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  1. Bogdacutu

    Thread Kill the kill switch - "ST - yy"

    < include generic disclaimer here > TL;DR Since update 3.1, Nvidia can force updates (such as the one that bricks your tablet) to be downloaded and installed silently. No guarantees, but: If you're on stock, delete TegraOTA (/system/app/TegraOTA or /system/priv-app/TegraOTA if you're on 5.0...
  2. Bogdacutu

    Thread Linux4Tegra R23.1/R24.1 beta for the Shield Tablet

    Stuff that doesn't work: 3G/LTE, accelerometer, GPS, camera, and maybe some other stuff that I'm not remembering Stuff that does work: GPU (full OpenGL 4.5 and Vulkan), sound, USB device and host, WiFi, Bluetooth, touchscreen (including stylus), SD/USB install Downloads: Linux4Tegra R24.1 beta...
  3. Bogdacutu

    Thread [Q] What are the differences between the WiFi version and the LTE version?

    I ordered a 16GB Shield Tablet last week from Amazon but they accidentally sent me the 32GB LTE version. I see that most of the development here is for the WiFi version, so I'm out of luck, as sending it back would likely cost more than the price difference. Are there any differences between...
  4. Bogdacutu

    Thread [HELP] Can't boot freshly compiled kernel

    I've compiled the kernel from but it always results in a bootloop (without any edits), did anyone else encounter such an issue? I'm sure I followed the instructions correctly. Thanks
  5. Bogdacutu

    Thread [Q] Strange blue tint while selecting text/items

    The top bar that appears while selecting text (or multiple emails in Gmail for example) has its bottom half blue, as you can see in this picture. I am sure it wasn't like this before (since that blue part is very noticeable now). Did this happen to anyone else? I'm stock rooted but haven't done...