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  1. Anu6is

    Thread Paranoid RPG (Repo Pleb Guide)

    This should act as a basic guide for improving your workflow while using repo/git This takes into consideration that you already have the repo tool installed, initialized and synced. You are still encouraged to read up on how Git actually works as this attempts to keep simple layman terms...
  2. Anu6is

    Thread [Change Log] Paranoid Android [AOSPA] - NO QUESTIONS HERE!

    Paranoid Android Change Logs & Full Feature Catalog PLEASE DO NOT POST FEATURE REQUESTS! Note: This post is meant to reflect the core changes made to the AOSPA source code. These changes should be present in any device-build that is created using PA as the base. Device specific tweaks...
  3. Anu6is

    Thread Contributing to Paranoid Android

    Contributing to the project All submissions must be made via gerrit Prerequisites: There are two options available for uploading your changes to gerrit (Repo Upload or Git Push). Note: Linux is case sensitive, the items below are written as they should be in terminal Repo Upload Git Push...