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    Thread [Q] Wireless Charging and LG G3

    Hello guys, I've been doing some searching around and I can't seem to get wireless charging to work on my LG G3. I recently purchased a NFC/Qi sticker and successfully replaced the old NFC-only sticker on my backplate. I have checked and made sure the NFC/Qi pins and the terminals on the pad...
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    Thread Hmm. No boot.

    Well well. I know it may surprise you to see me here :P I was messing with busybox, trying to update it. Apparently I did something wrong and the phone doesn't boot now. It'll go on the bootanimation, but at the very end, JUST before the menu softkeys lights come up, it instantly crashes and...
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    Thread [TOOL] [S-OFF] {7-10-12} Super AIO Tool for HTC Amaze 4G {BETA}

    Hello guys! At last, it is here! This tool has some distinct similarities with hasoon2000's tool (which is awesome by the way), but it also has few differences, more will be explained below. Please note, this tool has certain requirements that you MUST follow! This will flash a T-Mobile OTA...
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    Thread [VERSION 2] Testers needed for S-OFF tool

    Alright, for the past few weeks, I've been developing a unified tool that would update your S-OFF amaze from whatever you have on the amaze currently, to a rooted, stock ICS rom. This would allow newbies (and experienced users as well) to easily and painlessly update their S-OFF amaze to a...
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    Thread [Q] Roaming on AT&T

    I've noticed that when I enter a T-Mobile 'dead zone' with my T-Mobile Amaze, it doesn't roam to other service providers despite enabling the roaming option. My previous T-Mobile phones would allow roaming to AT&T, including data roaming, provided that I was in an AT&T service area, but...
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    Thread [Q] [SOLVED] A quick question about partitions

    I'm trying to figure out which partition the INTERNAL SD Card is on. /dev/block/mmcblk0pxx I can't seem to find this, as I need this information for an upcoming tool. Any help would be appreciated! Edit: This is now solved. Figured this out with the use of cat /proc/emmc
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    Thread [S-OFF] HBOOT/ROM Patch for ICS Leak

    This is a modified HBOOT that is designed to be compatible with ICS while retaining its S-OFF capabilities. It is NOT an ENG hboot, but rather a S-OFF hboot. It still has fastboot capabilities. This is not my work, but I got the permission to release the modified leak (the full ICS leak) from...
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    Thread [Q] Temporary root for Amaze?

    I've been around the forums (especially Amaze's forum) for a long time, and I have not read anything about temporarily rooting the Amaze. This may sound like a stupid question but is this achievable without the use of HTCDev unlock method? Would it be possible to get my Amaze temporarily...
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    Thread [Q] Touch screen issues on unrooted and stock Amaze - Solutions?

    I realize similar threads have been posted about this, such as this. Not only my issue is different here, but those threads have been dead too. My issue here is, I'm running on a stock, unrooted T-Mobile Amaze, and I get similar issues mentioned by rooted users. Is there any workaround to this...
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    Thread [Q] Question- New Phone Under T-Mobile (USA)

    I'm at a loss here. I'm not sure which phone I should get. I want something that's "futureproof". I use that term VERY loosely because I know mobile technology is always evolving. I'm looking for something that's fast, and will last some time. I don't care if it runs on stock android or not. I...