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    Thread HTC Dot View w/o case possible?

    Hey guys, somehow I actually don't like the Dot View Case but woudl really like to take advantage of the Dot View functionality. So my question here is (since I could not find a topic related to this) wheter it is possible to add the ability to use Dot View screen (by e.g. double tapping...
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    Thread [Utility] CleanFlasher / & Get your phone ready for 4.3

    Some words about my little Script: I would describe myself as a flashoholic and kinda perfectionist. I try a lot of different Roms and to get the best results I always want to start from scratch and have a clean base for the new Rom. So I decided to write a little script that automates the...
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    Thread [Q] Calibrate Accelerometer/ How to?

    Hey guys. I know that that has been ask before but there doesn't seem to be a solution. The Accelerometer sensor of my GSM Nexus is miscalibrated. E.g. playing doodle jump and puting my phone flat on the desk makes the "doodler" jump to the right! Thats in all apps! Also my screen roatets while...