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    Thread [REQUEST] Moto z4 Gcam port with higher back mp (24mp or higher)

    I have been looking for about 30 minutes now and haven't been able to find one. Any help? (i know this is commonly posted, but the ones posted all freeze up on my z4)
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    Thread Fix to Bluetooth problems on 2.4ghz wifi released on XT1980-4 (verizon model)

    Finally! Motorola recently pushed out a fix for bluetooth on vzw models. Check for a system update, and its there!
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    Thread Root on vzw z4 yet?

    Want to root my z4, but have been having trouble finding TWRP or any other way to root. Any help?
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    Thread [REQUEST]Any camera ports?

    Using a moto z4 as a daily driver right now. Using GCAM, and i just like the samsung camera more. Any ports? If not, i dont mind downloading the firmware and digging around in it.
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    Thread Anything new on running stock android?

    Just wondering if anyone has gotten a small idea of what a loophole could be for the fire tablet? I am going to start searching, but I want to know if anyone has a starting point for me. Otherwise, I will start searching from the ground up. Thanks, Winterfoxx P.S.: I'm new to XDA. If this isn't...