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    Post [Q] Nivida Shield Tablet without the "gaming" ?

    Your deft touch is all this baby needs. It's almost great right out of the box.
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    Post [Q] Nivida Shield Tablet without the "gaming" ?

    Hi sbdags! Great to see you here. Are you thinking of doing any development for this wonderful tab? Without you I would have ditched my TF700 ages ago.
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    Post Downgrade from Lollipop. Possible?

    This worked (seeder and remount sdcard1 as rw)! Thanks!
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    Post PhilZ Recovery for Shield Tablet (wx_na_wf)

    Too bad, but it was a good thought!
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    Post [Q]-New to Shield tablet-Few general questions

    I really prefer Philz. I love TWRP but I don't think there's a working TWRP recovery for the Shield tablet yet.
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    Post Keyboard Folio / Case Available?

    Sometimes those cheap ones from ebay work very well I had gotten this little usb keyboard for (probably) $19 a few years ago for my Nexus 7, but it fits the Shield Tablet like a glove. Makes it a mini laptop. Has a sleep key and it just works perfectly with usb otg adapter! I'm delighted!
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    Post PhilZ Recovery for Shield Tablet (wx_na_wf)

    So this won't impact anything else, just keep it persistant in recovery? Great!
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    Post PhilZ Recovery for Shield Tablet (wx_na_wf)

    I found this to be true as well Philz works whereas CWM didn't stick. It's been know that a custom recovery is inverted on the Shield tablet, but you can get used to it.
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    Post [Q&A] [ROOT] Root for SHIELD Tablet 2.0 (Lollipop)

    You are very welcome! Glad it worked.:) ---------- Post added at 02:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:14 PM ---------- @bluelegacy: I'm not certain whether unlocking will prevent OTAs but making any system changes usually will prevent them from coming thru or installing properly. In my...
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    Post [Q] Lollipop super slow at times?

    Thanks, I'll have to try with a re-format.
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    Post Why no love for the shield tablet?

    A pre-rooted stock based ROM with tweaks, perhaps an aroma installer with a menu of choices, also an optimized kernel would be great. This tablet is nearly perfect as it is, but some small fixes would make it really perfect. Sadly, I'm no developer...
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    Post [Q&A] [ROOT] Root for SHIELD Tablet 2.0 (Lollipop)

    PowaPuffGirl: 1) you need to download the latest Android SDK and extract into a folder, preferably on the root directory of your computer. In that folder place the extracted root-boot.img file and (I would suggest) the Philzrecovery.img, but you can use the CWM version of recovery.img linked in...
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    Post [ROOT] Root for SHIELD Tablet 2.0 (Lollipop)

    regarding SuperSU BETA v2.23 I followed the OP's guide for already updated to L, but with locked bootloader, and had quite a journey--had a heck of a time get adb and fastboot to work on my Windows 8.1 PC (did I tell you how much I hate Win 8.1???) and did finally unlock. Long story short, I...
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    Post [OTA] Nvidia Shield Tablet 2.0 (LTE-International) 5.0 ZIP

    No, this is international. North America LTE has its own thread.
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    Post [Root Guide] [OLD - 4.4 ONLY] SHIELD Tablet, Root/Recovery NO Unlock! NO PC!

    Check the general section. It appears that someone achieved root on L but it requires unlocking the boot loader and flashing CWM recovery via fastboot.
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    Post Lollipop update thread!

    I'm still on KK and I have that option...just checked.
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    Post Torn between this and Nexus 9

    Regarding the stylus, I have the GNote 2 and I think that the Shield does a great job of emulating pressure sensitivity...the stylus with the GPU/software optimizations create a lot of value for those of us that like to draw/paint.
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    Post Should I get this

    I just got mine (LTE model) last night and seriously, I have never seen a tablet fly like this one does! It is beautiful, feels great in the hand, WIFI and LTE work great and it is just a pleasure to use. I'm not a serious gamer but really wanted it for media, art-making and everything else I...
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    Post Galaxy Note 2 Superbork

    I have roughly the same situation. Was rooted and on an MK4 rom, battery ran down super fast yesterday and when charged, only get splash screen and slowly flashing blue light. I can get into Philz recovery but no matter what I try, no dice. Also can get into DL mode, but haven't been able to get...
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    Post [ROM][4.22/4.3/4.4.2]T.V- SlimRoms Build 7.8 Odex Tweaked/Build 5.1 SlimKat 5/14

    @ HTCRyan, This is still an unsolved issue. I was running lorjay's MK4 rom--never touched stock 4.3 so no new bootloader. Before that, I don't even remember, but something on 4.2. @ Cole Train (good name btw) ##scrtn# doesn't work for me, nor do any other activation codes I've come across...
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    Post [ROM][4.22/4.3/4.4.2]T.V- SlimRoms Build 7.8 Odex Tweaked/Build 5.1 SlimKat 5/14

    I'm on Philz, have also tried CWM, different versions. Philz is great. Still no love. Haha bad flux capacitor...
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    Post [ROM][4.22/4.3/4.4.2]T.V- SlimRoms Build 7.8 Odex Tweaked/Build 5.1 SlimKat 5/14

    Hey, thanks for the great ROM. I have done my due diligence but can't seem to find a fix for lack of mobile data. I've literally wiped and reinstalled this ROM 10 times and no matter what I've tried, I can't activate data. I'm on Sprint through CREDO so the Sprint codes don't seem to work. I'm...
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    Post [ROM] [25/3] ★★ CleanROM Inheritance 4.1 | JB 4.2.2 | ODEX/DEODEX | 6 Kernels ★★

    I doubt that it's ROM-related. I don't have any such issues. Infact scrolling can get so smooth and fast that I have to stop it myself.
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    Thread Great deal on TF700 tablet and dock

    Groupon is selling refurb TF700s (gray and gold) for $349 with the keyboard dock...
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    Post [ROM] Evervolv | 3.2.0p4 [AOSP 4.2.2]

    Check the nightlies for Clarus.
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    Post [ROM][JDQ39E][AOSP][LINARO][SM-TOOLCHAIN-4.9.0] 4.2.2 SaberMod - RC4

    Confirmation number: 2GL30727CG270392V I love the new build. Super smooth.
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    Post [Kernel][5.1] M-Kernel - a76/77 [WiFi/3G] [f2fs/ext4] [5/14/15]

    Confirmation number: 7F558037CS2149531 Thanks a million! This is a great kernel.
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    Post [RECOVERY][Epic4GTouch] TWRP touch recovery [2013-09-16]

    +1 I'm so glad to have TWRP on all my devices's the best.
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    Post [Q] Is Nexus 7 supposed to be this way? (laggy)

    It honestly shouldn't lag like that. Even bone stock. One thing you can do right away is go into developer settings (click 7 times on Build Number in About Tablet to enable) and change all animation settings to.5 or to none. DL Root Checker, or just try to use any root app to see if you...
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    Post [ROM][JDQ39E][AOSP][LINARO][SM-TOOLCHAIN-4.9.0] 4.2.2 SaberMod - RC4

    Works perfectly! Thanks for all of your hard work!!
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    Post [ROM] Evervolv | 3.2.0p4 [AOSP 4.2.2]

    This ROM is literally the best (most solid, stable, snappy and sweet) that I've had on this phone. It has literally made me fall in love with my phone again. I'm having some trouble with Bluetooth but it's not a dealbreaker for me. I'll try to get a log to send you (I'm at work and a bit limited...
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    Post [ROM] [25/3] ★★ CleanROM Inheritance 4.1 | JB 4.2.2 | ODEX/DEODEX | 6 Kernels ★★

    Darren, this ROM is da bomb! Thanks for supporting CROMI on Nexus 7 even though you sold yours! I'm loving mine...little brother to the Transformer Infinity.
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    Post [ROM] [25/3] ★★ CleanROM Inheritance 4.1 | JB 4.2.2 | ODEX/DEODEX | 6 Kernels ★★

    Has anyone been able to make a flashable zip for the new bootloader? I'm not at my home computer and want to try this out...could reflash stock and take the OTA update sitting in my notifications, but will be unrooted, and sad.
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    Post [ROM] [25/3] ★★ CleanROM Inheritance 4.1 | JB 4.2.2 | ODEX/DEODEX | 6 Kernels ★★

    Hi, I know you are relatively new, but this question has been asked and answered so many times. There are some really good explanations, short answer, odex is often faster loading, smoother running while deodex offers easier theming, etc. But when in doubt, Google it!
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    Post [ROM][Nov 1]★★ CleanROM Inheritance 3.5 | JB | ODEX/DEODEX | Full ROM ★★

    Actally listening to music on my LG HBS 700s using Poweramp. On my TF700 Infinity. Sounds awesome. Never had a problem pairing/connecting.
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    Post [RECOVERY][TF700T] TWRP 3.1.1-0 touch recovery [2017-05-19]

    It's agreat method to install TWRP. Just make sure to let it run until you see a message that it's been installed. if it doesn/t reboot to recovery on its own, use the TWRP menu to reboot to recovery. You should see the blue curtains...then you know you've got it.
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    Post [ROM][Nov 1]★★ CleanROM Inheritance 3.5 | JB | ODEX/DEODEX | Full ROM ★★

    My TF700 is sooooo smooth, what could make it smoother? You are right that the higher rez of the Infinity uses more resources/causes more lag, but with the latest CROMI version, nothing could be less laggy!
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    Post [ROM] [25/3] ★★ CleanROM Inheritance 4.1 | JB 4.2.2 | ODEX/DEODEX | 6 Kernels ★★

    CROMI Rocks! Confirmation number: 7BT97620J49026223 This is at least my third donation to this ROM (sbdag's effort) and that's because it's so great! I've tried it with all kernels and it just works so well, so smooth and lots of choices. Please keep supporting this ROM on Nexus 7 as well as...
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    Post Stock vs custom rom

    You are entitled to your own opinion and you have made your decision, but I think you made a mistake. I have tried the Ipad 4 and my CROMI-fueled Infinity is so much faster and smoother, not to mention more powerful...and it's setup and themed to my liking. Android is great for tablets.
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    Post [ROM] [25/3] ★★ CleanROM Inheritance 4.1 | JB 4.2.2 | ODEX/DEODEX | 6 Kernels ★★

    The best explanation will be had by googling the question, but odex is usually pretty smooth and quick, and deodex is the way to go for theming and some mods. Please correct me if I'm wrong...:)
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    Post Clemsyn's kernel for TF700t at 1.8ghz and 700GPU. CM10 ver released

    _that gave a really good tutorial repacking kernels...hopefully you and _that will continue to develop and support this wonderful device. I am almost ready to make another donation to the cause!
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    Post New update released [ 1/16/2013]

    If you want to brag to your Ipad friends you should really unlock and flash CROMI 3.1with Browser2Ram. It will blow them all away.
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    Post ★★ CleanROM Inheritance 3.x |CROMI-X UPDATE SOON| OC Kernel | OFFICIAL HELP THREAD ★★

    Go Launcher (HD or EX) backs up and restores perfectly. It's really, smooth too.
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    Post [ROM/MOD]*TheCollective*[ NOV 12---new apn__MMS__SMS FIXD ] AoCP - CP4 JELLYBEAN

    Yeah, I know what you mean. There's something really solid and substantial here. I can't wait for the next update!
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    Post [ROM][Nov 1]★★ CleanROM Inheritance 3.5 | JB | ODEX/DEODEX | Full ROM ★★

    You could probably wait a bit and sbdags will incorporate the update in the next ROM version. Only if the bootloader is different would we need to manually get the update...unless someone creates a flashable zip of the bootloader, that is (hint. hint).
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    Post [ROM][Nov 1]★★ CleanROM Inheritance 3.5 | JB | ODEX/DEODEX | Full ROM ★★

    You know, with this ROM and Clemsyn's kernel, I am continuing to experience the best real world performance of any of my android devices. I guess you could say that unmodded the TF700 is somewhat flawed, but modded with CROMI, it really holds it's own over any tablet on any platform. My quad...