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  1. Envy-X

    Thread Pixel and XL cpu

    I was just look at the specs of the Pixel, and the cpu. Just a question about it. Isnt the quad core 2.7ghz cpu in the nexus 6 better then quad core 2x2.15ghz and 2x1.6ghz?
  2. Envy-X

    Thread Roms wont flash?

    I dont usually make threads just for questions and just ask them in the question thread but i think this one deserves a thread as i can't find anybody else who has asked this same question. Basically, i go into recovery and i wipe everything, i then flash the rom, it will go through the process...
  3. Envy-X

    Thread Xiaomi mi3 UK?

    Anyone have the Xiaomi mi3 and from the UK, or if not UK at least Europe?
  4. Envy-X

    Thread Who do you think will win the champions league?

    I'm bored okay :P. Very disapointed Man Utd are out but it was a good game. So which team you do you think is gonna win? (im talking about football btw (soccer)) Real Madrid? Athletico Madrid? Chelsea? Or Bayern Munich?
  5. Envy-X

    Thread [Rom][Port][CM7.2]Optimus nexus me v6

    I'm on tapatalk so I can't be bothered to Make an introduction. Bugs: b. Recent Apps is quite small. Also CM7 bugs. If status bar icons disappear, turn torch on and off again for them to reappear. Credits: Mathm2013 for guide and gallery fix. Team nexus for rom Bieltv.3 and his team for CM7...
  6. Envy-X

    Thread [General] | Ex-trim Rom | -series by abhi922- (Mods, suggestions, queries etc)

    The Ex-trim Rom series is a set of Roms which are extreme and trimmed. So far the galaxy s3 Rom and also the miui Rom have been created. --- Roms created by abhi922 and also themed by iamareebjamal. Well this Rom is going to get very popular, most likely it Will become bigger then the...
  7. Envy-X

    Thread (Request) Deodex for me?

    Can someone doodex XXLA2 for me? My cr*p windows 8 computer will not do it. Won't even open .bat files. Stupid... Sent from my GT-S5830i using xda app-developers app
  8. Envy-X

    Thread ETA?

    So basically im new to the forums, im seeming "ETA" everywhere. What does it mean? Lol... Sent from my Galaxy Ace"i". Should be called Galaxy Y Advanced.
  9. Envy-X

    Thread Htc Sense

    Anybody have a Htc Sense 3.0+ lockscreen Mod and/or launcher? Sent from my Galaxy Ace"i". Should be called Galaxy Y Advanced.
  10. Envy-X

    Thread Which Rom for me?

    Which Rom do you suggest i use? I enjoy touchwiz launcher. It looks great, i also like a phone with great battery life and speed. I do not game much. I usually text and whatsapp etc. Which Rom do you think is best for my preferences? I have been thinking about MindCr 2.8 and Simplicity V5 with...
  11. Envy-X

    Thread nvm

    Nevermind Sent from my GT-S5830i