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  1. thingthree

    Thread CommonSense ROM Q&A+Guides!

    Hello, ThingThree here, Some of you may have heard of my ROM CommonSense. And of those people, some of you may have questions or may need help. This is the place you will get your questions answered and get help. ***Please look to see if someone else already brought your topic up, as to not make...
  2. thingthree

    Thread [ROM]CommonSense ROM: HTC Sense ROM for Samsung Captivate

    Hey, ThingThree here, with an awesome HTC Sense ROM for the SGS Cappy... So without further ado... I present to you... CommenSense! Changelog: 1.0 - Ides of March Build Changelog1.0 Replaced kernel with speedmod Edited build.prop to fit Rom Removed a little bloatware Replaced calculator...