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    Thread [APP] MotoMaker Solid colored wallpapers + more

    Hello everyone! I recently updated my app with the MotoMaker colors so you can set the colors as your wallpaper. All the colors were directly eye dropped from the MotoMaker website. Its free if you guys want to use it. Has all the solid color options available. Here is the link (FREE): LINK
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    Thread [APP] FreshCoat Wallpapers (RGB,HEX,Presets,and MotoMaker Colors)

    I posted a free app recently if you guys want to use it. It will let you generate a solid colored wallpaper based on the exact resolution of your display (phone or tablet). It supports RGB color codes and HEX color codes. Works well when your needing an exact color for a theme you are making...
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    Thread [Q] Made mistake please help- no service

    I tried to install my own build of cyanogenmod 10.1 on my note 2, and i seem to have used the wrong proprietary files or something. anyways when i booted into my own build, i had no service. I restored back to my functioning nightly of cm 10.1 (nandroid) and still had no service when i booted...