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  1. RohinZaraki

    Thread [Solved?] Charging speed dependent on the order of the insertion of the USB C cable

    My current setup is Pixel Experience 9.0 CAF build and Canting 2.1 kernel. On Stock Pie, I was able to insert the charging cable in any order and the charging speed would be the same. Now on this setup, inserting it in one way brings about slow charging, but removing the cable, flipping it the...
  2. RohinZaraki

    Thread [APP] HTC Sense Home Launcher for Non-Sense Devices

    So apparently HTC has been working on bringing its Sense Home Launcher to non-HTC devices. Their latest beta apk seems to work fine on non-HTC devices. So far I've tested it out on my M8 running the latest H14 GPE and it seems to work fine enough (although I feel it looks less polished than the...
  3. RohinZaraki

    Thread [MOD][Sense 5]Bluetooth Mod/Fix

    Ok, long story short, after the Sense 5 update, the Bluetooth was completely messed up for me. Not only did the "Visible to All Devices" option never stick with each consecutive toggle, it never seemed to work or pair correctly with any other device and required me to constantly un-pair said...
  4. RohinZaraki

    Thread Sense 5 4.2.2 Disscussion

    Let's keep the OP short. As it is, there is no way for users from different ROMS to discuss their problems, experiences or questions regarding the Sense 5 update. I believe this is all due to previous threads being closed due to illiterate users asking about their CIDs and why they haven't...
  5. RohinZaraki

    Thread [SOLVED]4.3 messed up my internal storage

    So after spending a whole afternoon flashing 4.3 onto the N7 via fastboot and finally getting root to work, I connect my N7 to the PC and get the shock of my life to see my internal storage has shrunk to currently says I only have 5GB free out of there any way to fix this ? My...
  6. RohinZaraki

    Thread [ROM] Hard Bricked 2.0.0 BETA | JellyBean | Sense 5 | 4.19.707.3 | 11/10/2013

    Presenting my first ROM for the HTC One X, HARD BRICKED Donations are not expected, but are kindly appreciated :)
  7. RohinZaraki

    Thread [INFO] Newly opened OT Thread in the OT Section.

    As I was scrolling through the OT forums, I noticed a few devices (HTC especially) which opened their new OT Threads there after theirs was closed as well. So I made one for us too :) Do drop by. LINK Mods can lock this if you want. This thread is not to be posted in, rather to spread the info.
  8. RohinZaraki

    Thread [OFFICIAL] HTC One X Owners Off Topic Thread

    This will be the new Off Topic thread for the HTC One X after the old one was closed :) everyone is welcome. Just don't do anything that will get this one closed.
  9. RohinZaraki

    Thread Leaving the HOX Forums :( ? Bid your farewell here

    Are you leaving the One X forums :( ? Post your farewell messages here. Again this is to avoid the opening of more farewell threads by individual members. Post your final words here, your wishes, regrets, good times and bad times while you were here...thank anyone in particular and perhaps share...
  10. RohinZaraki

    Thread New Member ? Say hello :) !

    Hello and greetings to all new members :D ! Welcome to the One X Forums. Now, before you go opening a thread saying you're new here and etc, why not post it here ? Get to know one another ? That way we'll build a closer relationship between older and newer members :). Credits go to Recognized...
  11. RohinZaraki

    Thread HTC One X Jellybean Discussions Thread.

    Hey peeps :cool:. Unless you didn't hear, our old JB Discussion thread was locked yesterday, due to...well, what else :rolleyes: trolling, flaming, the works. This left a gap, however, in where we, normal users could just relax and discuss about the recent Jellybean Update. This thread will...
  12. RohinZaraki

    Thread Code of Conduct for the One X Forum Members *READ ME FIRST*

    Hey guys. This guide is set a few guidelines for all users. This first section will cover the most frequently asked questions out there that some people just don't feel like reading up about Frequently asked Questions. 1. When will the JB Update roll out for my One X (insert CID and...
  13. RohinZaraki

    Thread How to disable HTC Sync Manager Autoplay on Jellybean

    Hey guys :) I'm sure many of you noticed that ever since we updated our One X to Jellybean Sense, USB Mass Storage has been changed to MTP format. That issue has been taken cared off here. There was also an Autoplay Menu, showing to install HTC Sync Manager or Open to View Files (which showed a...
  14. RohinZaraki

    Thread HBoot Update (A few questions)

    Hey guys, my One X is CID_044 and apparently the OTA update is out. I've downloaded the firmware zip but a few things are a bit hazy to me. 1. Updating HBoot - I know mine's 0.94 now and the update ships with 1.36. Does this mean that I can use current Sense JB ROMS like ARHD IF I just download...
  15. RohinZaraki

    Thread What's your pirate name ?

    Thought this may be a fun way of killing time :D Leave your names below. Mine's Miss Spot Hornswaggle :eek: For those of you with no middle name (whatever that is lol) leave it out ;)
  16. RohinZaraki

    Thread NEXUS 7 3G-"nakasig" - Jelly Bean/KitKat Discussions, Problems and Solutions

    NEXUS 7 3G-"nakasig" - Jelly Bean/KitKat Discussions, Problems and Solutions Hi Nexus 7 "Nakasig" users, I would like to consider this thread as your one place to chat or anything else related to Jelly Bean on the NEXUS 7 - 3G I need everyone help to keep this thread somewhat sane, report any...
  17. RohinZaraki

    Thread [Index]- 5 November 2013 -NEXUS 7 3G "Nakasig/Tilapia" - (GSM/HSPA+)

  18. RohinZaraki

    Thread You know you're rooted when...

    Sup guys :) I know I'm not as active as I was before but that doesn't mean I can't create tension breaking threads for us to grow closer, right ? Ok, I've seen this thread in multiple device forums and for what it's worth, a device sucj as the X8 will have a lot of tales to spare. The rules are...
  19. RohinZaraki

    Thread [DISCUSSION] Out of hiding - The latest Nexuses emerge

    Hey guys, as you probably know, Google announced their line of Nexus devices for 2012. Here's an in dept video about it at Google's HQ. I'm opening this thread to keep all discussions of 4.2, LG Nexuses away from the dev...
  20. RohinZaraki

    Thread Posting Questions in the Q&A Section

    Hey guys, me again :) this time I'm going to show you how to POST QUESTIONS correctly in the Q&A forums. I've had enough of seeing others trying to help when the OP himself/herself doesn't want to help make solving their problem easier for others. So I urge everyone to follow this method of...
  21. RohinZaraki

    Thread I was such a noob, I...

    Hey guys :) I opened this thread, curious to know how everyone started in their journey here ? Rules are simple. You just start with " I was such a noob, I..." and explain how or what you thought about hacking the X8 which makes you embarassed today. No lying or going extreme and to the others...
  22. RohinZaraki

    Thread [APP] Missing ICS Settings for GDX Stock Kernel

    Hey guys it's me again :). I've been looming around the GDX thread for a while and what I see is many (stock kernel) users are complaining that they are missing the ICS Settings from their ROM. I suspect Team Fun, in all their hardwork, have accidentally left out the ICS Settings in the stock...
  23. RohinZaraki

    Thread [Q] Is the One X worth it ?

    Hey guys :) I'm from the Xperia X8 forums (yeah, reeeeeaaallly long way from home). I'm getting a One X in less than 2 weeks and I was wondering if you guys can tell me if this phone is worth it ? I actually like this phone more than the S3, which I've been told by many to get over the One X. So...
  24. RohinZaraki

    Thread [ROM] ICZaraki | V01 | CM9 | nAa-ics-04 | 24-9-2012

    Many people have pestered me to do something other than Gingerbread. So here it is :). Like GingerZaraki, ICZaraki is my own ROM built from clean CM9 sources plus nAa's MiniCM9 sources to make it more compatible with our tiny X8's. I'm still trying to get used to ICS/CM9 compared to GB/CM7 so...
  25. RohinZaraki

    Thread [Guide] Setting Up and Dual-Booting a Linux-based Distro alongside Windows

    Hey guys :) I'm sure many of you have seen and at least attempted eagleeyetom's thread on building a ROM. In the 2nd post, B.Jay helped explain how to set up a VM (Virtual Machine). Now I'm here to explain how to set up a distro and be able to dual-boot into Ubuntu/Linux Mint or Windows. Why...
  26. RohinZaraki

    Thread MODS & FIXES for CM9/CM10 ROMS

    Voice Search Fix for CM9/CM10 Hey guys :) had some free time this week so I decided to flash MiniCM 9 3.0.4 to see how it went. One of the things I found was Voice Search didn't work :confused: did some reading but I couldn't find the answer so I decided to get to work. After much testing I got...
  27. RohinZaraki

    Thread [BootAnimation] CM 10/CM-X Bootanimation

    Here's the CyanogenMod 10 bootanimation a.k.a Jellybean :) Looks quite good on our screens IMO. Links LDPI MDPI MDPI Inverted Insrtuctions : 1. Take your pick 2. Flash via CWM 3. Enjoy Credits go to the CM team, Stelios97 and deedii :)
  28. RohinZaraki

    Thread [MOD] MiniCM9 Make It Faster Mod V03 (10-6-2012) [STOPPED]

    Due to to many trolls and haters, I am temporarily stopping development. I may ask the MOD's to lock this thread and unlock it if I have a new update (IF). If there is an update, I will post it but don't expect me to make 2 or 3 new updates just for one version of MiniCM9. I am sorry but I have...
  29. RohinZaraki

    Thread Porting GingerZaraki to the Mini

    Hey guys :) I'm RohinZaraki of the X8 forums...recently i started developing my own rom; GingerZaraki and since then, I've had 3 PM's asking me to port this rom for the Mini...and I even recieved I wanted to ask you guys, would you really want this ROM for your phones and if so, are...
  30. RohinZaraki

    Thread Respect the Developers

    Hey guys :) I've observed the DEV section recently. What I see is a lot of trolling, flamming, spamming and etc. That's out of my hands, 'cause if I try and tell them off, I would be contributing to the spam and trolling. Plus, stuff like that is usually between user and user. What REALLY pisses...
  31. RohinZaraki

    Thread Soft Modder Section

    Hey guys, I've been observing the X8 Dev section and what i've observed is that there are many "developers" releasing their "roms", faster than Kim Kardashian's divorce (:D trust me, THAT was really fast TBH)...and from what I see, things are getting very ugly between know-it-all senior members...
  32. RohinZaraki

    Thread [LMAO]Sony Mobile Chat Service Messed up...BAD !!!

    I was chatting with Sony Mobile's online support center...and just when I thought i could troll him by asking when our X8's are going to be getting an official ICS update (any fool would know that this is impossible)...instead this happened =.=... Apparently Sony is hiring guys stupider than...
  33. RohinZaraki

    Thread Tales of our X8's and W8's !

    Hey guys :) i'm just starting this thread so we can share our personal experiences with our beloved X8's. I want to unite all X8-tians :D Come on, we all have good times and bad times with our X8's and i want to hear them :) it doesn't matter what the story is. New rom, new SD Card, accidental...
  34. RohinZaraki

    Thread Paul's ÇM9 thread :(

    Guys the thread is gone ! Any reason for it ?? I saw the name changed to "plz remove" and the 1st post wiped clean and replaced with "No more support"...did anything happen ? Why did that happen :( ??? Any ideas :confused: Sent from my X8 using xda premium
  35. RohinZaraki

    Thread [Q] SD card :(

    Hey guys. Today i decided to treat my X8 by buying a 8GB class 4 micro sd card to replace the stock 2GB micro sd card...all went well ! Within half an hour i copied & pasted everything out of my old card and into the new. That is until i tried to play some songs when i found that none of my...
  36. RohinZaraki

    Thread [DEV][WIP][ROM]ICS For X8 Alpha 9 *STOPPED* bis

    As we all know, Stelios97 made a working port of ICS for the X10 mini. fifo171 has tested the same rom on his X8 and has confirmed that it works for the X8 as well. This thread is to further develop this rom so we X8 users can have ICS. On the 27th November 2011,troufiniou and has further...
  37. RohinZaraki

    Thread [DEV][WIP][ROM]ICS For X8 Alpha 9 *STOPPED*

    As we all know, Stelios97 made a working port of ICS for the X10 mini. fifo171 has tested the same rom on his X8 and has confirmed that it works for the X8 as well. This thread is to further develop this rom so we X8 users can have ICS. On the 27th November 2011,troufiniou and has further...
  38. RohinZaraki

    Thread [DEV][WIP][ROM]ICS For X8 Alpha 9 *STOPPED*

    As we all know, Stelios97 made a working port of ICS for the X10 mini. fifo171 has tested the same rom on his X8 and has confirmed that it works for the X8 as well. This thread is to further develop this rom so we X8 users can have ICS. On the 27th November 2011,troufiniou and has further...
  39. RohinZaraki

    Thread How to make your X8 LOOK like ICS (For GDX V20 only)

    [GUIDE]Here's how to make your X8 look like it has ICS :) ! Notice : This is not real ICS so no hating on this thread about me scamming people ;). This ICS project was only tested on GingerDX V20. I cannot be held responsible if you decide to flash it on another ROM or VERSION and it screws up...
  40. RohinZaraki

    Thread Tutor me ^^ 2

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone can teach me about developing roms and stuff...kinda interested but there're no websites or guides for n00bs like me :D thnx and sry for posting this @ android & dev section earlier Sent from my X8 using xda premium
  41. RohinZaraki

    Thread Which one ???

    Hey guys, i was wondering, which did you think was better ? Android 2.2.1 Froyo or Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread ? Im currently using 2.3.5 and to be honest, i love its smoothness and speed but i miss the 2.2.1's stability. What do you think :S ? Sent from my X8 running on MiniCM7/Android 2.3.5 via...