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  1. phrotac

    Thread [Q] 2 questions for sm-217s variant

    My first question is this: What variant roms can I flash or is 217S roms all I can use? My second question begins with a short back story. My vision is fading so I bought this Tablet so I can see it better. No matter what font size I choose, the font remains super tiny except in the settings...
  2. phrotac

    Thread [ROM][MK2][TW4.3] | dbombROM | V3.4 | TouchWiz | 01.28.14

    I have created this thread to keep discussion out of the development forums. This thread is for anyone who needs help with this rom. It is a great rom but the dev has gone missing so it no longer gets updated. I hope the developer is okay and that he returns to XDA to continue his great work...
  3. phrotac

    Thread [POSSIBLE FIX] In Call Volume With Sense 4.1

    New alternate method below! Wildchild and Romrix both suggested to create a new google sync account to solve the in call volume issue but that did not work for me. At least, not at first. Not only did I have no contacts, no calendars, etc., I still had low in call volume. I then added my old...
  4. phrotac

    Thread [Q] What are the advantages of S-off?

    I've been reading a little on this S-off thing and was wondering what its purpose actually is and what the advantages are from doing it? I know I was able to flash my HTC Vivid without it so what is it really used for? Thank you in advance.