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    Post H96 Max RK3399 firmware etc

    I decided to return the device. Thanks anyway! Regards
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    Post [Kernel] SiS Kernel ✨️ v2.7 Stable 18-SEP-18 [Pie][Oreo T/NT][Mido]

    Wow! Only 20% Battery in 10 hours! Butt... Led doesn´t work even charging. Rom: Pixel Experience W/O Treble
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    Post [FONT] Oreo 8.1 - Google's Product Sans for MIUI/AOSP/LOS/Stock ROMs

    Works on Pixel Experience Redmi Note 4 Thanks a lot! It Works perfectly on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 running Pixel Experience! Regards
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1.0][MIDO] Pixel Experience [AOSP][r1] Original link from Youtube: All credits to the author. I also tried GoogleCamera-Pixel3Mod-Arnova8G2-V1.apk from and it seems...
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    Post H96 Max RK3399 firmware etc

    ... But Ethernet doesn´t work! I tried several Roms and in all of them Ethernet is broken. MAC is missed and there is no ip address. Any solution? Thanks in advance
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    Post H96 Max RK3399 firmware etc

    Solved http s://!ck5TzbiL!3CDvVHLF9MrtrsoT_xmC24TSGRcznhjw6NDEYOs8j6U This original software solved wifi issue. It fits like a glove ;) Thanks and regards
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    Post [Root] Telcast X80 Plus root

    H6C4 Great! It works perfectly on H6C4. Thanks! Regards
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    Post [PORT] OxygenOS 2.2.2 Camera for OPX

    It doesn´t work on Sultan´s CM13. It also crashes the stock camera...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][Mi Note Pro]CyanogenMod12.1

    Wow! Good News! Thx!
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][Mi Note Pro]Mokee Project (FIRST AOSP ROM)

    Hi! It is a rom very fast and smooth. I have a little problem: i´m unable to install uninstaller pro. I am only able to install an old previous version (4.0). Current version is 8.2. Any idea? Thnks in advance. Regards!
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    Post [TUTORIAL] How to unlock more LTE frequency bands on Mi Note Pro

    Hi. Is this a permanent change? I mean that if I flash a new Rom, have I do all the proccess again? Thanks in advance
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    Post [OFFICIAL] Honor 6 (L02, L12, L04) Stock ROMs

    [REQ] Flashable GAPPS for L12 Hi there! When I change the Rom in my L12 (chinese version) or apply a hard reset, every times I have to erase chinese apps and install Google Apps one by one because the open gapps launch an error: lack of space in system partition. My question is if it exists a...
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    Post [OFFICIAL] Honor 6 (L02, L12, L04) Stock ROMs

    B535 Hi. I am looking for a download link to rom B535 for my L12, but I don´t find it. :( Has anybody the link? Thanks in advance. Regards :good:
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    Post Huawei confirms Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for Honor 6 and 6+

    I upgraded SuperSU to v. 2.64 in EMIU 3.1 (B532) and my L12 didn´t be able to boot. I had to flash stock recovery via MultiTool and reinstall B532 via three buttons. I think it is possible that there is something wrong in this version of SuperSU, or it is not compatible with our devices. Regards.
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    Post [SOLVED]HTC Album disappears after pressing "Albums"

    DRM & MediaToolkit Perhaps you miss your DRM packages (Middleware & Discretix) and MediaToolkit package. Regards Edit: I see it´s solved. Ok :)
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    Post [OS][WM6.5.5] Latest Releases (23563), Porting, Tutorials, Tools, VM, etc.

    23569 xip Hi, does 23569 xip exist? Or the last xip is 23568. Thanks Edit: I extract it from a tg01 rom. Regards
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    Post [April 05] L26 HD2 Rotatingphonecanvas wm6.5.x for Chefs (beta 7)

    Yes, I have a Topaz and I used Huashan dialer with DPADMenu from PhoneCanvas 4.2 for fix the 2 blanks in the menu (ip...(don´t remember)). But videocall wasn´t work, so I thougth that could be good for HD2 (2G). Regards
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    Post [April 05] L26 HD2 Rotatingphonecanvas wm6.5.x for Chefs (beta 7)

    Sorry, I don´t have an HD2, but I believe than there is a thread for this.
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    Post [April 05] L26 HD2 Rotatingphonecanvas wm6.5.x for Chefs (beta 7)

    This is not totally correct. If you use PhoneCanvas 5, you can see greats results if you don´t need videocall. Regards
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    Post [Solved] AutoRotation using Sensor SDK on 6.5.3 not working on Blackstone

    You may try "G Sensor Calibrator" & "Sensor SDK v4..." from a COM3 original kitchen like HUASAN. You can also try a little app like G-Config (Makeveral). You may include my compilation of registry keys in your kitchen. Regards.
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    Post Latest Windows Mobile Builds [SYS|XIP.bin]

    PhoneCanvas fix for 6.5.x Well, there are several variables for this, like type, version, etc of phonecanvas you are using. If you use phonecanvas 5 from Huasang you don´t need fix, but you can´t use videocall (if your physical phone supports that). I use rhodium phonecanvas version 4.2 for...
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    Post Help with add2config.txt

    I think you can use Mortscript for this (on second or third boot), but perhaps you may cooking package XDA_UC or another User Customization for a clean post installation.
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    Post [Solved] Manilla 2.5.20191914.0 : Save to contacts problem I think. When I stay at home I can ensure. If it´s for Fuze, you must change .xml´s and perhaps some images for vga resolution. ;)
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    Post [SOLVED] Initflashfile.dat problem: device frozen until taskbar is pressed.

    I use LockScreen from Huasan in COM3 without problems. It also may interact with your lockdevice 1.6 and you must put out Lock Screen App Launcher from Leo. Perhaps is this. I had this issue but I don´t remember why was. Sometimes was custom icons or backgrounds like...
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    Post Latest Windows Mobile Builds [SYS|XIP.bin] Edited
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    Post Latest Windows Mobile Builds [SYS|XIP.bin]

    I´m using 28230 rollup for 23152 lang pack (both are COM3) I think, i don,t sure is this
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    Post [Q] osKitchen Leo 31.4 base today icon start menu

    Start_Icon_Today.png I don´t sure what you want. You can use the icon you want and rename it. If you want delete it perhaps you can use a .provxml like the one in HTC Messaging Client. You can delete the link you want usin the formule of the .provxml in the directory of the .xml Regards
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    Thread COM3 contancts on COM2 phonecanvas issue

    I have an issue on rhodium phonecanvas contacts (WMcontacts)(picture 01). Color is not correct. I´ve corrected part of that using (coocking in) Yota Contacts, New Contact Card and HTCActionScreen and including this registry keys: For ActionScreen (New Contact) (picture 5)...
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    Post Latest Windows Mobile Builds [SYS|XIP.bin]

    23569: Last COM5, native threaded e-mail, longer RAM consume, slower but very stable. We Still use parts of this build for pacth in COM3 (phonecanvas incoming call...) 29022: Last COM3 MS branch, not threaded e-mail, fast, very fast, better RAM consume. Very stable. 23152: Last COM3 HTC branch...
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    Post caller id /missed call issues in 231xx builds.And also htc album issue

    Perhaps you lost/changed Digital Rights Managements Packages. I use DRM Middleware v1.5.19221328.00 & Discretix DRM v1.0.20090930.01 for Album v3.2.20113921.0 Greetings
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    Post Want to reinstall windows in HTC Touch diamond 2
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    Post [Q] Can somebody point me to some topic for HTC Touch
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    Post caller id /missed call issues in 231xx builds.And also htc album issue

    Try changing these all files from 23569: celltsp.dll cfghost.exe cprog.exe pimstore.dll tpcutil.dll
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    Post [Q]Cooking a ROM and making a changes

    I think HTC Messaging is a little complicated package. In my experience I came back to Arcsoft MMS package. There are many interacts with HTC Messaging: Message Enhancement, dual (or not) sim, manila, windows build, resolution, etc. I think you must macth all these variables. And without Manila...
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    Post [SOLVED] Setting time to 24 hour by default on first boot

    You also can customize (Don´t remember if Titanium or Start Menu´s background) overwritting files "Default_stwater_480_800.gif" & "Default_stwater_800_480.gif" (depends of resolution). Is not necessary add an app.dat to the package, because all archives inside "files" folder go to windows...
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    Post [tutorial] custom icons

    Reshacker & CeleSign For Sign-Unsign I use CeleSign. It´s very intuitive. The certificates are updated. Just run CeleSign, [not signsis neither SISSigner (inside also)] setup pvc, spc and file to unsign-sign. If the file is signed you must remove the certificate for sign after. Regards
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    Post Video Call Huasang on Topaz

    I,ve tried Huasan videocall several times with no luck. I,ve turned back to rhodium phonecanvas. Thanks.
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    Post Video Call Huasang on Topaz

    Nobody makes videocalls with huasan packages? I can´t believe it...:eek:
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    Post Latest Windows Mobile Builds [SYS|XIP.bin]

    COM5 has treathed e-mail. Is this what are you looking for?
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    Post Video Call Huasang on Topaz

    You are talking about Videotelephony 2.5, Aren´t you? I´ll try it. Thanks
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    Post Video Call Huasang on Topaz

    Yep! It´s the easiest way, but with com3 has position issues
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    Thread Video Call Huasang on Topaz

    Hi. I´m using Huasang Phone Canvas Enhancement v5.0.61220152721.0 and Video Telephony v3.0.38566.0 because I´m using 23152 build and this phonecanvas is native for Com3 and solve positions issues. But I don´t be able to make a videocall. I always get the same screen. I don´t use Manila, but I...
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    Post Latest Windows Mobile Builds [SYS|XIP.bin]

    Thanks AndrewSh one more time
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    Post Latest Windows Mobile Builds [SYS|XIP.bin]

    ppgprov missed in 29019? First of all, thanks for all. Is possible that build 29019 doesn´t need ppgprov package? Or is missed and I have to replace with one of another version? Thanks
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    Post [SOLVED] Add Contact in 6.5.3

    Ok, it´s solved. I forgot I was cloudyfa´s bold font fix active in my kitchen and I´ve also changed mui from 28230 build. Thanks guys for all
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    Post [SOLVED] Add Contact in 6.5.3

    Ok, I´ll try other mui
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    Post [SOLVED] Add Contact in 6.5.3

    Perhaps anything in the langpacks or translations? (0C0A) I´m using langpack from 23563 rollup