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    Thread How to protect ROMs?

    Hey, can me anybody say how I can protect my ROM? It is realy important Thanks for help Greetz Moritz
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    Thread Contact Editor

    I have start a Thread here But I haven't get an answer: So i will my question, announce her. More you can read here
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    Thread [Need HELP]How can I translate the Contact Editor??

    Hey, I will cook my own german ROM, but I don't know how I can translate the contact Card from the Rhodium OEMs. When I use the XN Resource Editor it gives an error. And when I use the Res Hacker then the Contact Manager doesn't started after flash?! Whats my mistake?? Can anybody say me, what...
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    Thread [ROM][24-05-09][Ger]MoritzROMxX2009XxV4 [Build: 21042/CE OS: 21041][ROM]Based on 1.57

    MoritzROMxX2009XxV4 If you're interested in a nice german ROM, just have a look at my 4th ROM ;) Programs Entfernt: Transcriber Welcome Center Live Messenger Mp3 Trimmer World Card Mobile Cyberon Voice Speed Voice Recorder Kunden Feedback Fehlerbericht Zip (wird durch Total Commander...