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    Thread [Q] I'm going on a 3 day vacation and...

    ...I need a ROM that can hold battery for at least 5 hours a day. Don't tell me DroidGio or enhanced 236. Their battery life is worse than CM 10.
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    Thread Need enough posts to reply to the dev section?

    I'm so sorry for spamming
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    Thread How do I remove threads?

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    Thread Is there a way to put all apps into sd card?

    and by All Apps, I mean the wholeee application which may include Data, USB Storage, App. I hope Im clear enough.
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    Thread Better battery life on AOSP?

    It drains within 3 hours MAX. on display. Any mods/tips?
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    Thread [Q] Battery/Performance Tweaks JB

    I just installed this ROM and it's pretty stable and beautiful. But it's also a little slow and I can barely play any games without lags. The battery is ok; Max. 4h of Display. Do you know any Tweaks or Scripts for Performance/Battery? [I...