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    Thread NK2 Incoming (on 6-Jan-2015) Seems fairly minor, with the most notable change being Towelroot getting patched. Version Date Released L900VPUBNK2...
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    Thread [Q] Gear Live won't boot

    I've had my Gear Live for about 3 weeks. All of a sudden today I noticed that the watch was getting hot. I looked at it and it was stuck on the boot screen (the one that says "Samsung Gear Live"). It just sat like that for a few minutes, getting hotter and hotter, and then it would shut down...
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    Thread [Q] Can we use DashClock on MK4?

    Title says it all. I've installed DashClock on my phone running MK4, but can't figure out how to enable it. Any ideas? Edit: nevermind, I realized it only works if you set your lock screen to "swipe". I was using pattern lock before.
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    Thread [Q][Solved] The process has stopped unexpectedly

    Not sure where I went wrong, but whenever I try to go to Settings -> Wireless and network - More settings I get the error message "Unfortunately the process has stopped". Prior to getting this message I was able to go in and change my network settings (switching between CDMA...
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    Thread Did 1.47.651.1 improve color depth?

    Before I updated, I remember noticing the background image in the Gallery application always showed distinct color banding (associated with the 16-bit colors, I would assume). I just applied the update and opened the gallery, and the background doesn't exhibit the same color banding now! I'm...