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  1. Bobbi lim

    Thread Firmware issue? Maybe not? Join me in the discussion :)

    Let's start off with something simple. I am experiencing touch screen issues whereby a portion of my screen is entirely dead. This happens on any ROM (custom or OOS) that uses the Nougat firmware. BUT this does not happen on ROM that uses Oreo firmware. Let's say I am using an Oreo ROM that is...
  2. Bobbi lim

    Thread AOSParadox Mirror

    Does anyone has a backup copy of AOSParadox 6.0.1 copy? Yes I know it's a old build but my hands are itchy wanting to flash it. Link to thread: [CAF/AOSP][LA.BF.1.1.3-01010-8x74.0][6.0.1][STABLE]AOSParadox Project 2.1 - 20160328 PS. I've tried looking for links but they are dead. If anyone...
  3. Bobbi lim

    Thread Slim7 - Bacon (comments required!)

    Hi everyone! Here's my personal Slim 7 ROM. Differences from official: Built with HYPERTC 4.9 (arm-linux-androideabi/arm-eabi) / Snapdragon LLVM Compiler 3.8 Credits: NoSpamDan JustArchi Downloads:
  4. Bobbi lim

    Thread [ROM] [AOKP 7.1.1] [Unofficial] Android Open Kang Project

    Device: BACON // OnePlus One Welcome to AOKP for the BACON aka OnePlus One! This is my own personal build so hope you guys enjoy it! AndroidFileHost AOKP on GitHub Full Wipe Flash ROM Flash SuperSU Flash Bank Gapps (7.1.1)/Bank Gapps (6.0.1)/Open Gapps Reboot Enjoy...
  5. Bobbi lim

    Thread [Updated!] Unofficial CleanROM for M8

    This isn't official yet but given that CleanROM by Scott is currently not being developed so I'm considering providing unofficial build of CleanROM for the Verizon and GSM M8 community alike. I'm a noob at this so if there's any issues, I will appreciate it if you guys can bring it up to me...
  6. Bobbi lim

    Thread [ROM][11/03][COS12.1 Mod ROM | Franco Kernel R44]

    Some of you guys may have seen my previous ROM and now I'm back to share with you guys a clean and debloated COS12.1 YOG7DAS2K1 build with Franco kernel included. Without further ado, I present to you Mod ROM in COS12.1 flavour. Features: HTC Calender HTC File Manager HTC Keyboard HTC Mail...
  7. Bobbi lim

    Thread [ROM][5.1.1] OxygenOS 2.1.4 | Stock | Rooted | TWRP compatible!

    Hey guys and girls! Here's a flashable version of OxygenOS 2.1.4 & it's firmware Prerequisite requirements: You must know how to use fastboot and adb Must be willing to do simple troubleshooting on your own Own a OnePlus One :P Instructions: Flash the firmware using ADB Flash OxygenOS...
  8. Bobbi lim

    Thread [Discussion]Android 6.0 Doze Mode

    This thread is actually meant for discussion about how doze works, whether it works (debateable), setup and everything. My suspicions is that doze does not work for custom ROM or any Android OS that is not certified by Google. My reasoning behind this is quite simple. What I did: 1. On...
  9. Bobbi lim

    Thread GApps for Android 6.0

    I've flashed unofficial CM13 by CraZY_BoY^ and realize there's not much compatible gapps for 6.0 and thus I present to you guys mine. Inclusive: Google Play Store Google Play Services Google Contacts Sync Google Calender Sync Google TTS Engine And other files needed for GApps to work Mod...
  10. Bobbi lim

    Thread Selling my OnePlus One

    Guys! I'm planning to sell my OPO. If anyone is a Singaporean here and you're interested, take a look here: Mod edit: Link removed
  11. Bobbi lim

    Thread Dead phone, only vibrations

    My phone was normal throughout the day and when I woke up the screen a few minutes back, the phone was literally dead. I pressed and hold the power button for 20s and all I got was the vibration. Tried both the buttons combination of power + volume up/ down and all I get was vibration only. I...
  12. Bobbi lim

    Thread Call barring

    Hey guys! Need a little help. First off, I don't own a Note 3 (mine is the OPO) so be patient with me regarding this issue. A note 3 has call barring disabled (I've checked in settings) thus I couldn't get the phone to call out or receive any calls. To make sure it wasn't a faulty sim card...
  13. Bobbi lim

    Thread Deleted

  14. Bobbi lim

    Thread [ROM][27/9] Unboxed ROM 7.0 Sense 4 & 5| Best battery| Stock

    Presenting to you, Unboxed ROM made by me! You guys might be wondering what's the difference between Unboxed ROM and SkyDragon Reborn right? I've left the team thus I should make my own ROM under my own name. I had personal issues and I was touched by some of the XDA users that wanted me to...
  15. Bobbi lim

    Thread [21/2][Sensational SkyDragon][SD Mods][Best battery][Fast]

    Android 4.0.3 HTC Sense 4 Latest ROM Version: International System -Made from scratch -SD Mods -Zipalign -Rooted -Busybox built in -Init.d built in This is a blind build made from me to my friend! As such, I can't guarantee that the ROM will work perfectly as I don't own the...
  16. Bobbi lim

    Thread Deleted.

    Deleted. XDA:DevDB Information SkyDragon Reborn Sense 4/5, ROM for the HTC One X Contributors Bobbi lim, HolyAngel, dragonesdenano ROM OS Version: 4.2.x Jelly Bean ROM Kernel: Linux 3.1.x ROM Firmware Required: JB Hboot Version Information Status: Stable Stable Release Date: 2015-03-27...
  17. Bobbi lim

    Thread OTG Support

    Hey! I don't own a Note 8.0 but asking for a friend, does Note 8.0 (stock and unrooted) running kitkat supports OTG?
  18. Bobbi lim

    Thread ART vs Dalvik

    Is it just me or has anyone user realize that battery life on ART is much better as compared to dalvik?
  19. Bobbi lim

    Thread S-off

    Will firewater s-off work on our devices?
  20. Bobbi lim

    Thread HOX+ & HOXL+

    I know there's a difference between the HTC One X+ and the HTC OneXL+ but I do not know specifically what are they? Can someone explain to me the difference? Like the difference in software and hardware?
  21. Bobbi lim

    Thread Sense 4

    Which custom kernel is compatible with sense 4+?
  22. Bobbi lim

    Thread Custom Kernel

    I've not touched my HTC Desire and now I'm back with it. I'm running the stock rom and I would like a kernel that's battery saving while not compromising on performance. Do your have any recommendations?
  23. Bobbi lim

    Thread 50% charging

    Is anyone facing this issue whereby after I flash CM11 M-Releases and than to other ROM, my phone boots itself up when it reach 50% Its happening on all the ROM that I flashed after CM11 m-Releases
  24. Bobbi lim

    Thread CM11

    Please don't close this down again as its really a comparison between 2 versions of CM11. Does CM11 M-Releases have the memory leak issue? Which version has better battery life? CM11 M-Releases or Nightlies?
  25. Bobbi lim

    Thread 4.4 kickat ROMs

    Which ROM should I go for? AICP or CM11? If it's CM11, which is more friendly in battery? The M-releases or nightlies build? I don't want these to become a rom comparison thread but just that I'm torn between AICP & CM11 with no idea which should I go for since they're both very attractive...
  26. Bobbi lim

    Thread Porting of PAC-man rom

    Is anyone planning to port pacman rom for our hox? The pacman rom we have is dead and buggy, almost unusable
  27. Bobbi lim

    Thread Omni-rom!

    Hasn't anyone notice that we have Omni-rom for our HOX? Here's the link: Do take a break from your hectic lifestyle and flash it than leave your comments to the developer for further improvements. PLEASE don't forget to thank the dev for...
  28. Bobbi lim

    Thread AOSP Custom kernel

    Any suggestions for custom kernels as I'm running 4.3.1 PA3.99 build... I've just flash back to it again (nothing to do) and forgotten the kernels that are compatible with the rom, any suggestion on which kernel I should go for?
  29. Bobbi lim

    Thread Porting of AOSPAL

    Hi to all the devs here! You guys have been great at having AOSP rom and I personally have used them all but I have been in love with this rom on my Nexus 7 2013 & I believe the users will be also. Therefore I'm asking if there's any devs that's willing to help port this rom over to our...
  30. Bobbi lim

    Thread Custom kernel on AICP 4.4.2

    I'm currently running AICP 4.4.2 and I wish to know which kernel is better for this rom in terms of performance and battery?
  31. Bobbi lim

    Thread Rooting my Nexus 7

    Hi, I've some basic experience regarding rooting and flashing of roms but I have some enquiry before I start flashing on my up and coming nexus 7. So here are the steps to proceed on: 1st unlock the boot loader using fastboot oem unlock 2nd flashing a custom recovery using fastboot flash...
  32. Bobbi lim

    Thread Battery life: Sense vs AOSP

    I would like to confirm this issue I have. Is it just me or is AOSP rom more battery draining than sense roms? I'm able to last on the average of 12~15 hours per charge with using whatsapp through but when it comes to AOSP rom, I hardly use it and I barely can get it to last 10 hours at all. Is...
  33. Bobbi lim

    Thread HTC recommending PURE AOSP 4.4

    Hi, I found a post on Fb that shows a image on HTC releasing and teaching its users regarding on how to update our HOX to pure AOSP. Please look at the attached image to confirm whether its genuine or not
  34. Bobbi lim

    Thread <Important> Fixes One X slow push notification

    Not sure if this if workable for you guys but your could actually try this out: Settings > power > power saver > untick ypur data connection and do a reboot. That should work for those with power saver mode on and yet don't receive timely notifications. For those whom didn't enable power saver...
  35. Bobbi lim

    Thread Phone battery life starts to suck suddenly

    I normally have a habit of whatsapping through the whole days with my friends which my phone would start telling me its on low battery around 11hrs after later but I couldn't figure out why my battery died out within 6hr when half the time was only used for whatsapp and the rest of the time, the...
  36. Bobbi lim

    Thread Smartactions for One X?

    Is there any way to get the Smartaction app on mototrola devices to work with the One X?
  37. Bobbi lim

    Thread Delete One X skins for sense 4+

    I've installed a couple of skins for my One x running Sense 4+ but I don't seem to be able to uninstall them. Does anyone has any idea on how to uninstall them?
  38. Bobbi lim

    Thread Disable google now?

    Does disabling google now means that the google search app for my One X will be gone as well?
  39. Bobbi lim

    Thread Sense 4+ skins

    Has anyone have sense 4+ skins for the One X?
  40. Bobbi lim

    Thread HOX no OS

    After unlocking my bootloader, I decided to flash ViperX and my phone got stuck in the white screen stating "HTC quietly Brilliant". I tried pressing the power button for a few seconds and it would go back to the same screen. I can only boot into Hboot and Fastboot USB. I tried botting into CWM...
  41. Bobbi lim

    Thread HTC One X skins/themes

    Has anyone manage to find themes or skins for the HTC One X running Sense 4+ ? I've looked around to but couldn't find anything...
  42. Bobbi lim

    Thread LED colours

    Anyone has an idea how many colors does the HTC One X has for it's LED notification?
  43. Bobbi lim

    Thread Root HOX

    Does anyone has a way or rooting a HTC One X running JB without unlocking its bootloader?
  44. Bobbi lim

    Thread Phone not sleeping

    Does anyone has any idea why is it that if I were to use a 3rd party app to lock my phone, my phone would simply keep waking up but it would go back to sleep when I use my power button to lock my phone. Any help would be appreciate.
  45. Bobbi lim

    Thread Help on battery life!

    Has anyone realised that the battery life on the One X running JB dies out faster compared to when it was running on ICS? Is there a workaround or is anyone willing to offer some tips on how to extend the battery life of the One X. I'm currently running on a non-rooted stock ROM.
  46. Bobbi lim

    Thread Bumper for HOX?

    Has anyone seen a bumper for the HTC One X? Sent from my HTC One X using xda app-developers app
  47. Bobbi lim

    Thread Whatsapp plus not working on Galaxy mini 2, HELP!!!

    Any idea why does whatsapp plus don't work with galaxy mini 2 :eek: