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  1. dastane

    Thread China or global version over Europian one

    Hi all, I have à mi 9t pro europian version, I'm always with miui11 So I want to flash the global version into it via twrp Is that safe ?? Thanks all
  2. dastane

    Thread Android 10 /EMUI 10 is roolling out

    The Android 10 /EMUI 10 is roolling out in honor 20 lite Enyoi
  3. dastane

    Thread Secreen overly detected

    Hello all, i hope that You're fine, Some times i have a problem whit some application with the permisssion, so i must desable all screen overlay and is not usefull, any one have solution plz
  4. dastane

    Thread small question, gr5 KII L21 and honor 5x kiw l21

    Plz i have gr5 kii l21 and i went to know if it's the same with honor 5x kiw l21 Thanks a lot
  5. dastane

    Thread [APPs] Sony media apps : Walkman, Album and Movies (update 23 Mai 2014)

    Hello Guys, here are the latest Sony media apps From Sony Mobile {Updated 23 May 2014}: 1 - WALKMAN v8.3.A.0.7 2- Album v6.1.A.0.14 3 - Movies v7.0.A.0.8 Installation: Flash It Using CWM / TWRP Or Install It As Normal APK Downloads: WALKMAN v8.3.A.0.7 Album v6.1.A.0.14...
  6. dastane

    Thread [APP] Google Camera 2.2 (update 28 Mai 2014)

    hello guys; hope that you are fine Now, Google has updated its camera app to version 2.2.024, and once again, they have ported previous camera functionality to the app. The two main features that today’s update brings are support for a camera self-timer (either three or ten seconds) and a...
  7. dastane

    Thread [help] red light, plz help <<Solved>>

    hello all, i have a nexus 4 whit 4.4.2, mahdi rom last build and the AK karnel; I run antutu and my phone went into a coma, no button combos were working and when I plugged in my phone I got the flashing red ligh ( like my video) Rw1BSCL_1lE plz any one can help my?? i have traid this but...
  8. dastane

    Thread imei lost plz help!

    hello all; i have a galaxy s4 gt-i9500 with no imei! he can not read sim card I have restored several times but still the same result Any one can help me plz
  9. dastane

    Thread [APK] [JB] Latest Xperia™ Home 6.1.A.0.5

    Hello Guys,I Would Like To Share The Latest Xperia™ Home 6.1.A.0.5 Credits Goes To ImAnurag For Testing & Levered For The APK Just Install It As Normal APK Download Original thread: Thanks to Ben Ling works on cyanogen...
  10. dastane

    Thread impossible to keep the fastboot mode !!! help PLZ

    in order to unlock the bootloader ... I found some problems impossible to keep the fastboot mode! after turned off the phone, pressed the button up, connect the cable to the PC at the same time => The blue LED lights but after 2 seconds it will turn off and the Sony logo appears I tried again...
  11. dastane

    Thread [Q] witch CM will install??

    Salam Alikoum, hello all i have an Xperia P LB ( yes i know, i must have an UBL to install CM) and and i want to update it with a CM rom but, there is a lot of roms ... can any one tell me who is the best stable, smouth and usable plz???
  12. dastane

    Thread probleme with flashtool

    hello, my probleme is: flashtool don't open since i make update for java app ( 7up25)... i have reinstall flash tool and java much times but always the same erreur can any one help me plz
  13. dastane

    Thread noob whit android

    Good evening everyone here is what makes the approximately 20 days that i bought my xperia P new, it is in original ICS 4.0.4 and I'd like a good start to tweak while you advise me to do please?? and a BIG thank you to all :):):):)