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  1. Xspeed

    Thread Unloading Xposed, package blacklisting in app_process?

    Hello We all know that there is no way of passing SafetyNet with Xposed enabled, in any existing form. So I've been thinking, couldn't we just make Xposed not run for specified packages? How hard would be unloading Xposed libraries from a forked process? Basic knowledge suggests calling...
  2. Xspeed

    Thread [JB][P] AppOpsXposed Re 1.30.6 - Now with EdXposed support!

    AppOpsXposed Re is a module for the Xposed framework that restores AppOps functionality on recent Android versions. "Re" (short for "revised") version got a few updates compared to the original, making it work on newer Androids, like Nougat and Oreo. Original thread by caspase: AppOpsXposed...
  3. Xspeed

    Thread Unofficial Nougat module installation

    Hello fellow devs! I don't actually know if it's common knowledge or not, but it seems Nougat users should force Android to recompile everything every time they add/remove/update their modules. I noticed this on my device and also users of my modules had this issue too. Therefore a reminder...
  4. Xspeed

    Thread Reducing module memory footprint

    Hello fellow devs It's a well known fact that all modules are loaded into all processes, even if they have nothing to do with them, which makes a pretty big difference if you have ~20 modules active and ~30 processes running. Would something like this prevent the situation from happening...
  5. Xspeed

    Thread [Tool] Total downloads counter in Xposed Repo pages

    Hello fellow devs. I wrote a simple Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script to show a total downloads counter in module pages on Xposed Repo and decided to share it. I hope you'll find it useful ;) Add it either by copying the script itself or by putting in this update URL...
  6. Xspeed

    Thread [ICS][P] Forced Screen Rotation Mod 1.6.1

    Hi again! I've got another module for you all ;) This simple module makes the device "think" it's held in a certain orientation. How does that help you? Well, have you ever tried to read something in landscape mode while lying on your side? I did, and I failed, because the screen rotated...
  7. Xspeed

    Thread [Q] App usage guide design approach

    Hello I am standing before a tough decision and I hope someone can help me. A recent update for my app (link) brought more complex functionality, and I'm afraid it can scare away users. Therefore I am thinking of adding some kind of guide/help section/floating balloon tips, so all would be...
  8. Xspeed

    Thread Most Sony-like KitKat ROM

    Hello SP users! Which KitKat ROM has the most Sony-like experience? I have always used stock based ROMs and I love the interface. I'd love to have the Walkman and the Xperia Home launcher, but on KitKat.
  9. Xspeed

    Thread [Q] Can we hook class loaders?

    Hello fellow devs! I've got an idea for a module that involves reinstrumentation of classes at runtime and also preventing classes from being loaded too. The problem is, I don't know where to start hooking. I don't really understand the way class loading works in Android. I tried searching deep...
  10. Xspeed

    Thread [Q] Looking for an amusing live wallpaper

    Hello! I was looking through the play store in search of a live wallpaper that has some retro gameplay-like action going on in it. I found Pixel Zombies and Pixel Fleet (which are awesome by the way), but are there any other decent ones? Maybe something RPG-like? Cheers!
  11. Xspeed

    Thread [Completed] [Q] Screen blackouts

    My phone randomly (about once a week) hangs in a weird way. The entire device hangs, and the screen slowly starts fading into black, as if the power was cut off. After 2-3 seconds screen goes back to normal, and the phone resumes, like nothing has happened. Also, sometimes the screen won't...
  12. Xspeed

    Thread [Q] Theoretical question regarding partial wakelocks

    Hello people! I often use my phone all-day to listen to music on my XSP, while the device is in my pocket. The music player requires a wakelock to be able to work, which is understandable. The downside however is that a single wakelock from the music player allows everything else on the phone...
  13. Xspeed

    Thread [GB][LP][Abandoned] This App Will Run Without Google Play Services 1.0

    Do you hate Google Play Services and would rather not install it? It's a well known fact that Google Play Services is a battery-eating monster, which cannot be tamed in any easy way. Many prefer to simply get rid of it and forget about it, just like me! This module is in no way a...
  14. Xspeed

    Thread [Q][Dev] Module static fields and handleLoadPackage

    Hello, I've found myself in a situation I can't solve myself, so I hope I can find some help here ;) In my module, I've got a static field "VERSION_CODE". In one of my hooks I register a BroadcastReceiver for AfterBootCompleted in which I set the field's value (I use the system Context...
  15. Xspeed

    Thread Stuck at bootloader after water

    Hi, my Xperia SP got under a stream of water recently, and since then I've been fighting to bring it back to life. I had a problem with the hard power-off button being constantly in pressed state, but I fixed it somehow. Right now I am able to access fastboot and flashmode, however the phone...
  16. Xspeed

    Thread [Completed] [Q] Phone acts like the hard power off button is pressed

    Hi, recently my Xperia SP came in immerse contact with water. I powered it off quickly, then dried it as much as I could. I then turned it on, it was working for like 15 minutes, and then it suddenly shut down. It now acts like the hard power off button is constantly pressed (vibrates 3 times...
  17. Xspeed

    Thread [ICS][P][Xperia] Xperia Keyboard Prediction Toggle 1.6.1

    This module works only for the Xperia Keyboard app! Reported working app versions: from 6.2.B.0.26 to 8.0.A.0.110 What's the idea? I often type things that aren't words on my phone, yet the prediction storage remembers them all. I find it tiresome to switch the word prediction whenever I...
  18. Xspeed

    Thread 1.201 OTA update files

    Hi, would it be possible for someone to upload the OTA update (0.266 -> 1.201) and make it a recovery flashable zip? Or maybe tell how can I do it myself? Because why download the whole firmware if you could just download that 10MB update.
  19. Xspeed

    Thread [Q] OTA root survival?

    Hi, The .1.201 update came out recently, and I am wondering if the root would persist after OTA update. I have currently .0.266 with SuperSU installed on it.
  20. Xspeed

    Thread [Q] Mounting external SD inside internal SD

    Hi, I have some apps which only can see internal storage on my phone, so I thought I could somehow link the external into the internal. The 'ln' command fails because of different file systems. Next, I tried using 'mount' binding, but it just says "invalid argument". Any suggestions?
  21. Xspeed

    Thread [JB][P] Physical Button Master Control 4.1 confusing2

    Recent release post: 4.1 confusing1 Beta version FAQ: Help and information about the 4.0 beta release! (kind of outdated) Hi I am presenting you here a Xposed module allowing you to take full control over the keys in your device! When the screen is off/locked/on this module allows you...
  22. Xspeed

    Thread [Q] Music player controls

    Hi, I have recently switched from Xperia mini pro to SP. One thing that I need but can't find is the ability to control the Walkman with volume controls, which I used everyday on my previous phone. Is there a way to enable it on SP?