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    Thread [theme] [cm12] lcky, influence

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    Thread [SCREEN CUSTOMIZATION] - ERROR404 - Zooper Skins, icons, CM Themes...

    ICONS Glow Icons Download Circle Icons Download Jigsaw Puzzle Icons Download Hexagon Beveled Icons Download Sticker Icons Download Chromesquare Icons Download White Icons Download Floating Rectangle Icons Download Pixelated Icons Download MinWhite Icons...
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    Thread Resize icons

    Hello, is there a way to resize icons in homescreen? My icons are very small. I also can't find the actions menu in zooper widget. I want to create a widget and put a image that opens my app drawer for example. Found the themer actions in zooper. It's not appearing in Zooper Pro. Thanks and...
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    Thread [help] Messed layout

    Hey guys, i was making an apk with my skin and the layout get messed. Tested in a smartphone with bigger resolution, is it normal? Sorry my english
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    Thread [Icons][ZWSkin][UCCW] error404 themes

    What's up guys, i'm learning how to create icons and themes so i wanna share it. :) Glow Icons: Download Circle Icons: Download Jigsaw Puzzle Icons: Download Hexagon Beveled Icons: Download Sticker Icons: Download Chromesquare Icons: Download White Icons: Download
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    Thread [Q] Percent and colors

    I have two questions (hope you guys can help me): 1 - Is there a way to hide some numbers? Here's what i want: $((#usedSD#/#totalSD#)*100)$ = this will give me a percentage of used space in SD card, but i don't want the decimal numbers (23,33 - want to remove the numbers after the comma). 2 -...
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    Thread [REQUEST] SystemUI 4.2.2 for 4.1.2

    Someone could make this systemUI for our i9070. I tried but i'm fu****g noob... =(
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    Thread change font colors

    hey guys, how can i change the colors of the fonts in power off menu? if possible, change the black text color and the "Reiniciar" to other color too... thanks.