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  1. jdiddy_ub

    Thread Front led notification light?

    Just wondering if it has one...not the lights on the back Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  2. jdiddy_ub

    Thread MMS - Group Chat stuck on sending?

    I have the regular S8 purchased through Samsung and am using it on T-mobile. Whenever I send a message to a group chat, the status when i click on the message says sent but in the list of messages (all the people have i conversations with) it is stuck on "sending" in red letters...anyone else...
  3. jdiddy_ub

    Thread Accidentally wiped internal storage..need help adb pushing rom!

    as the title a rush i accidentally wiped my internal storage and everything else..i can get into recovery and fastboot mode i have all the adb drives and stuff installed from when i previously used it (months ago) when i plug my phone into my pc in fastboot it doesnt not connect and...
  4. jdiddy_ub

    Thread Belt clip/pouch with slim armor case?

    I just bought the spigen slim armor case and am having a very difficult time finding a belt pouch that fits. I measured out the dimensions with the case on and it is 5 3/4" x 3" x 1/2" i am also thinking about maybe getting a pouch that was made for a different phone that is slightly larger...
  5. jdiddy_ub

    Thread sandisk 64 gb exfat

    i formatted my 64 gb to exfat and i connected my phone to my reads the card and everything but i am still seems that the file size limitation of fat32 is still present.. when i go to properties (when the sd card is in my phone) it says file system: generic hierarchical...
  6. jdiddy_ub

    Thread Disable home button wake option?

    just as the title there an option to disable the home button when your screen is off? i want to only use the power button
  7. jdiddy_ub

    Thread Galaxy Note 2 Accessories Section?

    Is there something wrong with the accessories section? On my desktop it shows 0 threads and topics but when you click on it you can see the topics...when i browse that section with tapatalk its blank?
  8. jdiddy_ub

    Thread Google wallet - re-adding your card after reset

    to avoid being locked out of the secure element i reset my info in the google wallet app before i wiped my phone i redownloaded the app and went through the initial set up...this time it gives me an error when i am trying to link my citi card to it...the same card worked earlier so i know it...
  9. jdiddy_ub

    Thread anyone actually use google wallet?

    so im thinking about installing it and linking it to my citi card...does even use it? is it really more convenient? do a lot of places you go to in your everyday life accept it?
  10. jdiddy_ub

    Thread Phone Insurance for Nexus purchased through GOOGLE PLAY - only!

    i know there are a couple of phone insurance threads floating around already but i felt like there needed to be a separate one strictly for the people that bought it through the play falls under different warranty and its a different circumstance for anyone that has/will buy...
  11. jdiddy_ub

    Thread ICS - root access - mounting??

    im on easydoesit v2.2 and im having trouble mounting in root explorer...if i reboot enough times i can get it to mount but the files that i delete or add don't save... for trying to delete apex launcher since i have go launcher...when i delete the apk it says file deleted...but...
  12. jdiddy_ub

    Thread Wifi calling sim card

    i bought my SG2 around the time it was released and gave my sim card away because i figured id just keep using the one i had..well, as you all know you need the new sim cards to be able to use wi-fi calling i called and went to 2 different tmobile stores and they are trying to charge me $20 for...
  13. jdiddy_ub

    Thread Case + Holster

    if anyone is interested i stumbled upon another case/holster combo on ebay if anyone has it or has tried it please post your comments...i am...
  14. jdiddy_ub

    Thread Making Custom Homescreens

    Hi, I enjoy making custom homescreens for my phone and for many of my friends. I have decided to see if anyone on xda had any requests (concepts or suggestions) for homescreens. I use photoshop to make layouts and other things. I hope I am not breaking any of the rules or anything by posting...
  15. jdiddy_ub

    Thread [Q] Tmobile Name ID app

    i am currently on juggernaut 2.0 rom with .03 kernel...i read that installing the tmobile caller id app fixes the bug in which call waiting/hold and 3 way calling i just installed it and rebooted..i just got a call from my listed his location and im guessing its the...