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  1. Stauf99

    Thread What's the right update?

    It's been a while since I updated and I want to sidelode an OTA but I don't know which one is best. I'm on project fi and I don't want to be on pie, I just want the latest/best Oreo update for me What's the difference between all of these, i can't find that info anywhere 8.1.0...
  2. Stauf99

    Thread Anyone got Viper4 working?

    Has anyone got Viper4 working on pixel 2 yet? I have root after installing a patched boot img with magisk manager, but it seems like no matter what I do I can't get it working
  3. Stauf99

    Thread boot loop after installing twrp

    so after i unlocked my bootloader, installed twrp, rebooted boot loader and went into recovery, i was greeted by twrp but it asked me for a decryption password (which i never set up) and Heisnberg said I wouldn't have worry about here under section 3 of how to decrypt the data partition...
  4. Stauf99

    Thread Launcher MOD?

    I have a bunch of mods that don't work anymore (pre kitkat) can anyone point me to 5x5 / 5x6 launcher mod? and how to add the hotspot toggle back?
  5. Stauf99

    Thread is kitkat coming to 8013?

    Been far out of the loop for a couple months and I'm wondering if there are plans for a kitkat release from Samsung for the 8013? bit of googling didn't give me clear answers
  6. Stauf99

    Thread [Q] Stop the MADNESS!!!

    I hate having my apps update automatically because I like to read the change log before I do anything. I also hate having to tap update on each app individually and there are some apps I hate to update at all! Is there anyway to 'check mark' apps then press a button that updates only those...
  7. Stauf99

    Thread [Q] Quick Music Control Question

    Been outta the game for awhile so I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to drop a quick answer to what is now probably a noob question. I tried searching but I couldn't find a real answer. How can I get music controls so that I can pause/play using the volume up/down buttons? I find the music...
  8. Stauf99

    Thread 24 hours vs 2 minutes

    So I was transferring a lot of small files totaling about 600 MB to the internal SD via the micro usb from my laptop. Laptop said it would be about 6 hours so I let it go overnight. When i got up in the morning, it tripped along the way and stopped transferring files (I'm guessing because the...
  9. Stauf99

    Thread [Q] How to get updated Sammy OpticalReader

    I really wanted to post this in the apps/themes section but this is indeed a question. scrosler in all his awesome wisdom ported the app a long time ago. Although if force closed whenever you went to help or tried to take a panoramic pic with the app i still loved it. After searching the...
  10. Stauf99

    Thread [Q] Roaming notification issues

    Is anyone not on Andybones' BoneStock rom having issues with the roaming notification that has ever gotten the roaming notification?
  11. Stauf99

    Thread [Q] What does ME7 improve upon MDK

    So i know ME7 base fixes the 'purple smear' issue and adds app2sd and the WiFi toggle. But is there anything else, or is it pretty much just an empty shell of an update?
  12. Stauf99

    Thread [Q] How long to charge device for?

    Every Android device i have ever owned says to unplug the charger when the battery is full. But from what little i know about Li-ion batteries, it is best to keep them plugged in for as much as possible. So what's best for the overall battery life?
  13. Stauf99

    Thread help, need stock me7 firmware

    Does anyone know where i can find the stock me7 firmware?
  14. Stauf99

    Thread Help! Please!

    ok, so I was restoring my droid charge. ODINed the EP4, OTAed to FP8, then I ODINed the PIT with re-partition, auto reboot, and F. Reset Time checked. it passed, but now i can't even get the SAMSUNG boot loop, download mode or recovery. if i hold the power button down long enough some white...
  15. Stauf99

    Thread Halp, can't get factory firmware to stick

    The title is only partly true really. One my 8013 i can get the MA3 factory firmware to work just fine, but whenever I try to do LI3 I get stuck at the SAMSUNG boot loop. longest i let it stay there was a half hour What I've been doing is following this tutorial...
  16. Stauf99

    Thread Wishing for old S-Note

    Can anyone help me get the old S Note app please? :fingers-crossed: If i flashed a really old rom for the 8013 (the version I have) .... after odining old stock, could I get it from there?
  17. Stauf99

    Thread [Q] Add Remove Toggles?

    Is there a way to add/remove toggles using a method like SQlite on the S4? If not then how? I flashed a 8000 rom over my 8013, then flashed the 801x compatability thing, but I'm still left with the data toggle. (Android Revolution 7.0) There's been no support from the dev for little more than a...
  18. Stauf99

    Thread [Q] Non-stock out of the box (verizon)

    So I was about to root my S4 when I decided to boot into recovery just to look around. When I did boot into recovery I was shocked to see the android guy laying on his back with the red triangle above its chest. I didn't try anything fancy with it yet, I've barely had the thing for a week, just...
  19. Stauf99

    Thread [Q] secphone.apk on pure wifi tab?

    I was lookin through the files on my GT-N8013 and found "secphone.apk" so does this mean that if i somehow jam a sim card into my purely wifi tab I can turn it into a 'phablet'??? someone please satisfy my curiosity
  20. Stauf99

    Thread [Q] Anyone else have these problems with S Note after 75 MB update?

    So after the OTA 75 MB update (GT-N8013 4.0.4) I noticed these annoying new features with S Note and was wondering if anyone else had them and new how to fix them. 1. whenever I open a note the brightness goes up to over 9000 (auto brightness is not on) 2. I can't hide the menu with the pen...