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  1. leyvatron

    Thread Smart Settings on Verizon

    I looked for smart settings on my Verizon unit and couldn't find it. Looks like Verizon removed it. Here is how to get it back. Download QuickShortcutmaker from the market Open it and scroll down to smart settings. Open the smart settings dropdown. Now press the first smart settings drop...
  2. leyvatron

    Thread Android Wear Battery Stats

    Im not the developer, but I recommend this app for those that like numbers and graphs. Its just like your phone battery stats. This is something that should be included in stock lollipop. Here are 2 screenshots. Bottom horizontal indicates history of your watch. Its pretty neat.
  3. leyvatron

    Thread Free Google Credit - Google Opinion Rewards

    Get free google play money by taking surveys. I wonder how many surveys to get $100 dollars. Geez. I made a quick YouTube video about it here. Click the annotation to take you directly to the google play store link. Google already has my soul, I might as well get paid for it. :p...
  4. leyvatron

    Thread You like pie? Great pie app - No root needed

    This is a great app that adds pie to your screen. Back, home, and recents. You must turn it on in accessibility and reboot your phone. Check it out. Remeber: You can drag and drop pie on any edge. I am not the dev and I don't know the dev...
  5. leyvatron

    Thread Pictures taken with your Verizon Note

    Well... you know the deal. Post pictures and show off the camera. Ready, set, go. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk now Free
  6. leyvatron

    Thread (App) Notification Toggles

    "Notification Toggles" in the market. Perfect. Statusbar icon is always on but it doesnt bother me that much. Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using xda premium
  7. leyvatron

    Thread 4.2 keyboard with Trace

    I found this thread and wanted to share the keyboard. Download the apk and install. Go to settings>language and input>and make it available with a check mark. Now go to a text message with the keyboard showing and long press the space bar and chose the non-ASOP keyboard. Done...
  8. leyvatron

    Thread Rooting and adb phones with Surface?

    Is it possible to root phones and use adb or are we waiting for the Surface pro to do that.
  9. leyvatron

    Thread Note 10.1 @ Frys with $100 store credit

    For all people lurking or have a 30 day return on your tablet. Frys has the Note 10.1 for $499 and they will give you an in-store credit for $100 after purchase. Link: Today is the last day they are doing the store credit. Mods: if this isnt appropriate...
  10. leyvatron

    Thread Where can I purchase a Note 10.1?

    Where can I purchase a Note besides Negri? Looks like Negri is on back order and expasys wont ship until 8 days or so.
  11. leyvatron

    Thread T-mobile battery display time

    How much display time are you guys getting for T-mobile with a single charge? Rom and radio? Thanks. Sent from my SGH-I717R using xda premium
  12. leyvatron

    Thread [APP]Stick it-True multi task - watch videos while doing other things.

    The app is called "stick it" from the market and it cost $1.50. A very cool app to use on your tablet or phone. Watch videos from your phone or youtube videos while browsing or using maps. Youtube is a bit buggy but saved movies are smooth. The video is adjustable and can be moved anywhere...
  13. leyvatron

    Thread Phone shows charging and not plugged in

    My phone charges fine but even after unplugging it still shows that its charging. Any suggestions? Anybody else? Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda premium
  14. leyvatron

    Thread Auto rotate stop working -stuck on portrait mode

    My auto rotate stop working. I have it checked under settings. I tried to download compass and labrynth and its still not working. When I open the camera and YouTube it rotates to landscape.... but the goes back to portrait. What am I missing? Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using xda...
  15. leyvatron

    Thread Volume+ for speaker

    The paid app for volume+ works perfect. That is all. Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using xda premium update: Here is the link:
  16. leyvatron

    Thread **pics included** Black Cruzer Case on Amazon fits GSM perfect

    I got the black glossy Cruzer case from Amazon and it fits snug and tight...better than my Incipio case I purchased from the Verizon store. The case is nice and durable. The power button and 3 prongs are open and the volume keys are closed with a nice rough texture. The volume keys are very...
  17. leyvatron

    Thread delete please

    delete please
  18. leyvatron

    Thread Google Music 2 apk - Ice Cream Sammich

    Uninstall Music from the market first then install the apk. :D I'm not having any luck with it syncing my music... I do have bad service and a bunch of music to sync. Someone let me know or once I get on wifi I will advise. Download link Source
  19. leyvatron

    Thread SMS popup works the red n blue LED but dont blink

    just wanted to let you guys know that sms popup works great for your sms LED notification. Red and blue work once set but they dont blink.... Try it.
  20. leyvatron

    Thread Free Apps on GetJar!

    Download the getjar apk app/store from the site and get the free apps. enjoy and don't forget to thanks.
  21. leyvatron

    Thread Tell me if this saves you battery -

    It's been good to me but does it work for you? I remember doing this for a few other phones with good results. Now I'm doing it with my Sensation and it looks like its working... but I want more people to test it. Test battery drain and data speeds. Anyways, Type *#*#4636#*#* in dialer >...
  22. leyvatron

    Thread (game) cut the rope - works and looks great

    Here it is.... got it from another forum. Enjoy!
  23. leyvatron

    Thread Official Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboard Dock (pics)

    I know we all want a good working accesory for our Galaxy Tab. Well, the Samsung keyboard dock works really well with the tablet.... especially because it has Android Keys, its own charging port, and a speaker line out. I recommend it if you are looking for a tab keyboard. Some pics are...
  24. leyvatron

    Thread Thumbs Keyboard App - Good keyboard for the Tab

    I found this is the best keyboard out in the market right now.... It works like a champ on the Tab 10.1. It makes typing a lot more natural and gives you a natural hold without moving your hands all over the place. I saw this keyboard in the Xoom thread and decided to try it on the Tab. I...
  25. leyvatron

    Thread My wooden Stylus

    I have an iPad and a nexus s... The stylus works with both and wanted to share with you guys. I do recommend this stylus for drawing and note taking. I'm sure this will work with honeycomb tablets. Once I get my Android tablet, I'm trashing this ipad. :D This stylus is called the E. Stylo...
  26. leyvatron

    Thread My wooden stylus

    I have an iPad and a nexus s... The stylus works with both and wanted to share with you guys. I do recommend this stylus for drawing and note taking. I'm sure this will work with honeycomb tablets. This stylus is called the E. Stylo stylus for capacitive screens. e.stylo features: -...
  27. leyvatron

    Thread Rearth colorful cases

    Here are a few pics of my case that arrived yesterday... This case has a vinyl type feel... It's not too rubbery and not too stiff like hard plastic. I goes in easy in and out of your pocket and doesn't gather any lint. Stays on very snug and doesn't show any loose...
  28. leyvatron

    Thread .99 cent Nexus S silicone case plus shipping

    Here is the link... its like $3.68 total after checkout. Not a bad deal...
  29. leyvatron

    Thread [Boot Animation] Android Boot Particle Ring - Green n Cyan HDPI

    This is a good animation, I think it is better than stock CM. I take no credit at all.... I'm just bringing it to the Nexus S side... If you like these, then check the original thread out. Install root explorer.. system/media Enjoy! Cyan download Green download original thread...
  30. leyvatron

    Thread Nexus S battery charger with Stand

    Another Samsung product... Looks handy. 50 bucks though. :mad: More pics.... still on backorder.
  31. leyvatron

    Thread Honeybread theme with Horizontal bars and Honeycomb battery w/increments of 20%

    Here's the honeybread theme with horizontal bars and Honeycomb battery w/increments of 20%. I take no credit for this... Haxzamatic gets most and a few others including nbeebe24... please take the time and thank him for the Nexus S work. >Install/overwrite, Pick theme with "theme chooser" and...
  32. leyvatron

    Thread [Free APP] Words With Friends

    Words with Friends is now in the market for free.... The ads suck but the gameplay is fun. It's just like Scrabble.... but online with friends and has notifications when its your turn. :D leyvzilla is the name. Enjoy!
  33. leyvatron

    Thread (APP) "Color My Clock" - Desktop Clock with a Twist

    Check out "Color My Clock" in the market. It's a colorful desk clock and live wallpaper... I made a quick video (you don't have to check my video, but check the app out) only because it looks so good on the Nexus S true black SAMOLED screen. :D Enjoy! Here is the DEV's website...
  34. leyvatron

    Thread NFC - McDonald's UK by this summer

    The UK already has a big old investment in contactless technology with London's rather successful Oystercard travel scheme, but now the whole Kingdom can get a taste for airborne payments thanks to a new initiative from McDonald's and Visa. The two giants of commerce are uniting to bring NFC...
  35. leyvatron

    Thread Recent apps on notification pulldown.

    I thought this was kinda cool on the new myTouch. Recent apps on notification pulldown. power widget and recent apps are in.... all we need now are widgets...
  36. leyvatron

    Thread YouTube update in the Market!

    I'm liking this Google. Not making these apps mandatory and putting them in the market. example: Car Dock, Gmail, YouTube, etc...
  37. leyvatron

    Thread Data not working on my T-mobile phone...

    My phone was sitting on my desk for 3 hours and when I go to make a call, I get "Mobile Network not available." It worked fine before that and it just stopped. No new settings or anything like that. I get 2 or 3 bars but I don't get the 2g or 3g icon. I'm on T-mobile currently running...
  38. leyvatron

    Thread Who needs iPad "Netflix" app when we have....

    ...the "Movies" app by Flixster. Best way to fix your Netflix queue. It's fast, easy and FREEEE!!!! This thing is great for Netflix and does much more! I made a quick video about it here
  39. leyvatron

    Thread Myspace Music App would be good....

    I don't have a myspace but I do listen to their music. They always have new albums and we can listen to the whole song... A good app would be a myspace music app.... now that we have flash on android. :D
  40. leyvatron

    Thread Android on Facebook

    Dear Froyo, I created a group about you on Facebook, since so many of us love you and hate you. (Every Android is welcome) Since so many of us are talking about you and can't stop talking about you, I thought this would be a great idea! This creation is place place where "US" as a community...
  41. leyvatron

    Thread Froyo MMS issues... T-mobile US

    I can't see the pics I am receiving through my messaging says download unsuccessful. I have US T-mobile I've had this proxy settings with Enoms Rom and always worked. I'm thinking its Froyo... Anyone else? APN: MMSC: MMS port: 8080
  42. leyvatron

    Thread My Nexus desk dock used in my truck bluetooth.

    I have my stereo hooked up with an audio cable in the back with a 3.5 out. Hooked up to my desk dock to it and usb car charger, and you are set. You can hide it and never bring it out. You can also get a double usb car charger (Griffin makes one) and have one for the dock, that's put away and...