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  1. captsingh787

    Thread Screw Mode?

    what could this be
  2. captsingh787

    Thread sRGB

    hi, is it me or does the sRGB mode in developer options doesn't work ie keeps switching off if you exit developer options
  3. captsingh787

    Thread Help. Note 4 910G parts on 910S

    Hi guys. Could I possibly use Rear camera and charging port board From 910G on my 910S? Thanks
  4. captsingh787

    Thread Disable Roaming Dual clock on LG G4 LG-F500S Android 5.1/6.0

    Well I guess since no one is posting anything about our beloved F500S even no Custom ROM I decided to help with the dual clock. This is actually a post from Reddit .link included There are tutorials on the web to teach people how to disable the roaming dual clock on G2/G3 by using the...
  5. captsingh787

    Thread F400k stock 6.0 mm root

    Hi guys can sometimes help me in rooting my F400K its on stock 6.0 I've searched everywhere tried all methods but still no luck I even tried the kingOroot and the one click method. Thanks on advance for your help
  6. captsingh787

    Thread SM-P605S 4.4.2 to SM-P605

    Hey Guys recently I saw that kitkat 4.4.2 is out for the SM-P605 and seriously I don't see any difference between the SM-P605, So just a Question if we can port/flash it to the SM-P605