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  1. kgs1992

    Thread [SOLVED] Google Play Services battery drain post OOS 10 update

    Since updating to Android 10 (OxygenOS 10.0.GM21AA) through Oxygen Updater, I've been having heavy battery drain from Google Play Services. It's top on the battery usage and I've seen anywhere from 10-25% Things I've tried: - Opt-in for Google Play Services beta (Curr. Ver: v19.4.19) - Checked...
  2. kgs1992

    Thread Post Your OP 7 Pro Home Screen(s) set up!

    Figured I'd start a thread for this since it's an interesting way to stumble on apps, wallpapers, etc. Share away! :D
  3. kgs1992

    Thread [FIX] Empty IMEI, Unknown Baseband, No SIM, WiFi/Bluetooth unusable, Corrupted EFS

    My EFS partition was corrupted after an EFS restore from TWRP (Check post #2 for link to explanation). I was in panic mode when the super helpful folks over at #twrp sorted me out with this solution (thank you so much jcadduono). Thought I would share it so it could possibly help someone else...
  4. kgs1992

    Thread [APPS] List of amazing apps

    Amazing Apps for the Xperia Z A list of must-try applications Hi guys, I've been trying out a lot of apps lately and I was surprised by the number of apps that go unnoticed when you're browsing the Play Store. These may not be the most recent apps, but they're just apps that I think everyone...
  5. kgs1992

    Thread [HELP THREAD] Xperia Z | Ask any question | Noob friendly

    Xperia Z Help Thread Hello everyone, welcome! Back when I had a HTC Sensation, we had a great help thread for all device/software related questions and I decided to do the same thing for the Xperia Z. A big thanks to undercover for his original idea & to malybru for his thread format...
  6. kgs1992

    Thread [OTA]3.33.720.6/106 ICS update India Flashing instructions & download

    The update is out! 3.33.720.6 (Sensation) 3.33.720.106 (SensationXE) 3.33.720.106 OTA is intended for the HTC Sensation XE & 3.33.720.6 OTA is intended for the Normal HTC Sensation. If you have made changes to your phone, I advise you follow the instructions in blue & red even if you intend to...
  7. kgs1992

    Thread [GUIDE]RUU related info (Extracting, Restoring stock, going back S-ON, etc.)

    **Very informative guide, meant for everyone** A better version is available on my site, here. S-OFF voids warranty! At no point do I claim that this guide restores your warranty in any way. This guide includes steps to restore stock software, which will conceal that your phone's software was...
  8. kgs1992

    Thread [TOOL][2 DEC] HTC Sensation/XE/4G Super Utility (AIO) by kgs1992 v8.0

    OLD INFO: This old info is not updated. Please read the above post for the link to the instructions. HTC Sensation/XE/4G Super Utility by kgs1992 THIS UTILITY HAS BEEN FEATURED ON THE PORTAL! Read Here :::: What does this do? :::: This tool provides a very simple & easy way for any...