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    Thread trigger yonomi routine with tasker?

    I want to trigger a specific routine i created in Yonomi. Their triggers aren't versatile enough so i always have to do it manually. Yonomi can create shortcuts on homescreen but when launching the app (shortcut) trough tasker, the routines i made aren't there (i can only choose launch...
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    Thread stay on lokcscreen when notifications are present

    i'd would very much like (to create) the option to stay on lockscreen when face is recognised, but only when there are active notifications. does anybody know if it's possible and how to do that? I have tasker but i really need guidance on how to do it... I'm on eu 9.25...
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    Thread lockscreen shortcuts

    is it normal that there's no option for lockscreen shortcuts in pocophone? Only swiping right to left opens camera works, but nothing else. I'm on miui (but before that the option was also absent) I did see the option available in other miui phones but don't know what versions of miu...
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    Thread 'Long press back' to kill app

    Is there a way to get 'Long press back' to kill app - option without custom rom?
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    Thread [Q] can anyone help with 4.2.2 sideloading error

    I tried sideloading the 'KOTH49 from KRT16S'-update. But i keep having a' framework-res has unexpected conditions' error. I'm on stock 4.4 (KRT16S) with latest Xposed (wich i've disabled and even uninstalled to try and get the update to work). I also uninstalled Ultimate dynamic navbar and gmd...
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    Thread Text to speech

    I uninstalled picotts (and probably ttsservice) with titanium backup in my new experience ROM, but i want it back now (because i want Llama to speak to me). I tried extracting both files out of NE-zip and copying them into system/apps and giving them permissions (rw-r--r--),i also tried...
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    Thread viber on galaxy mini?

    anyone who can confirm that viber is working on our device? playstore says it's incompatible but our device is mentioned in the compatibility-list i found an apk but when i try to install, it says application not installed (i'm using CM7 md-utility build) please help
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    Thread losing widgets

    i'm experiencing a strange problem on several custom roms... some appwidgets that i use and that are working very well (no-frills, droidwall, colornote,...) suddenly dissapear and i can't reinstall them because they don't show up anymore in the widgetlist :confused: i know i'm not the only one...
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    Thread [Q] bootanimation in emanonv5?

    is custom bootanimation functional in emanon v5? i have a folder bootanimation (worked in v4) but i always get the standard bootanimation:(