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  1. aktap

    Thread Root disappears after a while

    Hi! I'm on OnePlus 8 Pro IN2023 (OOS I can't hold my root after a while. I did the whole rooting procedure (get the boot.img from the update zip, install magisk manager on phone (try different versions), patch the boot.img, boot into magisk_patched.img, install/update magisk...
  2. aktap

    Thread Video recording 'issue'

    Hi All! I have a strange issue when i recording a video with my OP6. The file size is very big in 720P, 1080P and 1080P 60fps. I attached 5 screenshot from 5 different recording mode. 720P, 1080P, 1080P 60fps, 4K and 4K 60fps. I have stock OOS 9.0.5 on rooted phone. Its that a bug or...
  3. aktap

    Thread Shield Games

  4. aktap

    Thread Controller app

    Hi! Seeking an application which I set the controller for programs that do not support it by default. Someone can say that?
  5. aktap

    Thread Allview Viva Q8 pro

    Hi! I have a Allview Viva Q8 pro tablet with 8GB flash memory. But for the system apps i have only ~1GB (internal memory) and 4-5 GB is the external memory. (i have no SD card) My question is: can i format the flash memory to one partition, or have a custom rom which use the entire memory for...