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    Post [Q] Cracked screen

    Are the "Like New" replacements really like new? I'm pissed that my phone fell and cracked but I don't want a phone that may have some kind of other damage that is not visible from the outside.
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    Post [GUIDE] [Maxx XT1225] Install Lollipop OTA if you have Rooted - no Wipe necessary

    Christ whoever is posting these articles on the XDA homepage saying this will work for the Turbo has to stop. The Maxx and the Turbo are two separate devices. Someone please fix this it's annoying.
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    Post [MotoMaxx][TWRP] High Volume Mod

    Why is this linked from xda news as a mod for the Turbo....? To remind us we don't have root? Can a moderator please fix the title on the xda homepage?
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    Post Moto Maxx's own Forum Section

    Droid Razr for CDMA and international shared the same forum section and the development for both phones was fantastic. I think it was because they shared the page that the CDMA development was kept alive. No I don't think they should have separate forums, but that is my opinion.
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    Post Show your home screen

    Whats that sidebar?
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    Post [Q] need to flash 4.4.2 on Razr Maxx HD - HOW??

    I would move your attention to this area: Don't criticize forum members and call the site useless. Sometimes you have to wait for help, especially when it's free.
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4][AOSP][CDMA/GSM][Unofficial] SlimKat

    Been on 5.0 with stock Kernel for 4 days straight without the need to reboot. Running solid as a rock great job alteredlikeness. Battery life is decent on my XT912 Maxx, could be alittle better but I'm pretty happy as it is. Again, I can't thank all the devs enough on helping keep this device...
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4][AOSP][CDMA/GSM][Unofficial] SlimKat

    Any Tips on improving battery life on latest 5.0 build running latest jbx? I'm currently using greenify and battery friend but I'm a bit disappointed with battery performance.
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    Post [ROM] [KitKat] [GSM/CDMA] 11-3 Liquidsmooth 3.0 OFFICIAL

    I might go back to the 3-11 build as everyone always claims it seems to have the best battery life. How is it in terms of stability and features as well as compared to the current build? Thanks!
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    Post [KERNEL][3.0.31][FULL HD][HDMI][GUIDE 1.8]JBX-Kernel Hybrid [1,5ghz]

    Jake your method worked great! Getting a much better connection on SlimKat 4.2. I'll get back to you on whether it fixed mms or not. Sent from my XT912 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Post [KERNEL][3.0.31][FULL HD][HDMI][GUIDE 1.8]JBX-Kernel Hybrid [1,5ghz]

    I would really appreciate you uploading that file. I have SlimKat running on stock slot and it would be a bit much to restore the stock ROM to make a backup.
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    Post [KERNEL][3.0.31][FULL HD][HDMI][GUIDE 1.8]JBX-Kernel Hybrid [1,5ghz]

    New Build is working Fantastically! Great Work Dtrail. Just wondering though, what ROM is everyone currently using with JBX? I'm on SlimKat 4.2 and couldn't be happier. Keep up the great work we all appreciate it so much!
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    Post [KERNEL][3.0.31][FULL HD][HDMI][GUIDE 1.8]JBX-Kernel Hybrid [1,5ghz]

    At least once a day I get the dead screen, only hardware button backlights turn on issue. I have to reboot and wipe cache and dalvik each time it happens. Any suggestions on how to fix this it happens on every ROM I use. Running 2-22 build with SlimKat 3.6 on a xt912. Thanks a lot!
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4][AOSP][CDMA/GSM][Unofficial] SlimKat

    Is there any way to disable this new recents app manager and return to the old one?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][Lollipop 5.1][spyder/umts_spyder] PAC-ROM LP-MR1 Beta-2

    So happy to see this ROM being built again for our device. Thanks so much for your work. Is the ROM based off CM 11? If so does it have the same stability as those ROMS?
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4][AOSP][CDMA/GSM][Unofficial] SlimKat

    So did you get your Verizon MMS working again by replacing the apn_conf.xml in slim kat with the one from stock? just a simple copy and paste?
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    Post [ROM][4.2.2][OFFICIAL] LiquidSmooth v2.2.1 - spyder|umts_spyder - 4|15|13

    I am curious about this as well. Is this Rom working on SS 3.65 without requiring dirty flash and does it work with latest JBX? Thanks.
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    Post [KERNEL][3.0.31][FULL HD][HDMI][GUIDE 1.8]JBX-Kernel Hybrid [1,5ghz]

    I still seem to be having deep sleep issues on 1-21. Phone works well but battery drains rather quickly because the phone doesn't Deep Sleep. Any suggestions? Running SlimKat 2.3 Beta. Thanks!
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4][AOSP][CDMA/GSM][Unofficial] SlimKat

    Thanks, I'll give it a try. Did you dirty flash over to 2.4 or do a clean install? Stock ROM slot or virtual slot?
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4][AOSP][CDMA/GSM][Unofficial] SlimKat

    Rom is working well but I have two major issues. First, the phone screen frequently goes dead and when I try to wake it only the back light for the hardware buttons lights up. Then I have to hard reboot the phone and I have to wipe cache and Dalvik because that is the only way I can get the...
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4][AOSP][CDMA/GSM][Unofficial] SlimKat

    Does anyone know how to get to APN settings on the most current version? It's greyed out for me and I can't set it through hangouts either. XT912 on 2.3 Beta using 1-16 JBX.
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4][AOSP][CDMA/GSM][Unofficial] SlimKat

    The 2.3 beta is working wonderfully on my XT912. I'm running it with The 1-16 JBX Kernel. The stock camera and everything is working wonderfully. The only issue I ran into was with mounting the SD card which I resolved by wiping it and reformatting on the phone. Running it on SS 3.65 ROM slot 2...
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    Post Moto Maxx Newb here..with Questions!

    I think you may be in the wrong device forum. This is for the Droid RAZR released in 2012. We have no OTA update for 4.4 in sight. I think your looking for the droid Maxx. That device thread can be found here:
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    Thread Factory Reset Stock ROM with SS

    If I perform a factory reset within my stock ROM will that erase SS and all other custom ROMS on my phone? I'm transitioning from liquid smooth back to stock because I need more stability. I think it should only reset the data on the stock ROM but just making sure. Thanks in advance.
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4][AOSP][CDMA/GSM][Unofficial] SlimKat

    Does the current version work with SS 3.11? If so which ROM slot?
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    Post [KERNEL][3.0.31][FULL HD][HDMI][GUIDE 1.8]JBX-Kernel Hybrid [1,5ghz]

    Nope, 2.9 was their last 4.2.2 release. It's incredibly stable compared to their newer ones that's why I'm still using it. I just wanted to try JBX because I need increased battery performance so which release would you guys recommend for an xt912 running liquid smooth 4.2.2 on SS 3.11
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    Post [KERNEL][3.0.31][FULL HD][HDMI][GUIDE 1.8]JBX-Kernel Hybrid [1,5ghz]

    I'm running liquid smooth v2.9 which is 4.2.2 based. Can anyone suggest the most stable version of the kernel that I should install. I need pretty much everything working for what I do. Thanks alot!
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    Post [ROM][4.2.2][OFFICIAL] LiquidSmooth v2.2.1 - spyder|umts_spyder - 4|15|13

    So just to check, does this work on SS 3.65 on stock ROM with a dirty flash?
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    Post [ROM][4.2.2][OFFICIAL] LiquidSmooth v2.2.1 - spyder|umts_spyder - 4|15|13

    This is awesome that we have this up and running on 4.4. Any news on what works and what doesn't work on xt912?
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    Post [ROM][4.2.2][OFFICIAL] LiquidSmooth v2.2.1 - spyder|umts_spyder - 4|15|13

    So does that just mean install cm11 over stock slot in ss 3.65, then without wiping it install liquidsmooth over that?
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    Post [Q] CM10.2 ROM for Razr XT912. No data service

    1670 bethyea It seems like all the 4.3 and above ROMS for CDMA are haveing 3g and data trouble.
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    Post Share your RAZR screenshots here

    I like things to look a little more plain and clean. Running LiquidSmooth 2.9.
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    Post [Q] how can i root razr maxx having jellybean 4.1.2

    Try googling Matts Utility for Droid razr Jellybean. I would post the link but I'm not allowed to yet. It's a one click, easy method of rooting and restoring your phone if it breaks.
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    Post want toggle like samsung for razr

    What do you mean by toggle?
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    Post Custom ROMs: Awesome but not so awesome?

    I would recommend checking out some builds based on Jelly bean 4.2 or lower. These tend to be much more stable for me. Sadly many of the developers who had done such wonderful work for our device have moved onto newer devices to develop for. Obviously that makes sense for them but it makes it...
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    Post "Safestrap"

    I second this. I have screwed up my phone countless times and this utility has saved me each time. It includes very simple instructions and is incredibly easy to use.
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    Post A few Carbon Rom questions

    Thanks so much. I have a Maxx version of the xt912 so hopefully the battery life will be sufficient. I'll try it out when I get some free time. Cheers :D
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    Thread A few Carbon Rom questions

    Just a few general questions on the stable version of Carbon Rom v 1.8 for our xt912's. I'm switching from liquid smooth because I can't stand the lack of support from the developers. I know version 1.8 is Jelly Bean 4.2 based so I just wanted to make sure there were no critical issues with this...
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    Thread Can't sign into AOL associated Google account - Droid og

    I'm currently in the process of restoring my brothers A855 and I've run into a strange issue. When I try to sign into my google account it is saying my account is not recognized. It is an aol email but it is the one associated with my google account and it works fine on my Razr Maxx. Can you...
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    Thread Problem installing Soak Test Update

    I Downloaded and installed the soak test from droid-life. It looked like everything installed correctly but when I rebooted my phone turned on and booted but the homescreen was all black and I could only pull down the notofocation bar and get to settings. Going there confirmed that I had 4.1.2...