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    Post [Portrait Mode ][EMUI 8.0] Google Camera v6.0 with HDR+ working Honor 7X

    Emui version?? Coz minimum android version oreo is needed
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    Thread [Portrait Mode ][EMUI 8.0] Google Camera v6.0 with HDR+ working Honor 7X

    Google Camera Port Honor 7X Discussion Thread By BSG, Arnova8G2, SKULSHADY, Tolyan009, Ivanich, and others. Features working: - Camera (HDR+, ZSL, flash, zoom, front camera, raw, etc) - Video (at 1080p) - Portrait Mode, Panorama, Photo Sphere Features NOT working: - Slow motion - Normal Clicks...
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    Post [ROM][WIP][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 For Moto G 2013 [falcon][2018/01/09]

    Will try to compile for peregrine this weekend after exams end...
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    Post [ROM][WIP][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 For Moto G 2013 [falcon][2018/01/09]

    Los 15.1 based on 8.1.0 r15 March Patch If someone wants latest los with march patch Known issue: Offline charge Lags in recent area Use nova launcher Video use footej Thanks to all devs here for help??
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    Post Change for Better. Comment here to Win an Honor 9 Lite

    Glass back looks sexy tho??....although camera is a bit weak still software tweaks can be always done to make it better.... Overall the best thing is the design Personally dont like the emui but ofc LOS and other roms will be there due to awesome developers and can help then find and fix bugs...
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    Post Android Oreo system theme accents (colors)

    Yep thats what i meant?? Whats there to crack in youtube
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    Post Android Oreo system theme accents (colors)

    Really?? Cracked youtube ? I think u are confusing xda with some ****ty pirate site
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    Post Android Oreo system theme accents (colors)

    Did u even take permission before decompiling others works and spreading them? abdullah-baig Ananda Basak Developer BlueDragoon
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    Post [7.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] AICP - 12.1 - N 7.1.x for Lenovo P2

    One of the best roms available for this device Very very stable and giving good battery backup Thanks abhayruparel
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    Post P2 New Update (S244)

    Some changes till now apart from security patch: Lag while fingerprint unlock seems to be gone... Device feel a bit more smoother... Will report if the bug of notification exists or not...
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    Post P2 New Update (S244)

    Yes got it in
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    Post P2 New Update (S244)

    Same here no updates in India
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    Post The future of P2-development

    Wew work started for p2
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    Post [7.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] Viper-OS v.1.1 for Lenovo P2

    High hopes from u sir.... Hope to see p2 development alive and kicking again???
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    Post [UPDATED:-8/05/2017] Ambient Display Gesture (Urgent Notice)

    Eager to help out....i am a free tester.... Feel free to pm for any testing Rom: Lineage os latest
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    Post [ROM][AOSP][FALCON][7.1.2]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum [UNOFFICIAL]

    Crash in settings>>abt phone>> sim status
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    Post [ROM][AOSP][FALCON][7.1.2]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum [UNOFFICIAL]

    Remove the line <Include href="media_codecs_ffmpeg.xml" /> from media_codecs.xml And also the line above it and then clear cache and data of the app
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    Post [Kernel]Photon Kernel[otus][UBER-4.9][AndroidN]

    Flashed it and tested it Gr8 kernel for e2 Batterylife matters on what governpr u ise but stability is topnotch
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    Post [Kernel][7.x] Valkyrie-N-1s [DT2W][S2W][24/4/2017]

    Testing.....will report within a by tomorrow
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] AOSPA 7.3.1-EOL Paranoid Android [CAF][OMS][17/11][DISCONTINUED]

    The ROM is not one of the smoothest out there coz its still under development. Still one of the best battery backups for falcon can be easily achieved by this ROM 2bugs: Gallery FCs when u try to edit a pic When turned right in autorotation mode the navbar stays at left High hopes from u Rahif...
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    Post moto g4 plus ota 7.1.1

    Official chat proof of the update
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r30][OFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V5.6 [DUI][SURNIA]

    Device? And i am on latest no bugs faced till now
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    Post [ROM][Otus][Official]Citrus-CAF-3.1[DISCONTINUED]

    When device switched off and u connect charger the device turns on automatically
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    Post [ROM][Otus][Official]Citrus-CAF-3.1[DISCONTINUED]

    Using this rom Apart from minor 1 bug rom is super smooth(initial impression) Detailed review coming soon
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    Post [ROM][Official][otus] LineageOS 14.1 for Moto E 3G

    Yep same here And as far as i know lineage os hasn't come to a single device officially till now
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    Post [5.1][Stock][Otus][ROM] Performa ROM V1.0

    Finally stock based rom for otus???
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    Post [CUSTOM BOOTLOGO][Powered by AOSP EXTENDED] - Motorola Moto E1 and E2

    Looks really cool I can make them twrp flashable if u want
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r30][OFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V5.6 [DUI][SURNIA]

    Aosp Extended V3.0 is up for otus See Changelog Here Download up on site Surnia live too now
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.2_r29]CypherOS 4.1 Honeybun[Surnia]

    3.5.1 is available for otus too Get at-
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.2_r29]CypherOS 4.1 Honeybun[Surnia]

    3.5.1 is now available for surnia Get it at:
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    Post [cmte] [CM12 / CM13] DEEPDARKNESS theme

    _moelle can i be one of beta testers Telegram id: Anandabasak
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    Post [ROM][Official][otus] LineageOS 14.1 for Moto E 3G

    Gr8 move really Most users dont even update daily so no need of daily builds Weekly or biweekly builds will be just gr8 and wont bother users at all Best of luck to u and the whole lineage os team
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    Post [ROM][Official][otus] LineageOS 14.1 for Moto E 3G

    Easiest is to use twrp to update twrp 1. Download twrp latest 2. Go to twrp of ur device 3. Install click on install 4. See below 2tabs one of which says flash image click on that 5. Select downloaded twrp 6. Flash by swipe 7. Choose recovery partion in the next screen 8. Swipe again to flash 9...
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    Post [ROM][Official][otus] LineageOS 14.1 for Moto E 3G

    Be on the safe side....takes a few mins to flash a new twrp....then flash the rom or else error may come.. 2.8.6 wont work any ways...