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  1. idprophecy

    Thread [ROM] [DISCONTINUED] idprophecy's unofficial optimized LineageOS 15.1 builds

    Hello, I've been building LineageOS 15.1 nightlies just for my experimental purposes. After running this for a few weeks, I decided to share it with you guys. Can be used as a daily driver, but it is experimental due to my changes. FEATURES: CAUTION: SMOOTHNESS REDEFINED !!! (The main goal is...
  2. idprophecy

    Thread [Q] [HELP] I can't turn on my 1+1 (no fastboot, adb, just 1 vibrate)

    Hi guys, I have flashed latest firmware for cm12 by boeffla (23rd JANUARY) on cm11s (because kernel doesn't work without it) and there was bugged one thing ... For now you will facepalm yourself a lot. I was disappointed from the bugged logo which i wanted to fix by flashing logo from 44S. I...