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  1. andrewbat

    Thread Acer A1-810 ...unlocking bootloader...

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone knows if anyone has unlocked the bootloader on the Acer A1-810? If so, would love to hear from you or know where so that I can learn the how. Thanks in advance Andrew
  2. andrewbat

    Thread Bootloader - which

    Hi, I have just rooted my Acer Iconia A500. I am now thinking of flashing a custom ROM. Do I need to change my bootloader or something...I'm so confused?? What is the best way to flash a custom ROM now that I'm rooted? Any and ask help appreciated? Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda...
  3. andrewbat

    Thread [Q] Best Radio - Samsung Galaxy S - Optus (Australia)

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S I9000 I am in Australia on the Optus network. Can someone please advice of the best radio to use? All my specs are in my signature. How can i tell what I have and if there is a better radio how do i update it? Thanks
  4. andrewbat

    Thread Cannot access Kies

    Hi, I have a custom Rom and can no longer be recognised by Kies...though everything else USB is fine... My specs are; MODEL: GT-I9000 FIRMWARE: 2.2.1 BASEBAND: I9000UGJL2 KERNEL: [email protected] # 102 BUILD: DocRom_V9.1.4_XWJS3 Any thoughts Would love to back up my...
  5. andrewbat

    Thread Hermes/TyTn on Voip - scatchy & NO Bluetooth

    Hi all, I have a Hermes/TyTn. ROM - CRCs r13.1-pre7 RADIO - Everything is working a treat. This is the most stale ROM i have ever had on this thing. I have recently loaded : SetupVoIP_v0.3, MajikVoIP & VOIP Drivers. My VOIP provider is Pennytel My GSM provider is 3 and I am in...
  6. andrewbat

    Thread Radio Version Upgrade - How?

    Hi, I have a Dopod 838pro/Hermes,TYTN. It is working great with CRC's r13.1-pre7 Rom. I'm in Australia and am with 3. My Radio Version is Should I upgarde to the a new radio version (1.50)? If so, how? Also, will i lose all the programs I have loaded onto it since upgrading my rom...