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    Thread We're almost there..

    Hold on to your undies people,
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    Thread Updating to an unapproved fw

    Like the title suggests, what will I loose if I do a force update? Will I be still getting OTA updates? B389 is like a bad fw from honor. :(
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    Thread Need testers for Google Camera

    Hey there folks! So I've contacted Sir Arnova8G2 awhile ago and said that our device has camera2api enabled by default. If anyone can test the apk below and provide with a logcat or screenshots, it'll be a breeze for him to port the apk. I can't provide him logs atm since I'm out with my family...
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    Thread Concerns about the winner of the Honor View 10 ( Somebody stole my question)

    You've seen nothing. Move along. xD but if interested, here's the post: I hope this can be fixed and was indeed a mistake from the OT.
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    Thread Rom build keeps failing at 99%

    Hi there folks! I'm trying to build a rom and it seems that, it keeps failing at 99%. Can anyone help me with this problem? Here's my hastebin: I hope someone can help me. TIA! :D
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    Thread Differences of F3111 & F3115

    Hey there folks! I just noticed that there are 3 variants of Single Sim Xa and 2 for Dual Sim. What are the differences of these? And can you install F3111's firmware on F3115?
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    Thread To go Custom ROM or not?

    Hiyee people. So I'm planning to go Custom ROM and I'm thinking, is it worth it? My warranty is about to lapse next month. What will I loose if knox has been tripped? Samsung Pay is not really a concern of mine since I have a feeling that it will never be implemented in my country. Enlighten me...
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    Thread Sell S6 Flat, Go Z5 Premium or wait for Marshmallow?

    Hii Folks! So I just got back from our local mall and took a test drive of the New Z5 Premium. I'm stoked. From the fingerprint unlock to the Camera Test, amazing. Its fast too. I was trying to stress the device by multitasking really fast, flawless. I'm now having a dilemma if I'll sell my S6...
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    Thread Restoring Original Firmware

    Hey there folks! Can anyone help me with this problem? I believe the language is in korean but I can't understand what it says.
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    Thread Camera View Finder FPS

    Soo, let me get this straight to the devs. Is there a way to cure the fps drop when using the camera? I've noticed that, when you're pointing at a certain subject its all smooth but when you pan instantly to a different subject, the camera stutters and lags then recovers. I tried using my...
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    Thread What if..?

    What if..someone tries to contact or port Sir Franco's Kernel?
  12. Jhayzt

    Thread A temporary remedy for No Service/Loss of Network Signal on AOSP 5.1

    Hey there guys! So, I know everybody might be suffering the same fate as I have on 5.1. Signal Loss when rebooting the phone. Well, I might have found a remedy for that and here's how you do it: :highfive: -Jhay
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    Thread Something useful?

    So me and my friend tried to trace what's really wrong with most of the Lollipop ROM's and he told me this is the cause why it doesn't wake up when in deep sleep: [ 434.688710] C3 [ system_server, 953] Freezing user space processes ... (elapsed 0.01 seconds) done. [ 434.706116] C3 [...
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    Thread [Q] Build.Prop Qualcomm question

    Hey there people of XDA! Umm, can someone explain to me what are these values? debug.qualcomm.sns.hal debug.qualcomm.sns.daemon debug.qualcomm.sns.libsensor1 I've seen some builds with different inputs like =w, =1, =0, =i and the like. Thanks! :D
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    Thread [Q] & [Suggestion] ParanoidAndroid

    Hey there fellow mi3's! So yeah, my title says it all. I know that every developer is now busy with their respective ROM's and now that we have cm11 for our device, why not take it to the next level and build PA? I know its not all easy to build a ROM. This is only my suggestion devs. My...
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    Thread [Q]Biggest.Decision! Please help..

    Hey y'all S4 folks. So umm, yeah. To all the experts out there who own an S4, please do help me what S4 should I buy. I'm about to receive my blue's and threeheads(Philippine money that is. xD) Should I go for the Quadcore or the Octacore? I'm the kind of guy who likes flashing ROM's and when I...
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    Thread Can anyone....?

    Hey there guys. Just wanna ask if anyone can port this to our device. The GPU overclock thingy seems yummy. I tried on our device but the capacitive keys aren't working. :/ Anyways here's the link: thanks folks!
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    Thread [Q] [Off-Topic] What would you choose? Galaxy Note or Xperia S?

    So I'll be changing my phone soon and as the title goes, what would you choose? You can suggest another phone if you want. Thanks people!
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    Thread GSIII

    Sooo, y'all know the announcement and event going on now, right? WHO'S GETTING ONE??! MAY 29th, mark le calendars!!
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    Thread CM 7 Comparison :) [Benchmarks] <Ankkdroid vs Vish vs TJ>

    All SS have been taken after installing without mods. Aka Stock settings. Enjoy! Ankkdroid's CM7 RC 5.6: Vish's CM7 RC0: Tj's CM7 RC0: As you can see, Tj's CM7 scores higher than the other 2. Hope that helped! n_n
  21. Jhayzt

    Thread [Q] DDKT3 + SGSII LockScreen = Me Gusta..... :(

    Yep. You've read the title alright. I've recently used the new DDKT3 firmware..and dang, I love the Lockscreen. Can someone strip it and use it on any custom rom's? I'm currently using the new Andro-ID ROM..:D
  22. Jhayzt

    Thread Devs...We need to talk..

    Dear Devs, I'm sure most of you know the HTC Wildfire-S right...? Unfortunately...XDA is promoting it..and some devs are attempting to port ICS on it.. T.T I wish someone can speak to this matter and at least cheer me up...
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    Thread Why?

    hmm..why do I get the feeling that nothing is happening for the past few weeks? I mean..there's no new everyone busy?:confused:
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    Thread [Q] What Firmware..

    Hey there again with a new question.. What Firmware do you use for your CM7 & why did you choose that firmware?
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    Thread [Q] Will the new OC Kernel work with FitDroid?

    Yello people. Just wanna ask if the new OC kernel will work for FitDroid..will it work?