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  1. brunolafm

    Thread Charging issue

    I always put my cell phone to charge at dawn, and when I wake up, my phone is around 75%. Fast charging is disabled when it reaches 70%, but if I reconnect the cable, the phone charges completely. Does anyone have this problem? PS: Arround 2 week of use, charger and cable are the original ones.
  2. brunolafm

    Thread [OTA] Retail BR Captured (XT1543 - 2GB)

    More info on 4 step of this: Capture OTA without Root Download: Blur_Version.23.31.33-23.46.4.osprey_retla_ds_2gb.retla.en.01 Thanks to: ==vj==
  3. brunolafm

    Thread Xposed Framework

    Someone tried to install Xposed Framework in the Moto G 3rd Gen?