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    Thread [ROM][CM10/CM10.1] Xperia Z [PURE] v1.0 [ported]

    XPERIA Z PURE DISCLAMER- Credits- Introduction: Features- Bugs- How to flash? Links- Screenshots-
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    Thread port request: xperia z theme

    can someone please try to port the xperia z themed rom for wildfire s to work for salsa. It will look so awesome on our salsa..:D :( I am talking about this rom :
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    Thread Screeching noise during calls

    Hi. I am getting this wierd dail up modem kind of screeching noise during the calls on my mobile. I tried various roms including sense 3.5, bigbears's holo rom, x9, and now back to stock rom. The problem started from past 3-4 days. Initially i felt it was due to the change in the SD card i was...
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    Thread [Q] HTC salsa system update

    I just received a system update on monday 13th feb in india on my htc salsa. The title read Twitter n security fix. Now that HTC has released this update does the process to get the Salsa unlocked and rooted change? I mean earlier the rom version was different. Further can someone post step...