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    Post [KERNEL][AGNi][STOCK] 18-05-2016 AGNi pureSTOCK N7100 (ULTRA SMOOTH)

    Yes may be I miss flash PSN_pureCM-v2.3.2_N7100_OC modify 25/7/13 9.55 am my gmt is +7 utc but your 2.2.1 oc is ver y giod
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    Post [KERNEL][AGNi][STOCK] 18-05-2016 AGNi pureSTOCK N7100 (ULTRA SMOOTH)

    I have test 2.3.2 on on wanam rom 3.9 and note gt-n7100 but cant boot. It struck in galaxy note 2 text but samsung logo gone and phone did not respond (black screen )so I re flash your kernel to old version and wotk find. Something I miss is scoobydoo sound have not appear in my apps when I...
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    Post [RECOVERY][CWM] v6.0.3.5 N7100 Support Android 4.3+ /CWM/ODIN/ versions + incl SDSfix

    Not Work Via zip version. It's Not Stable And Freeze. but Odin Version Seem Great. From GT-N7100 International Version Rom Omega 7.1
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    Post [KERNEL] [N7100 + N7105] [TW] Note2Core 2.10 - Standard, OC and Extreme

    i 've Flash V1.01 And Anything Work Fine. Vdo Freeze Improved. NO Black Screen.Just Few Sec LAG (Thats OK) Manything Improved Thanks Dude.
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    Post [KERNEL] [N7100 + N7105] [TW] Note2Core 2.10 - Standard, OC and Extreme

    Great Job My Note2 Faster Than Before. i used your OC Version. Only issue is Video Playback. Screen is Blank But Audio Continue To Play. Even i Press Home Button it not responding Phone Freeze For 4-5 Second. Please Fix This. Your Kernel is The Fastest Kernel That i Tried. Thankyou
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    Post R [WWE|GER|FRA|ITA|NLD] |July 4| Energy™-.¸¸.·´¯ 6.5|21916 / 6.5.X|29022 * Sense 2021

    I have Install Apr1 version and had microphone problem after switch to speaker that don't happend in 28 mar version and advance noise cancelling function disapear but apponent hear nothing. Keep Sharing Thankyou
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    Post My Rhodium Has Mic Bug After Update Firmware To S2 Solved.

    ThankYou I Know I am not alone In This Problem
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    Thread My Rhodium Has Mic Bug After Update Firmware To S2 Solved.

    ]Is Anyone Have Same Problem? I Use Rhodium Firmware Original 6.5 First Version It's Work Normally. After I Flash To S2 Rom (Original HTC S2 Rom, Energy Rom S2).I Have An Bug With Microphone. My Apponent Can't Hear Any Voice. I Found That Is a Noice Cancelling bug in second microphone. if I call...
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    Thread The Way To Make My Phone Flashable Again

    To Day I Hardspl And Flash New Rom For Touch Pro2 (Modify) That I Found In This Forum And I Notice After I Flash That Rom Build For Tilt2 (The Phone Signal Not Stable A Problem With Ram And Weird Problem About Hardware Keyboard ). After I Use It And I Decide To Change To Another Modify Rom...
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    Post [ROM][WWE][01/9/2010] RRE™ T²-Series 1 build 23518 v2.3

    Your Rom Is Cool Nice Icon And Speed But My Fault I Have Upgrade To Touch Pro2 Gsm Device And I Can't Flashback Any Gsm Rom Or Hard Spl To Olinex Please Help Thanks