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    Thread [Q] Build Quality

    I just got my gear live and I was wondering if anyone else has a noticeable gap on either side of their gear live? Also, it seems that the heart rate sensor on mine looks crooked. Is this how it is supposed to be? The heart rate monitor seems to work fine. Although, I have not really tested...
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    Thread [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    Just got my new black Samsung galaxy s5 on att. I have noticed something that I hope will not become an issue that would cause me to have to exchange the phone. I noticed a small gap at the top of my screen where the screen meets the bezel. There is some dust that has gotten in there and I...
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    Thread Samsung Stock Browser Issues?

    Has anyone had any issues with the stock Samsung "Internet" browser? I was using it today and I got an "Internet has stopped working" error. It kind of worries me since I have only had this phone for a week. Has anyone else had it crash on them? Is it a normal occurrence? It has not...
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    Thread [Q] Default messaging option?

    I was thinking about getting the gear 2 for my birthday, but I saw it uses the built in Samsung messaging app. I use hangouts and like it alot better. Is there a way to change how you send messages on the gear? Can someone confirm that you can use hangouts instead of the default SMS app...
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    Thread Back cover secure?

    Just got my GS5! I am really liking the phone so far, I just have one question for you all. Every time I reboot the phone I get a message saying check the back cover. Does this mean my cover is not on correctly or does it show this message every time you boot whether it is secure or not...
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    Thread Android 4.4 account sync encryption?

    I am going on a trip this winter and I want to bring my 2012 Nexus 7 with me. I am always very security conscious and so I usually don't bring my devices with me because I am forced to use public wifi on trips. It got me thinking this year, does Android sync feature use TLS/SSL to encrypt the...
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    Thread [Q] Kit kat issue

    I just updated my 2012 nexus 7 to 4.4.2 and I am having issues with little pixel looking artifacts appearing when rotating the screen and when switching users. Is anyone else having this issue?
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    Thread Vibration motor clicking?

    Is it normal for the ATT hox to make a clicking noise when you press capacitive buttons or when typing? Does anyone else notice this? Its like a small clicking noise every 2 or 3 presses. I was just wondering if this was normal because my hox has no other problems. I have exchanged mine 4 times...
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    Thread Exclaimation and issues!

    Ok so I just got back from the device support center and my phone was acting weird. The touch screen was not working so I booted into recovery and got a little android with a triangle and inside the triangle there is a yellow ! sign. Can I like flash the recovery partiton? How or can I restore...
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    Thread Turned on randomly?

    Ok so I turned my HOX att off last night. When I was waking up this morning it turned on as I was getting out of bed. I was kind of confused. It may be something simple im not thinking of but has anyone heard of it randomly turning on?
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    Thread Used atrix 2 Check?

    I just bought the atrix 2 on craigslist and I would like to check if it is rooted and or flashed. How can I check both of these things?
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    Thread [Q] Creaking body normal?

    If I press on the housing (glass) hard then press the plastic grey part on the bottom it creaks. Is this normal? I am only asking because it started doing this after I used an otterbox case.
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    Thread [Q] SIM card compatibility other phones?

    Just got a one x and was wondering if there is a phone I can buy as like a backup phone but, since the one x uses a micro sim I was thinking only the iphone uses a micro sim. Am I wrong are there any other smartphones on att that use micro sim?
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    Thread at&t ISIS discussion

    I haven't seen this topic show up on this forum and I had a couple of questions so...... im very interested to know what you guys think of AT&T's upcoming NFC program ISIS? Also does anyone know when we can expect it to be available?
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    Thread Micro usb port on the HOX

    Is anyone elses micro USB port a little wiggly?... By the way im talking about the port on the actual phone itself. I mean it charges fine and everything but it wiggles just the slightest bit. Is this normal?
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    Thread Google Wallet?

    Will the one x get google wallet? Might be a stupid question but I was just wondering.
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    Thread Sim card compatibility?

    Is my HOX LTE microsim compatible with older hspa+ phones. I have an atrix 2 and I just bought a micro sim to sim adapter. Will it work even though its not LTE??
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    Thread Wifi turning off?

    My one x wifi turns off after my phone turns off for more than about 15-20mins. As A result I do not get facebook notifications ect. Is anyone else having this issue? Also: Is there a setting in battery or something? I couldn't find anything other than automatic sync which is not it because I...
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    Thread [Q] ATT network changes??

    Does anyone else experience the HOX taking a long time to switch back and forth from 4g to LTE and vice versa?? Also It seems like wifi acts weird sometimes.
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    Thread Disappointed with HTC QC

    My first htc one x was white and had light bleed. I just got it exchanged for a black one. It is flawless...or at least I thought. It has dust under the screen :mad: and its annoying. My local att store is stubborn and the guys there are mean. I bought this phone off-contract so I can't live...
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    Thread Unofficial Radio app

    I have heard alot on here about hacking the phone and stuff to get the FM radio feature to work. My question is does anyone know of an app that just takes advantage of onboard radio? Like unofficial on the market?
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    Thread [Q] FM Tuner?

    I saw a thread about an fm transmitter but I was wondering since my Vivid had one does the one x have an FM tuner somewhere in the music. I couldn't find it.:confused:
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    Thread [Q] Light leak warranty?

    I have bad light leak on my new att one x and I bought it online so I can't go to an att store. I was wondering if there is any way HTC might send me a replacement? Does anyone have experience with this? This is my first HTC phone. I was thinking maybe I could put in the notes to just replace...
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    Thread Onscreen menu button + light bleed

    Ok so I love this phone but I was wondering if anyone else is seeing these only two issues. 1. onscreen menu button artifacting? by this I mean weird glitchy graphics when you press the onscreen menu button a few times 2. Light bleed through at the bottom under the capacitive buttons where the...
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    Thread [Q] Menu Button artifacting?

    Anyone having weird artifacting and or weird colors when you use the three dots on screen menu button? Its like a glitch or something? Maybe I dont have the latest update or something??? :confused:
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    Thread Built in storage

    Ok I am thinkgin about getting this phone but I need to know two things. 1. Is it rootable? 2. How does the onboard storage work and has anyone had any issues with installing lots of games on it? I will probably still get it just because I dont like my s2 but just wanted some input thanks!!!!
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    Thread [Q] How do I get my data back?

    Just flashed from ICS back to GB and my data wont connect? no 4g symbal or anything and processes crash. android.process.acore crashes. How do I resolve this?
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    Thread Screen burn in or ghost image?

    I noticed after my keyboard went away yesterday I saw some screen burn in. Is this normal? It also does it when I pull down the notifications bar. Is this a burn in or ghost image? Is the screen defective im not sure
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    Thread Design?

    I think instead of hacing each individual forum on the homepage it should be by manufacturer then you would click on the specific type of phone. Just an idea.
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    Thread [Q] What can I do? (att service)

    I just got the skyrocket after trading the vivid in and I HATE the screen lines. I want to switch to the Original GS2 but im pretty sure you only get one exchange. Anyone know a way to get to some superior customer service like high up or something? Generally I have had good customer service at...
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    Thread Extended Battery??

    Is there an extended battery for the skyrocket which does not require a cover? I thought I saw one on the samsung website or something. Anyone know?