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  1. Namit1994

    Thread HTC One Google Play Edition owner needed

    Hello everyone. I am currently in need of a HTC One Google Edition owner so that I may write a guide to converting an HTC One into a Google Edition. If you have the actual Google Edition HTC One, please contact me. I am in need of your help :crying:
  2. Namit1994

    Thread [ROM] [STOCK] [GSM] [7/6/13] 2.14.1700.15 Google Play Edition Stock ROM

    Hi guys, This is a completely stock ROM taken from an actual Google Play Edition HTC One. I will later were up a guide on how to fully convert your regular HTC One into a Google Play Edition. Much thanks to dstroy12 for the nandroid from
  3. Namit1994

    Thread [ROM] Sense Mix v1.0.2 10/5/12

    Hey everyone. I've been working on this ROM for months. I'm not a big fan of Sense 3.6. A lot has changed since 3.0. Some features I'm extremely pleased with but not so much with others. So I came up with a ROM called Sense Mix. It's based on RUU 3.33.401.53. Removed: All apps attainable from...
  4. Namit1994

    Thread [GUIDE][APP]Playstation Mobile on Unofficial Devices

    Hi, guys. I'm from the Sensation forum and a few months ago, xxxPachaxxx released a pack that contained PlayStation Certificates. I discovered that with the certificates, the newly released PlayStation Mobile works! I have made a flash able zip that installs these certificates. How to install...
  5. Namit1994

    Thread [KERNEL SOURCE] Snapdragon3 HTC One S/VilleC2

    Maybe this will make Sense 4 ROMs for the pyramid fully functional. The VilleC2 codes are listed as One S but the build number for them are Sent from my HTC Sensation 4G using xda app-developers app
  6. Namit1994

    Thread [ROM] Stock 3.33.401.x ROMs

    These are stock versions of the new 3.33.401.6 and 3.33.401.106 OTAs that are completely untouched. One is for the regular sensatoin, the other is for the Sensation XE with Beats Audio. However, you may choose to flash either. (Ex: Flashing the XE ROM on a regular Sensation). Feel free to use...
  7. Namit1994

    Thread [RECOVERY] Unofficial Clockworkmod v5.8.3.1

    Hi, guys. This is a recovery for those of you with a Honeycomb hboot. NEW FEATURE: Flash ROM from internal_storage Download link: Flash via adb: If it works, please thank me! PLEASE DO NOT MAKE MIRRORS, LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT A MIRROR. IT WILL...
  8. Namit1994

    Thread [ROM][SENSE] [2.3.3] Namit1994's Gingerbread Sense v1 SFM1.2 Base

    What's up guys. I ported SFM 1.2 over to our 32B devices. Requirements: 1. Any SPL 2. 96MB+ Swap 3. EXT4 sdcard partition 4. cMTD 175 How to Install: 1. Download Every file from here: 2. Flash cMTD Setup and reboot 3. Flash GingerSense ROM 4. Flash...
  9. Namit1994

    Thread [Tutorial] Enable Backlights for Sense ROMs.

    What's up guys. I had found out about this quite a long time ago but I never really got to share it with you all. What my tutorial will do is show you how to enable hardware backlights for our devices. However, I do not know how to make the charging LED work so only keyboard and buttons will...
  10. Namit1994

    Thread [ROM] [SENSE] Sensitized Froyo

    What's up guys. This is Froyo Sense based on HTC Gratia. I will update this thread later because I have not fully tested this yet. Wifi and backlights should work. Also rotation. Requirements: 1. 256MB Swap, this rom is very hungy. 2. 256+ MB EXT4 partition. 3. cMTD 155. Instructions: 1...
  11. Namit1994

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Droid Bionic

    Hey guys, new bootanimation. Resized to MDPI Here is a link to see it in a video: Link to the Link so the sound: Place Bionic.ogg and...
  12. Namit1994

    Thread [ROM] 2.2.1 Espresso v1.0

    This is port of the Froyo Espresso ROM for myTouch 3G Slide for 32B devices. It is based on a clean RUU. Requirements: 32B Device HBOOT 1.33.0013D (Can be setup using this thread: ) MTD 170 MB What works: Core functions like Phone. What...
  13. Namit1994

    Thread Need anyone with stock 1.35.531

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  14. Namit1994

    Thread My first real port but i need help!!!

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  15. Namit1994

    Thread Need help with init.d process!!!!!!!!

    Hello, I want an init.d script to write optimized minfree values everytime AFTER THE FIRST BOOT. On the first boot, I do not want it to write any value. Can anyone help me with making a script that will only write the value after the first boot?
  16. Namit1994

    Thread [ROM] [Sense] Fusion Sense v2.5 August 29 NOW WITH MULTILANGUAGE AND NEW KERNEL

    Based on HTC Magic/32A Éclair Sense ROM v2.5 Changelog Moved CPU values to /data/tweaks/cpu Now using apks from WWE Hero ROM, making this a hybrid ROM so name changed to Fusion Sense. New bugless and faster kernel, thanks to laszlo! IMPORTANT: As of v2.5 you need to flash cMTD Setup 1.1...
  17. Namit1994

    Thread /system/app to sdcard?

    Hello, I have a Sense rom but it takes up too much system memory. Can anyone help me with setting up apps2sd with /system/app ? The rom i have hasno apps2sd so i want to add but for /system/app
  18. Namit1994

    Thread I want to start developing; any good books?

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  19. Namit1994

    Thread [Q] How to add new features to clean rom.

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  20. Namit1994

    Thread Need help preloading Google Apps into custom ROM.

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  21. Namit1994

    Thread [Q] Need help with Artifex'd Legend ROM.

    Okay, I have Artifex'd Legend rom and it is old and uses the /system/sd method to store apps. How can I remove that and add firerat's apps2ext?
  22. Namit1994

    Thread [Q] 32a and 32b

    I know that 32a has more ram and different frequency than 32b but can i flash a 32a rom on a 32b? Will there be any difference in functionality?
  23. Namit1994

    Thread HTC Sync with DroidEric v4.5?

    Has anyone managed to sync HTC Sync with a G1 running this ROM: I tried but no avail. I'm on Windows 7 64-bit by the way.