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    Thread Use Clang instead of GCC for ROM Development?

    Hi Can anyone tell me a way to use clang instead of GCC for ROM devlopment? Particularly because I would prefer a colored output of the compile processes (and no, I tried coloredgcc but it doesnt work no matter what methods I try. So clang is my only hope, I think). I can try manually changing...
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    Thread Need Help in porting Halo to CM11 /// NullPointerException

    Hello I am working on trying to port halo to cm11 and facing issues. The Problem: Its actually giving me nullpointerexception (Heres complete log-> ) in (here's the complete code: in method "mUpdateHalo": protected...
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    Thread [Q] Omni Dynamic Statusbar commit?

    Hello Can anyone please help me port dynamic statusbar from omni? I am unable to find the dsb commit :/ I am not asking for a complete tutorial, just want to get started...
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    Thread Paranoid Android DSB source?

    Hello Can anyone please point me out to the DSB sources? Unable to find them, and really want to try porting them. The gerrit links to commits they provided on G+ dont seem to work :/
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    Thread Cannot Capture Screenshot, storage may be in use

    Hi all So i have been encountering this issue with which i can't seem to capture any screenshot. It gives error "Cannot Capture screenshot. Storage may be in use". Googling tells me i have to relock bootloader and unlock it again. Is that only way? -Switch from L Preview (Rom i am currently...
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    Thread [Q] Remove vibration from android source code

    Hello all I got nexus 4. I am actually trying to build ubuntu touch and so far it works well (it somehow actually is smoother than the official). The thing is, those annoying vibrations.... since its based on CM 10.2 in my case, I am wondering if someone can tell me where the vibration files are...
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    Thread Need Help in Wallpaper Changing

    Hello I have a Nexus 4 and using multirom with miui as primary and UT as secondary. Everything is fine but I am not able to change the main homescreen wallpaper. Its just white background and I dont really like it, too bright at night. In settings, I have already selected same wallpaper for...
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    Thread How to remove supersu?

    Hi I am using miui v5 4.3.x Since it still does not have a multirom supported kernel, I decided to install ubuntu touch by their official dual boot method. Everything went fine but it installed supersu. Since miui already has a btter superuser manager, I decided to remove it. So I went to...
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    Thread GTA SanAndreas coming to phone

    Hello All :D Just wanted to share this awesome news. GTA SAN is finally coming to phones :D Its already arrived for iOS ( and should soon be coming to our androids too :)
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    Thread Ubuntu Port question

    Hi I am actually trying to port trusty tahr for my S3. But I cannot get it to boot though everything i did, I suppose is correct (I also built a successful saucy, that boots well). So my question is-> Is the ubuntu Trusty Tahr preinstalled image only for nexus devices? Or should I keep looking...
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    Thread No Boot after building CM 10.1

    Hi So I built a CM10.1 rom. It built fine and there were no errors even in downloading, but the screen doesn't go beyond splash image of my device (its stuck at that Samsung GT-i9300 thing, after sometime its completely black screen). Steps i followed-> 1) initialize repository. 2) Repo sync 3)...
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    Thread Ubuntu port on Galaxy S3 i9300

    Hi I am experiencing this problem while I went for final step (mka bacon -j8). It did not create any zip in .../out/target/product/DeviceName/ Here is the log-> I believe the cause of problem could be-> make: *** No rule to make target...
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    Thread No ZIP file after ROM build build

    Hi So I went for final build command-> Code: mka bacon -j8 (my virtual machine is 4 cored). It gives following output-> But there is no build file (that .zip file) in out/target/product/DeviceName/ Any help please. PS-> I used these commands->...
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    Thread Wrong folder selection for repo... what files to delete?

    I am trying to build ubuntu touch for my device. I accidently selected "home" directory for .repo And didn't notice until the process completed (LOL) and even ran few commands after it. Here is what I did-> Command one-> phablet-dev-bootstrap home (I dont remember writing "home", but since the...
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    Thread How to make changes after repo sync

    Hi So I am trying to build Ubuntu touch. I have seen people adding their own things to roms. (PS-> I know about cherrypicking). But how do I edit after repo sync? My rom has a bug, it cannot make/receive calls. So what files should I edit and how?? I mean... there are just millions of files out...
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    Thread Repo Syc errors

    Hi I am trying to build a rom from PA sources using this guide-> the first error occured while downloading repo using- curl > ~/bin/repo (+some other commands according to tutorial)...
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    Thread [Q] Help needed in porting halo

    Hi I just learned building custom rom from this tut ( using pa sources. But I want to port Hybrid Settings and Halo to some other 4.2.2 rom. My phone is Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300. I only know a way to get whole source code from repo by>...
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    Thread pre measures before tasting self built rom?

    Hi So i finally created my first rom for my s3 int. Now i wanna test it but i don't want to hard brick it being repair. Are there any special measures i should take so that it atleast Boots to recovery. Thanks.
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    Thread Non Instrusive call source for 4.2.2

    Hi Actually, I thought of trying to port Non Intrusive call for miui. But miui till now for Galaxy s3 i9300 is only upto 4.2.2. And non intrusive call omni sources are based on 4.4.x So can anyone please giude me to sources for 4.2.2 (if present). Dont know if this question really belongs here...
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    Thread [REQ]Custom music control widget app for miui music player

    Hi I know of phantom music control but it doesn't work with miui default player. So any similar app that works? Thanks. Edit: plugin play music widget works fine. Just found now.
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    Thread [Q] Going to Install custom kernel after modifications to it... what are risks?

    Hi I just changed some stuff like images in a kernel using Android Kernel Kitchen 0.3.1. Now I wanna test my changes. My questions is-> What are worst case scenarios possible? I am ready to go for boot loops and etc. but are there any consequences that may cause real hard brick of my phone...
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    Thread How do I remove "No Notifications" Text from notification panel?

    Hi How do I remove "No Notifications" Text from notification panel? I am using Omega 50.1. I know i need to edit some files in systemui.apk but please tell procedure. Also, please tell me how do I remove "brightness" bar from notification panel?
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    Thread Renaming files with a script for scripter

    Hello I have two files. Lets call them file1 and file2. The thing is, both of them are apex Homescreen backups :p Since i wanna quickly switch between Homescreens without other launchers. So i am using apex backup/restore functionality which creates an apex home screen backup file. But...
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    Thread [REQ] A launcher manager app that.... (please read on)

    hello I have a got 5 launchers installed with different looks and feels for different moods and situations. I keep changing them very frequently. But when i change a launcher, the previous one keeps running in background and i have to kill it manually. So we i change launchers almost every...
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    Thread Accidently deleted android.policy.jar help needed

    Hello I accidently deleted a file from System/Firmware called "android.policy.jar" (Its a long story so please dont ask how, i am too worried). Now my phone does not start. Heres the condition-> If i start it normally, the phone is stuck at bootanimation. If I try to start in recovery (By...
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    Thread Omega v35 gallery problem

    Hi I just installed omega 35 yesterday. Yesterday gallery was working. But I installed some mods today including mixture of motomoto and rado themes and crt and others. Today, gallery is not appearing in app drawer. Although I am able to open photos from gallery but when i want to change icon...
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    Thread GTA Vice City Custom Playlist

    Hi I just got gta vice city working fine on me phone. There is no problem. But i want to add my own playlist in game. I heard that in ios, you have to sync stuff and bla-bla... So is there anyway to do it in android? Editing/modding radio station or something? I searched but found no results...
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    Thread Need names of slew good fighter plane games for my s3

    Hi all Can anyone please tell me names of some good plane fighter games for my phone. I want one like hawx. I downloaded it but it didn't work. So please tell me some good games' names.
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    Thread Multi Window question

    Hi all. I just want to know something about the new multiwindow feature for our s3. In note 2, we can open 2 apps at same time. That is, screen is divided into 2 parts for each app. But on my s3, apps appear full screen when I launch from that Bar. It's just like launching an app and then...
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    Thread A newbie question related multi taking feature

    Hi Ok. I'll keep our short since i don't want to ask it but i really don't know.... How am i supposed to bring out that multi windows feature after installing mod on my phone? Please tell.
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    Thread Chainfire 3d problem

    Hi all I just downloaded and installed chainfire pro 3.3. When I opened app and installed cf drivers, the phone restarted but did not boot. I am on siyah kernel. The phone was sick at that eye logo of kernel. I had to restore system from a nandroid backup. I am running nxtgen v5.1 (odexed...
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    Thread Request crt of animation

    Hi all I was actually searching for crt effect for jb rom stock rom. I found once but I am not able find now. So can anyone please link me to it.
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    Thread BootAnimation Trouble....

    Hello all I was successfully able to enable custom bootanimation (Razr m blue) with sound. It runs perfect without problem. Except it cuts in 1/4 animation. When 1/4 animation is completed, both sound and animation are cut off and a message saying "starting apps" appears. Please tell me how do...
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    Thread Is this app worth what it says?

    Hi Have a look at and read what it says. Is this a good app and worth money? i actually want to use it for my xperia arc s. Or is this app a .....?:confused:
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    Thread boot sounds not playing...

    Hi all. I am on paranoid Rom. I just inserted a custom boot animation. It works fine. But there is no sound. I even put poweron.ogg in system/media/audio/ui. I even opened desc.txt and there is no specific name/path for sound file in it. I set proper permissions too. Please help.
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    Thread Siyah kernel questions

    Hi I had not been in touch for siyah's thread for a long time. So i missed most of things. But i know see gokhan has finally released dual boot. I have some questions about it. Can i dual boot between-> Dragon's jelly bean 2.3 and omega ics 13.1 or Dragon's jb 2.3 with paranoid rom. or Sense...
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    Thread [REQ] Porting a widget

    Hello Can someone please port the widget for use with galaxy s3. I am talking about weather widget in center. Here is it is-> I found it in this thread of HTC-> Hope someone will port it. Please.. i really need it!
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    Thread Need Help oin notification Pull modding

    Hello all I need help in modding my notification pulldown. Please tell me how do i change the background of notifications (marked with red boxes). Nevermind toogles, i know how to do with them already. Just tell me a way to change background of notifications please. Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Mods dont work? Need help...

    Hi I actually wanted to use two mods-> *15 Toggles *Custom Notification animation picture. The first (15 Toggles), i downloaded some, either they dont work or systemui.apk gets corrupted. I think that i just am unable to find a supported version. Can anyone please post here version that...
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    Thread Three simple questions

    Hello folks. I want to ask two questions-> * I hid some apps (dirty minds should not think about that....) in order to hide the tools i used for customizing my hpone. I hid them by opening app drawer, going to options->hide apps. But now i cant find any option to show them. Can anyone tell me...
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    Thread Taking photos of lockscreen

    Hi heres a stupid question--> How do i take screenshot of widget locker active? Palm Swipe doesn't work and i am not very familier with apps with such ability.
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    Thread Editing Widget of stock Music Player

    Hello ppl. I want to edit widget of stock music player. Only widget. I know it will be in musicplayer.apk or whatever in system/app But what do i need to edit? I mean, what image files correspond to media player widget? Thanks in advance.
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    Thread [Request] Modern Combat Sanstorm

    Hello I already hav3 verssions 2 and 3. But for sake of story, i also want to play version 1 (sandstorm) of Modern Combat. But sadly, neither its on google (Its on google but for lower phones, not mali devices or galaxy s3) nor its on play store. Does anyone know where can i get it? I am not...
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    Thread [Request] Where can I find this lockscreen app

    Hello I want to have my lockscreen that looks something like follows-> Not exactly same but a lockscreen with those sliders. Yeah... i looked on play store and all i found was go locker bla-bla. I tried on google too but on luck. Can anyone please tell me where can i get it? Thanks in...
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    Thread Changing app drawer icon

    Hello I am on paranoid 2.1 I want to change app drawer icon without using any external app and modifying system. Can anyone please tell me where is it located? I searched but failed...
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    Thread How to remove this widget?

    Hello all. I just installed Paranoid V2.1. It works great. The only trouble is google search widget on homescreen. Its not just on one homescreen but on all other homescreens too at the same place. I am unable to remove it. I think i placed it here accidently, although i dont remember much...
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    Thread Omega ROm v19 Questions

    Hello all. Probably this is a stupid one. But lets just get the question on the road! I am going to install Omega 19 Jelly Bean based. JB is not yet released. But so far Omega is best for me. We all know that currently, JB has some bugs to be fixed. So, does this rom (Omega 19 Jelly Bean) has...
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    Thread How do i remove this mod?

    Hello ppl. I have just downloaded a mod called "ExtSd2InternalSd" from Omega Kitchen. Installed it. But now i want to uninstall it as my sdcard is quite small, just 2gb, i downloaded it for test purpose only. But now i want to uninstall it. Please tell me how do i do so. I created nandroid...
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    Thread S3 bootanimation trouble

    Hello all. I downloaded a boot animation named "machine azul" from here -> But before that i had to use the mod here by anbech. I worked for first time and bootanimation showed. But it...
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    Thread S3 bootanimation trouble...

    Hello all. I downloaded a boot animation named "machine azul" from here -> But before that i had to use the mod here by anbech. I worked for first time and bootanimation...