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    Post About Security Patch

    LLD-L31 (C432) October patch waiting 139 update with november patch
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    Post I'm new, I dont know how to unlock bootloader on Emui 3.1, android 5.1.1

    if you have emui 3.1 you can't flash a kernel for emui 3.0 a question: is your bootloader unlocked? (in fastmode under the green robot there is written in red letters phone unlocked) EDIT: in your first post you write that the phone is you need an unlock code from huawei site in...
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    Post [ROOT] iOS 14 emoji's (Android,JoyPixels,EmojiDex,FaceBook,Samsung,Twemo j i,Windows)

    I can't download this ttf. Tried with firefox, IE, chrome, chrome for android and jdowloader2. Is it possible a mirror link?
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    Post Busybox

    you can root without a pc with twrp recovery and downloading supersu (flashable) package p.s. have you also deled set_immutable.list file for a proper working root?
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    Post Help with installing xposed framework

    I've P7 with android 5.1 and working xposed framework... Just download and install twrp recovery 3.0. 0 from here In the xposed thread download...
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    Post [RECOVERY][Huawei P7][Unofficial TWRP Recovery 3.0.3-0]

    Is there a possibility to update twrp to 3.0.2?
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    Post "4G only" option on p7 l10 ??

    As I know no...only with root...maybe there are some app in the playstore that lock the network but I don't know...
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    Post "4G only" option on p7 l10 ??

    with kikat this work (but i don't know lollipop)... you need root and sqlite editor -open with sqlite editor /data/user/0/ -now go in systemex and find "hw_networkmode_preference" value and edit the numbers of this line with the one you want 9...
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    Post badge icon

    I don't use instagram and i don't know what this function is but, maybe, instagram devs want support huawei launcher... if you are a dev you can try to understand the huawei launcher and create an app that enable notification for all installed apps
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    Post badge icon

    you can't add apps...if you want the notification icon you need to change the launcher (for example nova prime)
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    Post P7 and marshmellow

    No android 6 custom rom for p7
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    Post [KERNEL]Huawei Ascend P6S / P7 K-Tuned Kernel

    for me it is the same if you set dt2w to 3 minutes just download if someone want to set dt2w and s2s without init.d can use this apk made by Printusrzero
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    Post Help! P7 scatter file?

    if everything it's ok pressing the three button the phone should automatically start in EMUI recovery, flash the fw and reset the internal memory without the need to select anything...
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    Post problem with some features

    it is in setting, about phone, custom version
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    Post Help! P7 scatter file?

    p7 doesn't have MTK there isn't a scatter file and also sp flash tool doesn't work with and stock recovery you can force the rom's flash by putting the inside a folder in sd card (called dload), shutdown the phone and then pressing concurrently vol+ vol- and power...
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    Post problem with some features

    with the b861 ther is another (small file) that change the cust partition (international version doesn't have info for turkish cust)...usually missing 4g, keyboard, motion control is because there is a problem with cust partition but i didn't suggest to update because...
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    Post Theme with lockscreen notifications?

    Every theme works but you need to choose in the theme app as lockscreen the magazine unlock
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    Post sweep or double tap to wake

    Now it works...thanks
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    Post sweep or double tap to wake

    with b621 (kitkat) after the installation the phone goes in bootloop at the static huawei logo
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    Post sweep or double tap to wake

    Ther is also a minor problem in both KitKat and lollipop version: if you go in "settings, menage app, app in use" the RAM usage is set to 0.00 MB for most of the apps (only some system app have the correct RAM usage)
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    Post TWRP_Recovery-3.0.0-0.img

    ok mirror
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    Post TWRP_Recovery-3.0.0-0.img credits Kostyan_nsk
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    Post sweep or double tap to wake

    my italian translation works if you first uninstall the original dt2w.apk (I think because there is a different certification) for the motion control you can access from dt2w by pressing the text at the bottom of the list "motion control options" (in kitkat works)
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    Post [GUIDE][HOW-TO] Huawei Ascend P7 [ROOT][RootGenius][P7-L10]

    strange...with b852 works...but if you have deleted set_immutable and it doesn't appear after a reboot you should have full root
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    Post From TIM brand to International version

    you are with emui 2.3 so: -make a backup because this procedure erase the phone's memory -download and install b133 full rom (instruction are in the link) -download and install this little...
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    Post Trying to update to EMUI 3.0 or 3.1

    I don't know much about L00 (I've a L10) but there should be the updater app for ota update...otherwise here there is the official download page (latest rom b851)
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    Post [GUIDE][HOW-TO] Huawei Ascend P7 [ROOT][RootGenius][P7-L10]

    -you need fastboot and adb program (link by majcomtech!2JNgGBZA!g5u9q6m1j6T8jw0ubcprb7FQoU7Cl1MuZo1Proz0F2) -go here (how to install is in the post) and install twrp - go...
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    Post [GUIDE][HOW-TO] Huawei Ascend P7 [ROOT][RootGenius][P7-L10]

    -unlock bootloader -flash twrp recovery -install with twrp recovery
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    Post [Theme EMUI 3.1, 4.0, 4.0.1 & 4.1] EMIUI (2 Styles)

    in this theme the png are'll never see the arrow..if you change a theme you need to restart the phone in order to see the navbar custom icon...if you change the png like i've suggested two post above everything works
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    Post [Theme EMUI 3.1, 4.0, 4.0.1 & 4.1] EMIUI (2 Styles)

    i've also posted this "problem" in pag 5 but it isn't an error because the png are transparent...i've noticed after check the theme file...if you wanto to add the arrow simply open the hwt file with a zip manager, open (with zip manager) and overwrite attached file in...
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    Post P7-L10C900B852 OTA(install: 830--->852)

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    Post LTE in B839?

    it's in preferred network mode...have you tried a factory reset?
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    Post [Theme EMUI 3.1, 4.0, 4.0.1 & 4.1] EMIUI (2 Styles)

    Great theme...but I've found a little problem...if I enable the manual hide of navbar it doesn't show up the button in navbar (but pressing in that area it hide the navbar)
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    Post Official Huawei P7-L10C900B830/Android5.1.1/EMUI3.1 Rom released

    for call recording (you need root)
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    Post [P7-L10] [EMUI 2.3, 3.0, 3.1] Enable call recording function

    Added Emui 3.1 call recording thank you but i've extracted only HwCallRecoreder.apk from p7 china firmware and everything works good without changing/adding Telecom.apk , TelefonyProvider.apk and TeleService.apk... reading your thread you didn't change build.prop line...have you tried it?
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    Post Network speed display EMU 3.1

    Unified21 DomeNet with root edit data/cust/prop/local.prop find this line: ro.config.hw_hideNetworkSpeed=true and change it to ro.config.hw_hideNetworkSpeed=false reboot Now there is a new setting entry in display section
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    Post How to find Data Usage?

    use activity launcher app to find this menu entry...
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    Post sweep or double tap to wake

    It works...thanks
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    Post sweep or double tap to wake

    No...I'm using stock b621 ROM (emui 3.0)...lollipop has to many bug for me
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    Post [RECOVERY][Huawei P7-L10] TWRP touch recovery [2015-07-19]

    i'm using stock b621 with k-tuned kernel and with this recovery when you charge the phone tourned off instead of showing battery animation it automatically start in recovery... with no problem
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    Post sweep or double tap to wake

    Great kernel...I've tried andworks very well but i've some suggestion (are more releated to apk than kernel): -without using init.d script (but only dtw.apk) every restart you need to open the app otherwise dt2w/s2s doesn't a workaround dt2w.apk should also edit init.d script when you...
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    Post [UPDATE] P7-L10C900B30 -Android 5.1.1. Emui 3.1

    yes...made a factory reset, reinstalled facebook app, opened a video and then black screen...also after that is impossible to record a video...rolled back to kitkat:rolleyes:
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    Post [P7-L10] [EMUI 2.3, 3.0, 3.1] Enable call recording function

    i don't know because when i've tried emui 3.1 i didn't root the i've downgraded to emui 3.0...if you want to test try the emui 3.0 metod with emui 3.1 rom
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    Post USB Debugging and default connection type
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    Post [Q] EMUI 3.0 where is DLNA ?

    it's under notification bar's's called multi-screen
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    Post sweep or double tap to wake

    Please...someone can post scripts.rar file ?
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    Post Gallery bug

    go to settings>manage app>menu>restore preference app (i've translated from italian menu entry, so maybe are a little different in english but i think not much)...i've never had this problem but people solved going in this menu (warning: it may return this problem)
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    Post Permissions App with full control

    Here there is playstore link
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    Post [Q] Remove CWM

    yes...fw=firmware you need a pc for extract stock recovery image from b619 - download huawei update extractor - open huawei update extractor and select (from b619 fw) - in the list you should see recovery.img - select...
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    Post [Q] NEW UPDATE FULL ROM B619 Turkey

    this tool are also present since b609 if you install this app from emui