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    Post DIY charger Dock For galaxy S3

    Pretty slick, man!This actually helped me rekindle my long dormant creative nature and I think I now have the foundations for an idea or two. So, thanks for getting my lazy country ass off the couch and back in my shop.....
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    Post Want to restore my phone to factory but afraid of bricking given circumstances

    This is because you're on the MDL bootloader. You need to search the forums for your phone in regard to the MDL bootloader and loki'd ROMs. When you see the "software not authorized. .." message, it just means you need to flash a loki'd kernel for your device. Search for Jeeboo's Recovery and...
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    Post How to update mytouch 3g manually!!!

    Wow... Three and a half years later and a very outdated, obsolete device this method still works to bypass the google setup. I don't even plan on ever using this phone, just wanted o see if this worked. It
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    Post [HOW TO GUIDE] How To Unbrick AT&T I747 and I747M After 4.3 OTA

    Can you not boot into download mode manually? From a powered down state, hold the volume down+home+power. When you feel it vibrate release power but continue to volume down+home. It will boot into a warning message, press volume up to continue to download mode(Odin mode...) Hope this helps.
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    Post [HOW TO GUIDE] How To Unbrick AT&T I747 and I747M After 4.3 OTA

    Yeah, what I meant was not being able to downgrade for a carrier unlock on 4.1.1. Although, given that the warranty on this phone is long expired and its not associated with an account in default or blacklisted I believe At&t is required to provide an unlock.
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    Post [HOW TO GUIDE] How To Unbrick AT&T I747 and I747M After 4.3 OTA

    Thanks for the lesson. I'm not at all happy about the locked bootloader, but at least I have a working phone.
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    Post [HOW TO GUIDE] How To Unbrick AT&T I747 and I747M After 4.3 OTA

    Yes, it boots normally without the external SD installed. Yes, mjb bootloader is currently on the phone. The ROM I am using right now is the new Broken-5.0.2build 1.3 OFFICIAL.
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    Post [HOW TO GUIDE] How To Unbrick AT&T I747 and I747M After 4.3 OTA

    I dont know if it included a bootloader but i think this was the one I flashed. SmartROM+v0.8.1+Repack. And I'm currently on the mjb bootloader. The backup I have is a twrp backup from before i flashed this rom. At the time i made the backup I was on the lk3 bootloader. Also, I'm fairly...
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    Post [HOW TO GUIDE] How To Unbrick AT&T I747 and I747M After 4.3 OTA

    Hey guys, I'm curious about the possibilities of downgrading from 4.3. I get the impression that under some circumstances it may actually be possible. If so I'm hoping that I fall into the lucky SOB category. I received an S3 i747 that was still on stock 4.1.1 LK3. Unfortunately I got some files...
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    Post Which ROM are you using?

    I followed the first method in this thread. Hope it helps. ---------- Post added at 01:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:26 AM ---------- CM 10.2.1-captivatemtd
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    Post Possible to Root Galaxy S Captivate with Froyo?

    Alternatve.... I used the method from this thread to root and install CWM recovery and custom ROM. It worked beautifully for me. EDIT: I rooted Froyo with kingo root. Once you're rooted there is an app in Google Play named "Captivate...
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    Post 【Guide】How To flash ANY Captivate ROM from Stock (including ICS)

    Great tutorial!! WOW!! Thanks for this very easy to follow tutorial. I didn't have much confidence that I'd be able to get it right on the first attempt, but your instruction was clear enough for even a dumb 'ol hillbilly like me. My old captivate is resurrected and running faster than a...
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    Post [Q] Accurate H2O Wireless APN

    This is as good as I've been able to do.... I was about ready to throw my phone in front of a fast moving freight train after a couple of months of trying to locate proper h2o APN settings. I tried the customer service approach many times, as well. I searched the endless expanse of the web...