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    Thread Send SPI command

    Hi is it possible (without programming my own *something*) to create task which will pair me with bluetooth device and send SPI command?
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    Thread Cyanogenmod questions

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying this phone but I don't like MIUI too much so I would use only CM or something other AOSP based. So what's stability of CM or other custom roms compared to stock? On many phones camera on custom roms is significantly worse than on stock. How is it on MI5? Worse...
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    Thread Download mode - device not recognized

    Hi I tried to boot into download mode to install recovery (phone says "Downloading...") but when I connect it my phone to pc, windows says that device is not recognized and odin doesn't detect it too. I tried to remove and install drivers again, change usb port, usb cable, reboot pc, try another...
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    Thread Is it worth to flash CM9/10 based ROMs on our X8?

    Hi, my question is if it worth flash CM9/10 based roms on our lowend device. If it is smooth and bugless as CM7 ROMs. I tried CM9 long time ego but it was horrible so I'm asking now. Thanks :)
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    Thread [NEW] HUAWEI MediaPad Firmware (S7-302u, Android 4.0, C235B001)

    Huawei released new officail ICS firmware! Enjoy :)
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    Thread Flash offical update without root?

    Hi, my father have Neo V with adroid 2.3 and he can't install offiacial update branded by his provider. So is there way to install offical ICS update without rooting phone? (downlad update and put it into sues or something...) Thanks.
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    Thread WI-FI WPA2 problem

    Hi I am using GDX 24 + alfs kernel 8 and when I am connected to WPA2 wifi network. If I want to download something, connection allways freezes after some downlaoded megabytes and I need turn it off and on again. I tried full wipe and I had this problem also with stock kernel. I solve this...
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    Thread Which ROM is best?

    Hi, my friend just bought this mobile but stock rom is a bit slow and he want use custom rom. Which rom should he use?