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    Post [ROM][9.0.0_r46] AospExtended ROM V6.7 [OFFICIAL]

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    Post [ROM][9.0.0_r46] AospExtended ROM V6.7 [OFFICIAL]

    Hi! How to extract the boot.img from ROM using the Terminal?
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1

    0000.0000.00 Yes,. This modification is already implemented for LG G3s. There works, for example ASmart Remote IR
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1

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    Post [ROM][L90][7.1.2] Resurrection Remix

    ilikekpk, Special for you:
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    Post [ROM][L90][7.1.2] Resurrection Remix

    In the last ROM the home hardware key work well. Look for a problem in yourself.
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    Post [ROM][L90][7.1.2] Resurrection Remix

    phidias81 And read the topic of laziness?
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 for LG L90

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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL ]AICP 12.1 weeklys (android 7.1.2) for the LG L90

    WiFi and Bluetooth are working fine. These are your particular problems.
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4] LineageOS 11.0 for LG Optimus One [OS2SD][19.03.13], download and try to install
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL ]AICP 12.1 weeklys (android 7.1.2) for the LG L90

    wojtek267 For all Android 7.1.1 :) (Dark mod) ViPER4Android- (Light mod) ViPER4Android-
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 for LG L90

    FM radio for LineageOS 14.1 from CM13, You can try this patch: Of course I'm not responsible for any bricked devices, so please make backup before flashing.
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    Post Installed CM13 and getting BSOD when connected to PC

    You mast UNINSTALL driver from PC and reboot PC. Then install this drivers and reboot PC: L90 with 5.0.2 stok ROM or CM13 works correctly.
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    Post L90 Benchmark(s) Leaderboard

    Variant- D410 Rom- L90_D410_v20d_OptimalX_112015 (5.0.2 STOCK-based ROM) Kernel- L.E.K._v1.0_r2_d410 OtherInfo- not wiped, with installed apps
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    Post (MOD) Cloudy 3.3 quick release unlock notification push on lockscreen

    Please write, what and how to edit.
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    Post [ROM] 5.0.2 Stock-ROM - LG D415 L90

    Could you do TWRP or CWM flashable version of the Official Lollipop update for the D410 L90 Optimus?
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    Post How to added RAM PROGRESS BAR & CLEAR ALL RECENT APPS in Recent panel for JB 4.2 + +

    Some ROM’s in SystemUI.apk / smali / com / android / systemui / recent / RecentsPanelView.smali no method .method public show (ZLjava / util / ArrayList; ZZ) V in this case the edit RecentsPanelView.smali follows. At the end of RecentsPanelView.smali add the following lines: .method...
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    Post [GUIDE][SMALI] Custom Notification Drawer style for CM10/CM10.1/CM10.2/CM11

    Thank you! LG Optimus One P500, cm-10.2 & cm-11 works well.
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    Post [APP] Xperia SystemUI + 23 JB Toggles + Sliders + Apps (ICS MDPI) - v10.1 - 28/05/13

    Wonderful work. Thank you. I would like to do this mod for another gadget. Serajr, please write the GUIDE, and put all the necessary files.
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    Post [APP] LATEST Google LOLLIPOP KEYBOARD [21/02/15]

    Works fine on LG Optimus 4X HD cm-11 :). Thanks.