacts and search? Thanks for the excellent rom!
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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod - No, you can't have a pony (STABLE) [UPDATED 03/04 - v4.2.15.1]

    Cyanogen thanks for the excellent rom. Just a quick question that maybe anyone can answer. Is there any benefits besides being able to load any rom or free up system partition space by upgrading the SPL/Radio on the G1? I am using the latest version rom from Cyanogen and unless there are any...
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    Post [Android] Pre-Built Builds [ION HERO DONUT]

    Just got this fixed myself, if you have the att tilt change the htckaiser.panel_type=1 to htckaiser.panel_type=3 Gage and Dima, thanks a lot guys was able to get it fixed with your config files. My iphone was stolen and had to go back to my tilt. This makes it damn near as usable as the G1...
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    Post [Android] Pre-Built Builds [ION HERO DONUT]

    Damn, still not working for me, anyone with a tilt mind posting their default.txt?
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    Post [Android] Pre-Built Builds [ION HERO DONUT]

    Gage, I really wanted this to work, fired up android (using latest ion in this thread) but still having the problem. I had run android way back before data/wifi and never had this problem thanks for the help anyways, much appreciated. Oh, just to verify I did change htckaiser.panel_type and...
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    Post [Android] Pre-Built Builds [ION HERO DONUT]

    Thanks for the advice it was set to one and I changed it to 2 but it still had the issue. I also tried changing the pixel density to 160 according to an earlier post I saw in this thread but it had no effect as well. Its not bad enough to make it unusable but very annoying nonetheless
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    Post [Android] Pre-Built Builds [ION HERO DONUT]

    Thanks for the pre-compiled builds. I am using ion and having a minor problem on my att tilt. There seems to be a video issue where some pixels dont show up right and are stucks. Doesn't appear to be hardware because they change with each screen. They are various colors other than that...
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    Post TF3D (Read the ALL of the 4 posts)

    Kaiser, I am not sure if I am having a problem or if this is the way it is. I installed everything on top of garmin's v.9 rom and everything works well except landscape mode form the today screen, it switches to the manilla 2d interface i believe and doesn't even go horizontal. Is it supposed to...
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    Post TF3D (Read the ALL of the 4 posts)

    I was having the same problem. Are you using the garmin cooked rom? I wasn't and after upgrading my phone to that everything worked great.