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  1. swift2989

    Thread [ROM][d2lte][02 APR] AICP - 3.5 - KK 4.4.2_r2[Nightlies]

    . . . . AICP Android Ice Cold Project . . . . . In the beginning I would like to thank: AOKP team CM team maxwen SlimBean rom team ParanoidAndroid team CarbonRom team LiquidSmooth rom team Omni rom team Community AICP m7 dev team: @LorD ClockaN @zipsnet @n3ocort3x @semdoc @eyosen...
  2. swift2989

    Thread Trust Google Drive?? Gets u thinking actually. :-\ Sent from my epic touch with plenty of ICS treats to go around!
  3. swift2989

    Thread [Wallpapers] Another Collection for whoever wants it (Updated 12-15-11)

    I decided to start fixing some wallpapers to my liking and share them with the community. I'm just starting this so all I have at the moment is 18 wallpapers but I will update more as I go finishing them. Alot of the images r common one's that I'm pretty sure everyone has seen just that I...
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    Thread Apple vs Motorola Just finished reading this and I'm curious as to what y'all think about this. All I can say is £^¢< u Apple...
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    Thread Request call of duty zombies Just saw this game and was wondering what r the chances of getting this for us android boys. Sent from my BAD @$$ EVO using XDA app.
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    Thread [Q]EVO replacement

    Ok guys quick and to the point I was offered a EVO that has a torn usb doesn't excise anymore. Every thing works on it but I was wondering if I try to make it go through my insurance will they replace it. Let me know what y'all think. Sent from my BAD @$$ EVO using XDA app.
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    Thread [Q] ESN?????

    This is my first time starting a thread so plz be easy on me, I've seen how out of control some people get around here. So first of all I do a lot of phone searching on craiglist and find a lot of phones that have bad esn. Can someone plz explain to me how a esn goes bad cause I'm a little dumb...