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  1. tariche

    Post browser keeps on crashing?

    The only thing that helpped me was clearing browsers cache. After that browser stopped crashing. On the other hand chrome makes my tablet restart it selfe or stop rendering as soon as I open 2 tabs or more.
  2. tariche

    Post [May 25, 2013][ROM][4.0.4][720p] NexusHD2-ICS-CM9-HWA V3.0b [NativeSD]

    I cannot find ICS Navigation bar in Settings nor I can remove google search bar in V2.2. Is this normal?
  3. tariche

    Post [Q] Lost my bookmarks

    It happened to me too this morning right after google maps update.
  4. tariche

    Post LumiRead app force-closing....

    I also had FCs and it was caused by corrupt epub. As soon as I removed it was working just fine. You can also try to Clear Data within Manage Application for LumiRead and re-import your books. Just make sure you backup all your books.
  5. tariche

    Post Bootloader unlock on Asus TF101 official

    Actually I have my a500 for a little bit over hlaf of a year. ;)
  6. tariche

    Thread Bootloader unlock on Asus TF101 official HTC first, now ASUS, I hope ACER will join the bunch.
  7. tariche

    Thread [Q] Back to future strange behaviour

    I've been using back to future for quite some time, and just recently I have noticed strange behaviour. My wife called me from a meeting, and while the phone rang in the background I could hear chatter from the meeting. I noticed this before but I thought I imagined that or something but this...
  8. tariche

    Post [Q] Problem synching Chrome bookmarks

    Do not think they will border to fix it since chrome for android is around the corner.
  9. tariche

    Post Skype 2.5

    I am on 3.2 stock and like previously mentioned, in order to activate video you have to go to settings from first page and check it.
  10. tariche

    Post Acer a500 wont unroot?

    You have to activate Application --> Decomment --> USB debugging
  11. tariche

    Thread Skype 2.5

    Video calling is finaly working great. Further more , I had problem with mic and now it also magicaly working good (not great).
  12. tariche

    Post 3.2 is pull down loh

    Anyway, regarding invalid update I finally managed to pass the invalid system message. BUT, when it rebooted and started updating suddenly it stopped and showed exclamation traffic sign over droidbug in a middle of the updating. Rebooted and it just reported failed update. So I guess we have to...
  13. tariche

    Post 3.2 is pull down loh

    Invalid system update I have unrooted then rebooted, but still constantly getting invalid system update cancelled message. Any suggestions?
  14. tariche

    Post [ROM] Back to the Future [XBmod-Yuki][Updatable]Build 8107 Ready

    I installed updates till 7403 update without sd card. Then I tried to install 7712 and after udate is downloaded it just says not enougs space and quits. If I add sd card and hard reset card is recognised but when phone reboots to apply update it restarts and repport that sd card is either...
  15. tariche

    Post [Q] Honeycomb 3.2 - Whats new/benefits for the A500/501

    Everybody mentions HC changes in 3.2, but if there will be any chanages/updates from Acer (mic issue,,lumiread,etc)?
  16. tariche

    Post [Q] LumiRead and screen timeout

    Well, tried changing timeout in screen settings and the same thing happened. It did not timeout on its own but in time specified in settings. Since I hate having two apps for same thing I was reluctant installing aldiko. Anyway, I tried it and the same thing happened, only this time display did...
  17. tariche

    Thread [Q] LumiRead and screen timeout

    It is very annoying to tap screen every 2 mins, my screen timeout, when reading book. I usually end up flipping page or activating toolbar which cut off first and last 2 lines on page/s. Is there any solution to this?
  18. tariche

    Post [Q] LumiRead - delete the 2 free books and locked folders

    Actually, its just keep restoring them rooted or not.
  19. tariche

    Post [Q] how to watch megavideo videos on tablet?

    Trie to finde site to which you can paste video link from megavideo and stream. It took me a while to finde one. If you cant finde I ll PM you.
  20. tariche

    Post New HTC devices plus a tablet at MWC

    Maybe devices are not what we used from HTC but OnLive cloud gaming and HTC Watch app for movie streaming and downloading are definitely step in right direction IMHO.
  21. tariche

    Post [07.AUG.11][CWM] RAFDROID HD 4.2.0|Froyo DesHD|Most Stable Rom [Rafpigna 2.0 OC]

    Rafpigna I am not sure if you implemented in new built: but it would be great little mod. Thx
  22. tariche

    Post [07.AUG.11][CWM] RAFDROID HD 4.2.0|Froyo DesHD|Most Stable Rom [Rafpigna 2.0 OC]

    Just to report one more successful installation. Could not install v2.2 through CWM when published (stuck on Rafdroid boot screen), but this one (v2.3) worked like charm on first try: MGLDR 1.12 DAF 360M CWM 1.2 EXT4 1GB 2.3 works really fast and it stuck only while I was restoring ~ 20 apps...
  23. tariche

    Post [07.AUG.11][CWM] RAFDROID HD 4.2.0|Froyo DesHD|Most Stable Rom [Rafpigna 2.0 OC]

    Reset the phone (little red button under battery cover) and leave cable pluged in the phone. After you enter into flasher mode do not wait to long. That helpped me. Anyhow, CW did not work for me. Phone just hangs on rafdroid boot screen, and headset still does not work in 2.2. As far as rest...
  24. tariche

    Post [07.AUG.11][CWM] RAFDROID HD 4.2.0|Froyo DesHD|Most Stable Rom [Rafpigna 2.0 OC]

    How did you make partitions? There are 2 wonderful guides in OP (with pictures and all) ;) Try formatting your second partition with ext 3 (as suggested) again and make sure that it is primary as well as fat32 is.
  25. tariche

    Post [07.AUG.11][CWM] RAFDROID HD 4.2.0|Froyo DesHD|Most Stable Rom [Rafpigna 2.0 OC]

    I use Titanium Backup. There is Batch for backing up Both Apps and system data so after restoring you have your WIFI APs, widgets, apps and all other settings back in couple of minutes.
  26. tariche

    Post [07.AUG.11][CWM] RAFDROID HD 4.2.0|Froyo DesHD|Most Stable Rom [Rafpigna 2.0 OC]

    I've noticed similar problem trying to control music player with my headset. When pressed play it just starts voice dialer and after it hangs with no response from any button. When I kill VD it goes all over again. Otherwise, I use v2.1 with kernel 10.3 and ext3 and its beautiful. Compliments...
  27. tariche

    Post [25/03/11]XDAndroid - Topaz [2.2.2][FRX06 Final]

    Freeze on lock work around Not sure if anyone wrote before but, I've noticed when phone is in sleep mode and you want to wake it up by pressing power and if nothing happens (just led turns orange) all I have to do is press place on display where lock icon is suppose to be and picture appears...
  28. tariche

    Post [Discussion] Latest Kernels

    I use FRX03 with latest modules on my Topaz. Once I boot in android I set time, but after two days of use it gets half an hour late. Is this a known bug or I am missing something? Thnx for a beautiful work. Sent from my MSM using XDA App
  29. tariche

    Post [SOD] Any Solutions? Task29 for Topaz Included

    I had SOD. I've solved it by changing my SIM card since previous one was more than 10 years old. With new one I never had this problem.
  30. tariche

    Post T [WWE|GER|FRA|ITA|NLD] |July 4| Energy™-.¸¸.·´¯ 6.5|21916 / 6.5.X|29022 * Sense 2021

    My bad use of quote, sorry. similar thing for TP2
  31. tariche

    Post T [WWE|GER|FRA|ITA|NLD] |July 4| Energy™-.¸¸.·´¯ 6.5|21916 / 6.5.X|29022 * Sense 2021

    I have not been pimping my status so I can not give you links but I already gave u a clue where u could find the tool and step by step instructions.
  32. tariche

    Post T [WWE|GER|FRA|ITA|NLD] |July 4| Energy™-.¸¸.·´¯ 6.5|21916 / 6.5.X|29022 * Sense 2021

    While on a subject, I've been using TD1 before I've upgraded to TD2. And if anything went wrong while flashing TD1 you could always rely on mitty to correct everything, but I have not seen any thread about mitty on TD2. Procedure is the same even for HD2, so my question is it same for TD2 and...
  33. tariche

    Post T [WWE|GER|FRA|ITA|NLD] |July 4| Energy™-.¸¸.·´¯ 6.5|21916 / 6.5.X|29022 * Sense 2021

    SMS issue fix I fixed all SMS related problems by installing back HTC Messaging, since it is not included in the ROM 22.02. Link provided by NRGZ28 on Twitter.
  34. tariche

    Post [DISCONTINUED][WWE-ITA-GER] udK Syrius Topaz R7 21042 + WM6.5 BETA2 21500 - base 2.04
  35. tariche

    Post [DISCONTINUED][WWE-ITA-GER] udK Syrius Topaz R7 21042 + WM6.5 BETA2 21500 - base 2.04

    Gave me a lot gray hair this morning and then: