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    Post From bricked to custom ROM in 2019 (GUIDE)

    great post, bought a couple of these for almost nothing and am having fun playing with them. sadly they are both 4.4.2 but its great fun anyway.
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    Post Custom rom moto g7 play

    if needs be i will write out exatcly what i have done and send you screen shots of everything. i will help however i can, you guys have been great. keeps me in paperweights lol
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    Post Custom rom moto g7 play

    i used the twrp that spaceminer provided, followed that tutorial, can possible attach a copy and refer you to the tutorial. also used the dtbo that was provided also. it wont let me attatch the twrp, sorry
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    Post Custom rom moto g7 play

    i have the sprint/boost version. i have got twrp to work but ran into a problem with magisk. treble versus non treble. would be willing to pull anything that would help or try anything, this is an extra phone for me so would love to help someone.
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    Post ***Emergency Thread*** Here To Help!

    hard brick HTC One S i was wondering if its possible to get or create the firehose emmc programmer for the Htc One S? lets just say that my meddling has left me with an out of date paperweight. the particulars arent worth going into because basically they are all my fault. sorry to hit you...
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    Post [TOOL] WinDroid Toolkit v3.1 | Unlock | Root | Flash | Install | 170+ Devices

    erroe sorry guys, i didnt read the error close enough and sent it to you in the wrong place to begin with. here is the attachments.
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    Post UMX U683CL root?

    guess i am way too stupid to pull this off. cant get anything to work at all. keep getting sahara fail and cant figure out how to flash .img at all
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    Post UMX U683CL root?

    I will try and pull anything you need, just let me know what and probably how lol!
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    Post UMX U683CL root?

    ok what the heck is this (see attached) this is what i get when i run getvar all Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.418] (c) 2019 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\WINDOWS\system32>fastboot getvar all (bootloader) version:0.5 (bootloader) battery-soc-ok:yes (bootloader)...
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    Post [RECOVERY] [TWRP] [Unofficial] Moto G7 Play custom recovery Kernel source code

    Moto G7 Play XT1952-4 I have this phone model for the sprint network and if someone will point me in the right direction i will pull anything needed to help gain twrp. this is an extra phone for me so i am free to play with it any way i choose. please keep in mind i am a newb, old and feeble so...
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    Post [Ask Any Question][Newbie Friendly]

    ok, so i just got this phone the other day and have been trying to figure out whatever i can figure out. this is the info i have. any help? Hardware : MT6761V/CAB Model : W-U300 Build number : P00610 release-keys Build date UTC : 20190726-112200 Android v : 9 Baseband v...
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    Post UMX u683

    i have been asking to no avail also. i am working on trying to pull the stock image, havent figured out how to do so without gaining root first. if i have any success i will be sure to share.
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    Thread Help [newb] root UMX U683CL

    My disabled sister who lives with me has had a government phone for a few years now. Suddenly the geniuses in charge of our tax dollars have decided 1 phone was not enough. Long story short i now have a phone to play with. It is a UMX U683CL. i havent been able to find anything. Including stock...
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    Thread UMX U683CL root?

    hey guys, when it comes to all of this i would say i am beyond a newb. so if i violate any protocol i plead ignorance and hope that you will bear with me. i have my disable sister who lives with me and i am responsible for who has had a government phone for years. just recently the powers that...
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    Post Please tell me theres a way to unlock the moto E5 cruise_James cricket wireless.

    still no unlock? pretty sure this is a step towards redundancy but here is goes....... Is there still no way to unlock the bootloader on the moto e5 cruise?? i realize it is basically a cheap phone but it is functional and would be much better if root could be attained. any response would be...