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    Post Android Q

    i had 3 nav bar mode with system_navigation_keys_enabled 1 after OTA update, 3rd button won't work, and i could revert back either - play store launcher is dated and would force quit on me. thank you for posting the launcher, it saved me!! Another problem i'm experiencing is settings app is...
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    Post [Help Thread][Google Pixel 3 XL](2018) Ask Any Question, Noob Friendly

    what are the SKU & model numbers for 3XL that are shipped from Google Store. How can i make sure i'm not buying Verizon version. Here is the image from the seller: is this Verizon or Google store phone?
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    Thread Two phones using PP2/ "P" beta, same build - different Notification color.

    Two Pixel XL both on the latest DP2 Both using Nova launcher. one phone has notification in black, one in white-what gives. same color applies to volume rocker panel pop-up & shutdown/restart menu. Did i miss it somewhere in the settings? or this is a glitch? how can i change it to been black...
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    Post Unlocking all Samsung on Z3X Box for free

    SM-G935P, Sprint model, and i would like to use it oversees on gsm network. Looking forward for your PM. Thank you in advance.
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    Post Pixel XL 128GB : Random freezing/reboot issue

    128GB Toshiba UFS and Hynix DRAM. Non root'ed, completely stock. Happened twice so far since the ownership/late March. One random reboot during enabling GPS from pull down title, one time freeze/lockup during waking device and quickly switching into a chrome based browser(Brave) after which the...
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    Post Sim Unlock - International and Domestic :)

    Filled out the form, added you on Google Hangouts. Looking forward for your reply thank you.
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    Post [ROM] [6.0.1 r_61] Resurrection Remix v5.7.3][OFFICIAL]

    thank you for an awesome ROM. quick question: I tried using pico edition of opengapps 02/19 build with ResurrectionRemix 5.6.3 02/10 build and installation states incompatible ROM. UPDATE: got it figure out. was opengapp build problem, that particular build was recognizing ResurrectionRemix as...
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    Post Nexus 6 resale value

    payed 752.68 for 64GB 9 month ago. :eek: Had all Nexus phones except Samsung's Nexus S. :eek:
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    Post [ROM]【7.1.1】 N6F26U -【Stock】【Lite】- 03/14/2017

    Hi, i'm on 10/09 build, dirty flashing is ok to get to 10/14 build? -just wipe cache and dalvik in TWRP and then flash over new build? thanks in advance.
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    in past two builds, i experienced VoLTE on T-Mobile causes crackling/distributions in phone calls/headset speaker. or possibility of a combination of Bluetooth(broadcast & searching, not connected Bluetooth) & VoLTE causes in bad phone call quality, like an interference kind of crackling. above...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    reason for not liking it is because i use multiple languages, and Cyrillic/Russian keyboard is still old style (4-row) : switching between two keyboard shifts everything up&down. up again once you go back English. and I also believe 4 row keyboard gives more view & more real estate of the...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    sorry to bother, I might be the only one that doesn't like dedicated number row in AOSP keyboard-anyway we can edit the preference/settings and add checkbox or toggle switch, to give the users a choice to disable number row & have it the old way. thank you in advance. 06/20 build does indeed...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    I would love to report bug(s) a proper way, how do I record or obtain LOGCAT when I'm experiencing a bug. thanks in advance & thank you for amazing work!! P.S.: xanaxdroid, do you use T-Mobile? and if so, is any chance you would interesting implementing WiFi calling from LYZ28E build?
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    05/20 build broke advance power options: doesn't show recovery option(tired enabled & disabling in developer options). build also introduced a bug when power menu pops-up and you don't want anything pressed and would like to just exit the menu by using navigation keys, it reboots the phone...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    after installing 05/13 using Benzo OverTheAir. everything is working good except Benzo OverTheAir is now crashing =\ also is the possible to give an option for users to change notifications design back to square boarder design rather than a round design.
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    Post No data or voice, shows ! in icon

    i've experienced similar behavior & noticed that at least in my situation(started with an introduction of either 5.0.2 or 5.1), phone didn't stick to a proper APN. once the phone call is made or the phone comes off a WiFi or jumps from LTE tower to lower grade 3G tower(phone forced to switch...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    Thank you for amazing ROM. i recently switched from your 5.1 build to 5.1.1 (04/22 nightly) and can't seem to find where can i enable recovery reboot, previously after i press restart, it would give me "soft reboot, recovery, etc." Thanks in advance to you or anyone else who can point me into...
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    Post Black overlay on chrome in landscape

    493 dpi over here. I experience half black screen bug in landscape when i rotate my phone in such way that my power/volume buttons are on the buttom of the phone and if the keyboard is not present. if I rotate the phone in proper direction, meaning, when the phone is in a landscape position and...
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    Post Turbo Charger - Electrical Noise?

    yup, mine makes the noise, Google results pointed me to a couple reddit users who experience the same, so there of a few of us out there. ah, damn quality control.
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    Post My experience between two devices

    64gb white, stock, non-rooted eMMC-Sandisk DRAM-Hynix Gaming is terrible, simple game of wsop texas holdem lags compared to my nexus 5, don't know if i should return/exchange the device due to the lag :confused:
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    Post Nexus 6 sound fade up & down?

    same problem. stock non-root 64gb white. (and also terrible 2d performance as reported in other threads.) the way to duplicate the misbehavior of the speaker volume: go into settkngs/sound & notification. simple raise the volume one notch lower than the maximum on slider next to ring volume...
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    Post [Q] Looking for none-folding Wallet case for Nexus6 (found similar one for S4)

    link fixed also found who makes them but are they original OEM?, just hoping for N6 version somewhere on ebay or aliexpress.
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    Thread [Q] Looking for none-folding Wallet case for Nexus6 (found similar one for S4)

    Title pretty much says it all, I'm looking for none-folding Wallet Cases for N6, Here is a similar design that i found for S4, anyone seem something like that for Nexus 6?! Here is what i'm looking for(different color for sure, but here are the pictures of case with a layout design i'm looking...
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    Post [RECOVERY][mako] TWRP 3.1.1-0 touch recovery [2017-05-19]

    Hi everyone, quick question: How do i run decrypt command from TWRP? Nexus 4 has 5 stock Here is the scenario i did: fastbook oem unlock fastboot devices (successfully saw my device in terminal, so i flashed recovery....) fastboot flash recovery.img rebooted into 2.8.20 successfully Thought i...
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    Post [ROM] ★KANGAKAT★|►KTU84P◄|4.4.4|Xposed|►5.1◄|6.23.1 4

    Thank you for answering my question so soon And thank you for your incredible work!! I noticed a small visual bug, with stock dpi and stock height of nav bar, when I open recent applications: "Clean/remove recent applications button in the top right corner is located underneath the...
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    Post [ROM] ★KANGAKAT★|►KTU84P◄|4.4.4|Xposed|►5.1◄|6.23.1 4

    I have a question about dalvik binaries, can those be used in 4.4.4, the ones that are provided by installer and which give the noticeable performance boost for n5.
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    Post Tmobile "sign into network", no data.

    My situation is i have family plan ( "Even More Plus™ 3000mins + Unlimited Text + Unlimited Data(5GB PhoneFirstWebPlus)" and i am almost a decade old customer. The situation that aggravates me the most is that the data plan works with brand new iPhone 5S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, any other...
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    Post *** Nexus 5 Shipping Waiting Room ***

    32GB White Ordered on: Feb 24, 2014 12:12 AM EST Received Tracking number on: Feb 25, 2014 4:21 AM EST as of right now tracking information is empty and the status of it is "Order Processed: Ready for UPS"
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    Post [RECOVERY][GPL] OUDHS CWM-Based Recovery :: 5/3/2013 :: Touch & normal colors

    Running into the same situation, could anyone help me(newbie) out, thank you in advance!!
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    Post [ROM 4.4.2_r2][5 Apr 2014] AOSP KVT49L KITKALO

    why stock music was removed, can you please provide link for apk. or flashable zip? Thank you in advance!!
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    Post [Q] Nexus 4 Wallpaper Size?

    what if the wallpaper scrolling is off, is it 1280×768 ? Thank in advance
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    Post [ROM][4.4][KRT16O] LayKat- Pure, Fast and Stable - 17.11.2013 UPDATED!

    Could you please go into details about YouTube fix, is there a way to fix YouTube buffering for other ROMs, like a flashable zip we can apply Thank you in advance!!
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    Post [ROM 4.4.2_r2][5 Apr 2014] AOSP KVT49L KITKALO

    coming from KRT16O KITKALO into KRT16S- should i wipe data,cache & dalvik or dirty flash over with no wiping?! EDIT: did a dirty flash, everything seems to work fine. P.S.: in future builds, can you include the calculator and may be volume wake? Thank you for an awesome ROM!!
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    Post [ROM][4.4][KRT16O] LayKat- Pure, Fast and Stable - 17.11.2013 UPDATED!

    some elements of the GUI are not in English, also on the first boot, my usb was plug into a computer, i had a pop-up window during a boot up about usb debugging before the android welcome screen. and that usb debugging window wasn't in English either, so don't have a screenshot of that, but...
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    Post [ROM][4.4][KRT16M] Laytveyit NXS [11/03/13] Updated Fixed Link

    Could someone please re-upload, who-ever has it on their computer, any host will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Post [ROM 4.4.2_r2][5 Apr 2014] AOSP KVT49L KITKALO

    which custom recovery works good with 4.4 based ROM? Which one would you recommend? Thank you in advance!! P.S.: btw, sorry for double post earlier, don't know if was the chrome's fault or mine =)
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    Post [ROM 4.4.2_r2][5 Apr 2014] AOSP KVT49L KITKALO

    i'm using CWMR Touch 6.0.23, had previous Kalo's 4.3 release, did wipe data, wipe cache, tried installing both regular and faster edition of KRT16M. During installation i get: Warning : No file_contextsset_metadata_recursive: so me changes failed E:Error in (Status 7)...
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    Post [ROM 4.4.2_r2][5 Apr 2014] AOSP KVT49L KITKALO

    i'm using CWMR Touch 6.0.23, had previous Kalo's 4.3 release, did wipe data, wipe cache, tried installing both regular and faster edition of KRT16M. During installation i get: Warning : No file_contextsset_metadata_recursive: so me changes failed E:Error in (Status 7)...
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    Post [ROM][AOSP][4.4]KRT16M][Stockified][touchboost/faceunlock/backup fixed]

    i experienced lock ups while using keyboard/messaging app. probably total 3-4 times since i flashed the ROM R4 on August 14th.
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    Post [ROM][AOSP][4.4]KRT16M][Stockified][touchboost/faceunlock/backup fixed]

    R4 has Advanced reboot menu cooked in under power user, is there any way there is flashable zip for volume rocker wake out there that works with Stockified ROM? Volume rocker wake in R5 under power user would be wonderful addition, of course show-p1984, thank you for amazing ROM!!
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    Post [TOOLKIT] SKIPSOFT ANDROID TOOLKIT - NEXUS 4 - Drivers, Root, Recovery + MORE

    here is scenario that happened to me: 1 installed drivers, 2. Unlocked bootloader flashed cwmtouch- but i didnt used 4. root so i didnt applied unsecure boot, etc. Now i'm soft-brecked and have bootloops, i can enter the fastboot/bootloader, but Toolkit refuses to boot or flash stock...
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    Post [Q] Nexus 4 Download Mode?

    i'm in the same situation and appropriate anybody's help to get me back into the right track.
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    Post Master List For Accessories

    Hybrid Cases?! Can anyone please recommend Hybrid Cases(Silicone Case+Frame) for Nexus4, similar to SGP Neo Hybrid Case SGP Neo Hybrid is what i have on my galaxy nexus:
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    Post Sprint lte 4G speeds Boston

    i'm trying to locate a good place to buy Sprint Nexus off-contract, mint-condition used or new to use on Sprint network without signing/extending contact. i currently have gt-i9250 on t-mobile, while my friend has htc evo on sprint, i wanna switch him over to nexus experience without singing...
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    Post T-Mobile giving away free home signal boosters

    i'm interested in purchasing yours, could you please PM me with details or your email so we can discuss this further. (i tried PM'ng you, but i'm below 10 post mark-system won't let me use PM functions)
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    Post Google Music audio distortion

    i experienced similar behavior couples times with screen on playing long track/radio podcast/mix(stored internally) running 4.0.2(google music version was 4.1.512 - before updated logo) while gnex was connect to car aux, but i haven't be able to replicate it again.
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    Post [REF] [RADIO] [GSM] Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250 Baseband Collection & Discussion

    downloaded from two different sources and i am getting MD5 B23B87A47C44558C3237A5563A3872DD Anyone would like to confirm which one is correct... Thank you in advance
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    Post [Req] Gingerbread Keyboard for ICS

    indeed was very convenient and fast. is there a possibility to mod ICS keyboard and bring back the feature of swiping space bar/switch between input languages that way. Thanks in advance.
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    Post volume rocker to wake?

    volume wake Looking for any updates on this topic What Gnex GSM ROMs implemented this feature i tired widgetlocker, but the feature "Easy Wake Mode/any hardware button to wake" doesn't seem to work on Galaxy Nexus unless i'm forgetting or not seeing something, seems like i went through and...
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    Thread [Q] Audio experience similar to N1 or a small bluetooth remote control...

    in past i really enjoyed fast forwarding long tracks/mixes/podcast with a N1's trackball ( stock google music app ) I'm looking for either music app that has fast forward/rewind that can be edited to fast foward in 1min or 5min increments.(Not press and hold like PowerAmp) or hardware solution...