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  1. mmxandy

    Thread Falcon ROM J7 2016 [ROM][9.0][TW][J710X]

    Friends I am here presenting a stable ROM for Samsung galaxy J7 2016. Falcon OS ROM OneUI 1.5 ROM Info [√] General Optimization [√] Samsung Pie OneUI 1.5 [√] Always on display (fake) [√] FM Radio [√] Bluetooth [√] Applock [√] 101 Fonts [√] Galaxy Fold Wallpapers [√] Deboalted [√] Secure...
  2. mmxandy

    Thread TWRP recovery for the Galaxy On8 - SM-J710FN, Exynos 7580 Nougat

    Here is the TWRP for Samsung galaxy on8 (exynos 7580) working on Nougat... You flash this at your own risk. Please ensure you have the stock ROM to hand downloaded from SAMMOBILE in case of problems. This will trip the knox counter. WHAT IS TWRP? Oh come on, you know what it is - don't try...
  3. mmxandy

    Thread [ROM][5.1.1][HISTORY][FALCON] MoKee OpenSource Project [24-04-2016]

    All the firmwares, custom ROMs, official firmware updates, mods and tools mentioned here belong to their respective developers/owners. You will be doing everything at your own risk. We nor the developers cannot be held responsible if you end up damaging or bricking your device. you are still...
  4. mmxandy

    Thread [ROM] Flyme OS Latest for Mi4i

    Hi all my dear Miui users, Finally the wait is over and you can download all new Flyme os for mi4i not just flyme can be called Fly me. As i see most of them waiting for an eye-striking Rom without any bugs I Present you the Flyme. This is the UI for Meizu phones...
  5. mmxandy


    MIUI 7 MIUI 7 comes with a host of new features, including new themes, animated lockscreens, a data saving option made in collaboration with Opera, video ringtones and a bevy of optimizations aimed at enhancing battery life. Indian users get additional features in the form of Visual IVR, Smart...
  6. mmxandy

    Thread Miui update v6.6.10.0

    MIUI mi 4i rom Updated to Miui update v6.6.10.0 Official v6.6.10.0 ROM is Here Here is ota updates V6.6.6.0 to V6.6.8.0 (48.5 MB) V6.6.8.0 to V6.6.10.0 (31 MB)
  7. mmxandy

    Thread (Share) Mi 4i / ferrari CM12.1 Moonlight Rom [Un-official]

    Hello Good Morning MIUI users, I am sharing Unofficial CyanogenMod CM12.1 Moonlight Rom(ferrari) based on Android 5.1 for Mi 4i ferrari. Introduction About CM : CyanogenMod is an open source operating system for smartphones and tablet computers, based on the Android mobile platform. It is...
  8. mmxandy

    Thread check this 5.1 vanir ROM
  9. mmxandy

    Thread OFFICIAL UPDATE OF LolliPop 5.0.2 Final (xt1033 asia Retail)

    Here it is most awaiting thing.. Blur_Version.210.12.40.falcon_umtsds.AsiaRetail (captured by Saurabh Sandav)
  10. mmxandy

    Thread Video Review

    Here is the Video Review of YU Yureka..
  11. mmxandy

    Thread [Info] Cyanogenmod 11 for Moto G

    This is a unified build for retail (xt1031, xt1032, xt1033, and xt1034) and Google Play Edition (xt1032). Full dual sim support is working. Source can be found at To build CyanogenMod for yourself you can follow
  12. mmxandy

    Thread [28.01.2014] [ROM] Canvas One 4.2.1 (HTC Sense Like UI)

    After Huge Success of Grand 4.1.2 ROM.. I am Proudly presenting Canvas One 4.2.1 ROM.. there are many Unique features which is may not present in other ROMs.. and Canvas One is more Smooth.. Stable.. Fast.. Download and Experience the Beauty of One. Special Features.. - Double Call Key...
  13. mmxandy

    Thread [MOD] [4.2] Theme for SLT-Nexus-Tyhpoon™

    When I Fall in Love with Typhoon ROM.. Making some UI Changes for My Persnal Use.. I Think why dont share with you guys.. many people likes stock look.. but some people like themed UI also like me.. after theming ROM become more beautiful.. while SuperDroid-BOND Brother making tsunami ROM.. we...
  14. mmxandy

    Thread Beautiful Theme for Legoice Turbo 3.1

    First of all thanks to sagarwep for his Legoice ROM.. This theme created by me and sagarwep.. Here is the features.. 1. Themed UI 2. Vibrate on call connect.. 3. OTG working with andirox 3.4.68 kernel 4. Backgrounds patten changed 5. Recovery option in power menu 6. Colour icons in settings 7...
  15. mmxandy

    Thread [apk] Galaxy s4 Ink lock new

    Friends... This is an app.. Available in play store also.. It looks interesting.. That's why I am sharing this.. Try once.. You also like this... (Introduced by sagarwep)
  16. mmxandy

    Thread [12/01/2014] [ROM 4.2.1] Micromax MegaJet™ v2 ROM [Rock Stable]

    Mega look.. Jet speed - Based on Micromax a250 aka Turbo - Optimized each and every apk (apkopt) - pre rooted, zipaligned, deodxed - Smart Gestures - 1% Circle Battery - HTC Style Recent apps - Rosemary Fonts - USB OTG working (you can connect pen drive) - Playing Video Thumbnails in Gallery -...
  17. mmxandy

    Thread Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Source Code Released to AOSP!topic/android-building/XBYeD-bhk1o
  18. mmxandy

    Thread [ROM 4.1.2] [25 Aug 2013] Micromax Grand™ v3 ROM

    What's New In this ROM (which is not in Micromax Stock ROM) - Pure 4.1.2 Jelly Bean - Samsung Style Dialer - Samsung Style Incall Screen - Vibrate on Call Connect and End - Water Lock - Reboot Option in Power Menu - Battery Icons MOD - Engineer MOD - Auto Start Disabler - Single Click Geture...
  19. mmxandy

    Thread Blow Air or Shake Unlock From Canvas4 (cwm zip)

    This Feature from Micromax Canvas4. You can unlock Screen jest blow air on screen or shake phone.. it is working on micromax a110 also.... Here is the Flashable zip and some Screen Shots.. Instructions.. 1. download flashable zip 2. put sd card 3. flash with CWM 4. go to app Mlock in menu...
  20. mmxandy

    Thread (tester needed) Vibrate on call connect for A116

    Vibrate on call connect Micromax A116 pl anybody provide me phone.a pk, framework-res.apk of a116
  21. mmxandy

    Thread Creative lock screen..

    Install... you will love it..
  22. mmxandy

    Thread [ROM] [16/06/2013] Micromax JellyJet 2013 (Fulfill your needs)

    Best in Fetures.. Rocks in perfomance.. more stable.. Here I am presenting Micromax JellyJet 2013 ROM. It Fulfill your basic needs like vibrate on call connect, Awesome User Interface, Better Gaming experience. you can feel the speed.. and experience the smoothness. Here is the Fetures of...
  23. mmxandy

    Thread [Mod][18/07/2013] Vibrate on call Connect and Call end for MMX a110 JB by mmxandy

    Once again I back with my signature development update.. This time you can get Vibrate on Call Connect And Call End.. It will works on Micromax a110 v.1.11(jelly bean only) based ROMs.. note: YOU CAN USE THIS APP FOR ROM COOKING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.. JUST MENTION ME. New Vibrate on call...
  24. mmxandy

    Thread [ROM] coming soon....

  25. mmxandy

    Thread [Mod] Collection of Boot Animations for MMX a110 (14/06/2014)

    Every day same Boot Animation... so board.. Presenting New Boot Animations Flashable Zips.. Download.. Flash.. Enjoy... note: I have so many boot animations.. will add tomorrow... Flashing Instruction :- 1) Download The Files to Sd Card. 2) Reboot To Recovery. 3) Flash the Zip from Sd...
  26. mmxandy

    Thread ◄◄◄[ROM] [27-06-2013] MICROMAX PURE2 [Eligible for permanent ROM]►►►

    ◄◄◄[ROM] [27-06-2013] MICROMAX PURE2 [Eligible for permanent ROM]►►► Hi Freinds., After Success of Micromax Pure Edition(58 downlads) I want to upgrade the ROM with latest apps and tweaks available till now. added some Pure Fetures.. Integrate Pure look. This ROM packed Ultimate bundle of...
  27. mmxandy

    Thread [JetMod] [THEME] Safe and Unique Theme...

    Hi Guys.. 1. What is this? This Unique Theming Mod For Micromax ROM (credits RockRatt) 2. How It Works? It will add some pngs to SystemUI.apk, Framework.apk and contact Pictures... It dont replace Your APKs.. It will intigrate in to apks.. 3. Can I use This Custom ROMs? Yes.. You Can Use...
  28. mmxandy

    Thread Xperia_Z_Launcher_V4.0_mmxandy

    Here is Xperia Z Launcher latest version 4.0 exclusive.. flash steps.. 1. download zip 2. put in SD card 3. go CWMR select flash zip 4. select Zip files then click yes 5. reboot system 6. Enjoy.....
  29. mmxandy

    Thread [SEMI-ROM] [THEMING] (24.05.2013) SeMiRoM v3 Universal

    After so much experience I Create a New SEMI ROM v3. I used Unique themeing method (inspired from vrtheme) Now your can apply this ROM over any Customized ROM. I Tested in JMP11.5, and JetMod6.0.1. Its work on any MMX a110 v.1.11 based ROM. It will work on all MMX Original Based Custom ROM's...
  30. mmxandy

    Thread [Windows] Apk Thumbnails in Windows PC

    May you know this before. But I want to share some interesting software for Windows PC. You can view android apps Thumbnails your PC. Here is the link... download and extract double click on install.bat Thats it...
  31. mmxandy

    Thread [SEMI-ROM] SeMiRoMv2 (New Look Best Performance) (20/05/2013)
  32. mmxandy

    Thread [SEMI-ROM add on] SeMiRoMv2 (New Look) (20/05/2013)

    What's up Guys.. I am Back with New SEMI ROM v2 contains New Features.. New apps.. Samsung Syle UI. Recovery, Screenshot Buttons added in to Power Menu. it doesn't touch your setting.apk (this means you can use it JetMod, JMP11 also). It will work on all MMX Original Based Custom ROM's...
  33. mmxandy

    Thread [MOD] Latest Battery Icon

    Here is the different battery icon.. it is 1% mod Installation instructions.. 1. download zip 2. put in sd card 3. go to CWM select install from zip 4. select downloaded zip 5. select yes 6. wipe battery status in advanced option (if u have) 7. restart BatteryMOD1(link1) for mmx a110...
  34. mmxandy

    Thread (REQUEST) Micromax a110 rom 4.1.2 is out..

    Micromax A92 Canvas Lite with 5-inch display, Android 4.1.2 Micromax has officially launched the A92 Canvas Lite that surfaced yesterday. It has a 5-inch (480 x 854 pixels) TFT capacitive touch screen display and is powered by a 1 GHz dual-core processor and runs on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)...
  35. mmxandy

    Thread ADDONS FOR JetMod6 ROM from Varun Sir

    Please forgive me.. My aim is to provide good stuff for micromax users... flash through Clock Work Mod that it... 1. go to CWM 2. select install from SD card 3. choose 4. select yes 5. restart... and enjoy - it will add new batter button - add new...
  36. mmxandy

    Thread samsung boot animation

    I Here with enclosing samsung boot animation for micromax a110 rom... It is flashable zip 1. put this zip in SD Card 2. go to CWM 3. Select flash zip 4. choose downloaded 5. then restart DOWNLOAD LiNK
  37. mmxandy

    Thread [APP]You Never Find this from play store [amazing lock screen)

    This is a MIUI Lock app thousand of theme from online Must have app... Hit thanks if i helped...
  38. mmxandy

    Thread Tweak ROM your Own with single apk (pimp my rom)

    This is a amazing app... you can do many things with this.. pl try... Network & Internet Wifi Scan interval in seconds TCP Congestion Algorithm selection Media streaming tweaks Use Google DNS servers Enable/Disable HSUPA Protect against SYN attacks by hardening your...
  39. mmxandy

    Thread [MOD](5/5/2013) Micromax Revolution SEMI ROM

    Your already using your favorite ROM. don't want to Download full ROM. here is the SEMI ROM. Here i am introducing SEMI ROM. this is nothing but some modifications of ROM. Here is the change log... Futures as fallows.. - New panther style lock ring - New Samsung Grand Style Background - New...
  40. mmxandy

    Thread [ROM][SEMI ROM][5 May 2013] Micromax REVOLUTION ROM 2013 |Fast|Stable|More RAM|

    1st Post Revolution ROM 3rd Post Revolution SEMI ROM 4th Post Samsung Boot Animation Quadrant Bench Mark Score 3118 Free RAM above 200 MB | fast | stable | new look | great support| Here is my new ROM.. named Revolution System details: Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) - latest official MMX...
  41. mmxandy

    Thread All developers pl.. look in to this... Micromax A115 Canvas 3D There's been a Buzz about the Upcoming A115 Canvas 3D.Rumours says its a 3D Phone. So since many days before,images of A115 shown up...By MMXNewsCaster-- So these almost proved it 3D capable...Lets see...
  42. mmxandy

    Thread (18-04-2013)JELLYBEAN ULTIMATE v2 (Very fast.. Great UI.. More RAM.. Its a Remix)

    (18-04-2013) MICROMAX A110 JELLYBEAN ULTIMATE v2 Based on MMX a110 v.1.11 latest version Nothing but Stable and Speed Please Understand My Aim to build and Supply an Ultimate rom for Micromax a110 Superfone Canvas2 users.. Please Develop this Rom Anyone to make Better... v.1 - Based on MMX...
  43. mmxandy

    Thread anyone port galaxy grand

    this is a custom rom of galaxy grand please try to port it in our micromax a110
  44. mmxandy

    Thread not woking... coming soon

    I will upload it soon
  45. mmxandy

    Thread Please suggest me a good modded rom for mmxa110

    pls.. suggest a good modified rom form Micromax a110. there is somany roms in development section. i could not disided which rom is the best... pls.... help...
  46. mmxandy

    Thread Some cool Wallpapers

    here some coooool wallpapers for mmx a110
  47. mmxandy

    Thread U Can install youtube Videos

    You cannot fine tubemate.apk from google play store.. here it is...
  48. mmxandy

    Thread Workig sony album apk

    here working sony album apk
  49. mmxandy

    Thread Rosemary font for Micromax a110

    Here is a version of Rosemary Font for Micromax a110 Working 100%.. Rosemary font very populor font used in Samsung divides.. Steps.. 1, download and place zip in SD card 2. Go to CWM 3. Select install zip from SD Card 4. choose zip fils.. and press yes 5. restart your fone... It done...
  50. mmxandy

    Thread Beautiful wallpapers

    Here some beautiful wallpapers Quickpic app from google play store there is a option set as wallpaper select Quickpic wallpaper