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    Thread Move (Export + Move) all images of one contact outside "WhatsApp Images" folder

    Move (Export + Move) all images of one contact outside "WhatsApp Images" folder Hi !! I have been shearching many webs.... many threads.... many days.... with no clues..... The problem is.... after many years I have thousands of images and videos.... I would like to remove selective contacts...
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    Thread Install apps in A1 SDCard ?

    Hi ! I have just install my new a1 sdcard in my tab s3, but as I can see I not still be able to install more apps than with my previous non a1 sdcard ! So all is the same but I suppose that the sd is just faster.... This is happening also in my s7 edge. A1 sdcard was not suppose to let us...
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    Thread Install apps in A1 SDCard ?

    Hi ! I have just install my new a1 sdcard in my s7 edge, but as I can see I not still be able to install more apps than with my previous non a1 sdcard ! So all is the same but I suppose that the sd is just faster.... A1 sdcard was not suppose to let us install any app directly into the sd (not...
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    Thread Game Launcher / Game Tuner

    Hi !! As I can see in the official Samsung web under Tab S3 info, the tablet should have Game Launcher / Game Tuner, but I cannot see any icon for this app... If I go to settings > apps and enable show system apps... the app IS THERE !! but I cannot see the icon under app drawer. How can this...
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    Thread S Note missing ???

    As I can see S Note seems unavailable both in play store or Samsung apps ! Is S Note unsupported with Tab S3 ?!?!? Can any confirm this ?? Samsung Notes is not as good as S Note ! So Normal phones are supported.... even non Samsung devices.... and a Samsung tab with S-Pen is not supported ¿...
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    Thread Any way to install / use Samsung Themes ??

    Hi I have just bought my new Samsung Tab S3 ! I was expecting Samsung Themes to be part of this tablet.... but.... again.... a new tablet without Samsung themes support :(. Is there anyway to add "Samsung themes" to Tab S3 ??? Many Thanks !!
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    Thread Oh my god please Help :(

    Please help !!!!!!! After installing "Beats Audio Mod for all Android" using "Beats Audio™ Installer ★ root" I cannot boot ! It stops at "upgrading android" I cannot restore a backup becouse my TF201 (ASUS Transformer Prime) is rooted but not unlocked ! wipe data will no resolve it !!! since...
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    Thread I really don't know what more can I do to avoid game crashes :(

    Hi ! After all this months since ATP launch, I have tried all FW versions, with or without root, every schedulers... every tweak available in ATP forums (MRCANNADY solution, ATP Tweak and many others...), all kind of wipes... all ! I keep getting random crashes playing games (far more...
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    Thread I have to share something about crashes (the reaon for all?)

    Hi u all ! I am one of those that couldn't play any game more than 2 minutes without a crash... As a last try after months... and before considering a hard reset... I tried something that seems to resolve all my crash problems ! What I did: - Remove ASUS Task manager widget from launcher -...
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    Thread [Q] Sensation Dockstations and No landscape sense mode ??

    HTC is sending landscape dock stations... but Sense has no landscape mode !.... Is there any way to we can do to be able to use our dock stations without breaking our necks ? Something like: - Enable sense landscape mode ?? - Any app to be able to use a different launcher for portrait and...
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    Thread [Q] SD-EXT and HTC Sensation

    Hi ! I am using IC Rom ! Is there anyway to use sd-ext ?? How ?? any guide ?? I used CW Recovery to create a 1Gb of sd-ext... but now I have no idea how to use it... If I download a2sd or similar... It says ext2/3/4 are not supported... I have some IM problems so I would like to investigate...
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    Thread [Q] Why sense builds are EXTREMELY slow compared with stock ?

    Hi U all ! I just would like to know why this huge difference in performance between any GingerBread rom and any htc sense rom... I love stock roms but I use my phone also for my work, and htc mail / dialer functions (groups and GAL GAL GAL) are a MUST for me... All sense roms I have tried...
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    Thread [Q] Problems With Android 2.3 Mail System (Non Sense)

    Hi ! I use HD2 for the work... I have 2 "BIG" problemswith all non-sense android 2.3 roms.... 1. GAL Support ! How can I add support for GAL ?? I mean global address list ?? In WM Sense and also in Android Sense when I create a new email just presing the "TO" I can select any contact stored...
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    Thread RSS Hub. Imposible to download images ??

    Hi !! Is there anyway to make rss hub to download images ?? since all I can see where I should see an image is just a red cross ... I really would like to be able to see also the images ... Please let me know if anyone knows how to do it. If there is no solution... Where can I find any...
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    Thread Big problems with touch/finger scroll. Please HELP

    Hi !! I have a problem and I'm not able to resolve it. Since summer and surfing all webs/forums the problem is still there ... This is totally frustrating ... :( The problem is the touch/finger scroll ... Using pocketcm, resco explorer 7, s3p, s2v and a lot of 3rd party soft all works really...
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    Thread Default Icons per application !

    Hi!!! The problem is so simple... With my s200 I have never had thos problem ... That's why I don't know if the problem is my diamond (rom ?) or wm6 or resco explorer ... After I change the default aplication for a file type those files appear with the usual "unknown file" icon instead of the...
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    Thread WM5 not showing "free space left" installing cabs

    Hi !! After updating to the last official wm5 rom ... I see that wm never shows free space left when i try to install any cab ... is there any way to restore that feature ?? any config file ?? or registry hack ?? Please any help would be great ! See U!
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    Thread Font Problems with CommManager and Cube

    Hi U all !! I have a really bad problem... After using a custom font for phonealarm (a digital kind one ... for the clock) and copied it to "fonts" subdirectory... for any kind of reason now CommManager and one of the pages of the cube is now using that font ... But the really strange and...
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    Thread Serious problems with WIFI and Official QTek ROM (WM5)

    Hi Guys !! I have a very big problem and strange also ...with WIFI ... This is the problem: After a HR and installing all my apps .. all is ok ! ad i can connect to my WIFI home AP ... all works great and connect allways and automatically ... Now is where the problem begin ... When I go to...