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  1. EugenStanis

    Thread Confirmed: the dreaded green tint display issue on both TAB S7&S7+
  2. EugenStanis

    Thread Issues building omnirom pie treble with dakkar script

    Hello For past ten days i'am trying to build omnirom pie with help of dakkars script Here is what have i done: 1. I have installed ADB&Fastboot tools and added them to my .profile # add Android SDK platform tools to path if [ -d "$HOME/platform-tools" ] ; then...
  3. EugenStanis

    Thread REQUEST - Omnirom 20180809 bulid

    Hi I'am lookin for Omnirom 20180809 bulid AMR64 A-only by planetera. I deleted it because I thought new one will work, but touch and screen rotation isnt working for me. Old one worked like a charm. My device isnt officially supported by treble. Maybe anyone saved it on the drive? Thanks
  4. EugenStanis

    Thread Android Pie for Samsung TAB S3

    Hi guys What did you think about android pie update? we'll get it or not?
  5. EugenStanis

    Thread Samsung TAB S3 T825 LTE Github sources

    Hi Anyone have actual fresh cm 15.1 sources for Samsung TAB S3 LTE T825? I've asked Valera1978 for them but he did not respond to me. I want to bulid my own rom, unfortunately without his updated sources i cannot do anything. Cheers
  6. EugenStanis

    Thread sw rev check fail device 5 binary 3 - fail while flashing stock soft in Odin

    Hi I've got problem with my friend S6, he have a bootloop, so i thougt it would be easy to repair with odin, but every time i try to flash stock, odin show fail (while flashing aboot at begining) Device show me error code: sw rev check fail device 5 binary 3 Any suggestions? :)
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    Thread Unlocking Shield bootloader without wiping data?

    Hi Is there any way to unlock Nvidia Shield K1 bootloader without loosing all the data? Any way? :confused: Cheers
  8. EugenStanis

    Thread Android 7.0 Nougat for Nvidia Shield K1?

    Anyone know, if Nvidia is going to update our tablet to 7.0? :confused:
  9. EugenStanis

    Thread How to check if I have /recovery partition installed?

    As in title - How to check if I have recovery partition installed? I already flashed FTF with TA update by Andropax, but its doesnt work for me... Any idea? Thanks