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  1. MaorHassan

    Thread Unknown Device on any PC

    Hi all, I have a problem that i can't work out I tired connecting my note to any pc but it just doesn't recognize it I tried windows xp 7 and 8 Desktop and laptop Tried changing the cables Tried lots of different drivers and different usb ports 2 and 3 Just Don't know what to do Pleaseeeee...
  2. MaorHassan

    Thread S Pen+Hebrew

    when i write something in hebrew and save it when i reopen it it shows on the wrong side and the laters are not in the correct order
  3. MaorHassan

    Thread Issue with All ROMS

    i have a strange issue i tried with a few roms and i see it on all of them tried Sense and Jelly bean as well what happens is that the device just goes crazy apps starts to open by themselves everything is jumping around the screen without me touching anything does anyone knows this issue...
  4. MaorHassan

    Thread Ringtone volume increases

    HI all, for some reason when someone calls me the ringtone volume comes with a fade from low to loud is there a way to disable it without rooting the phone?
  5. MaorHassan

    Thread 2 questions regarding prime docking

    Hi All, i wonder if anyone can help me my first question is when the prime is connected to the dock and the default keyboard is set to ASUS i can change Language by clicking CTRL+Space but when i have my own Keyboard selected CTRL+space does not change anything is there a way to switch between...
  6. MaorHassan

    Thread Remote control apps

    Hi All, i am trying to find an app that will allow me to remote my PC from my Prime but that will also work with the docking keyboard mouse pad. what happens till now in apps like logmein and team viewer is that i see my PC courser and my asus courser as well which means i have to touch the...
  7. MaorHassan

    Thread HTC LOGO letters

    Hi all, the H from the HTC on the back side of my DHD fell down do you know maybe if i can get new one somewhere?
  8. MaorHassan

    Thread boot+down animation

    Hi all, is there a way to run the boot or down animation on the PC or in a emulator or something like that, it is annoying to reboot the device all the time